Women Orgasm Starts In Her Mind

Hi Guys! There are many ways to give your woman different types of orgasms, but before getting into specific techniques, the first thing you need to know is that women orgasm starts in her mind, not in her body. (Ladies click here)

Hi Guys! There are many ways to give your woman different types of orgasms, but before getting into specific techniques, the first thing you need to know is that women orgasm starts in her mind, not in her body. (Ladies click here)

Yes! You first need to help her let go in order for her to experience orgasms.

Every single woman is capable of full body multiple orgasms, but unfortunately, only few will actually reach them because most men don’t have the information, understanding, and knowledge of how to give their woman orgasms.

Actually, many women don’t even know that they are capable of having multiple orgasms. Even more sad, many women haven’t even experienced an orgasm in their lives! Unbelievable! Right?... But, it’s true.

It’s way easier for you as a man to have an orgasm every time you have sex, but giving your woman an orgasm or multiple orgasms is an art that starts in her mind.

A male orgasm and a female orgasm work in different ways:

A male orgasm has a little bit of a different process from a female orgasm. You guys have already sexual tension stored up in your body that looks for release.

For a man, having sex and ending up with an orgasm is a way of releasing that sexual tension. Actually, you guys can easily have an orgasm through basic masturbation without the need of any kind of emotional or mental stimulation.

A female orgasm is a whole different story. Women don’t have stored sexual tension in our bodies; actually, we build up that sexual tension during sex. Mostly on the foreplay while we are getting aroused.

Therefore, while you guys look for release of sexual tension, we look for the buildup of sexual tension.

Also, while you guys are able to orgasm every time, we do not always have the orgasm guaranteed, making sex not always a very satisfactory experience.

However, and here is where we finally have an edge ;) while you guys can have one orgasm, we can have multiple orgasms!!!... And there is where sex starts becoming absolutely pleasurable for us too!

Just think about it for a second...

Will sex be equally exciting for you, if you didn’t have a grand finale?...

Well, sadly that’s what sex is for most women... a sexual experience without a grand finale... unless our man become a master of orgasms and lead us to have multiple of these amazing big Os!!!

Now, to become a master of orgasms you must understand that...

In a woman, an orgasm starts in her MIND even way BEFORE having sex!

Therefore, to be able to make your woman orgasms, you’re not only need to learn how to turn on her body, but also you need to learn how to turn on her mind.

So, how do you turn on your woman's mind?

By creating sexual anticipation:

Send her romantic and sexy text messages during the day...

* Leave her a provocative note...

* Make sure you let her know how hot she looks to you, how much you love her... How much she turns you on...

* Get her some sexy lingerie...

* Give her deep kisses during the day...

* Set up a romantic environment with some candles, wine and music... 

Get creative!... And constantly show her how much you love her, appreciate her and desire her.

As you probably already know, women do not get turn on by just looking at you or your penis, we need way more than that!

As women we need to see, hear, and feel the love and desire from our man to keep our desire of sex alive. We have a direct connection between sex desire and our emotions, so unless you constantly feed our emotions, we’re not always going to be in the mood for sex as you guys are.

So, you need to conquer and sexually arouse her mind first before her body.

If you don’t create enough sexual anticipation to make her desire sex, and if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough with you or with herself to fully let it go, she will not be able to experience an orgasm.

And now, how do you turn on her body?

By warming up her body with lots of foreplay:

This is crucial!

The more you warm her up, the more she’s aroused, and the more chances she has to have an orgasm. Foreplay distracts her mind from any other kind of thoughts and helps her focus only on feeling the pleasure.

The warm up is essential for her body to get wet and excited to feel sexual pleasure, but it’s also essential for her mind to relax enough to let her body feel that pleasure.

One of the biggest reasons why women don’t reach orgasms is because her mind is distracted and not fully present in the moment.

For a woman to experience an orgasm, she must not be thinking about anything in that moment for her body totally let it go.

However, many times women’s mind is distracted during sex, thinking about things like: How does she look, how good she’s performing, does he like what she’s doing, does he love her or not.

Even worst, she could be thinking about problems, work, stuff to do, worries... etc. Insecurities, distractions and worries present in her mind are many times what impede the orgasm.

This issue must be resolved by both of you, from her mainly by focusing on the moment and stop thinking, but from you in many ways:

* Communicating with her to let her express how she feels and what she wants.

* Constantly reassuring her how much you love her, and how much she turns you on to help her past her possible insecurities.

Creating anticipation for her to desire sex.

* Warming her up enough to relax her.

* Distracting her mind, providing lots of physical pleasure.

.... Ah! And no matter what, don’t pressure her about coming, if she’s thinking that she needs to have an orgasm, usually the opposite effect takes place and she’s not able to come.

So, the whole point about this is to help her having her mind fully present in the moment, so her body can enjoy the pleasure you’re giving her and be able to let herself go at the moment of orgasm.

Having an orgasm is all about being able to let go!... In that moment our mind gets disconnected, and it only feels the pleasure.

There you go! This is how women orgasm starts in her mind. Make sure you relax her mind, and she will be able to have not only one but multiple orgasms!...

OK, now that you know where the orgasms start, it's time to learn about how to give her all the different types of orgasms!

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