Women And Sex:
Main Differences In Women When It Comes To Sex

Women and sex: She wants love. He wants sex... Yes, that’s right! There are many differences in women when it comes to sex; some of them are quite obvious, but some others are usually unknown to men, and sometimes these are even the main reasons for many misunderstandings in the couple’s sex life. (Ladies click here)

Hey Guys! Let’s have it straight, just as you like!... Of course you know women are very different when it comes to sex...

... But, do you really know how or why?... And even more important, do you know how to overcome those differences to get more of what you want?.... SEX! Of course ;)

Ok, let’s find out, but before... I want you to know the most important thing here:

Women really LOVE sex as much as you guys do!

Yes! We really do!... I’ll tell you plain and simple, if you’re not getting enough sex or the kind of sex you like with your woman, there must be something that needs to be fixed... Now!


Usually, the problem is using the wrong approach with her, and to fix that, you first need to know and understand how different is your woman from you, and what she really wants and needs.

You see, women see sex from a whole different point of view than men. For most women, sex is about emotional connection... Hmm, I bet you start seeing the problem here... For men, sex is quite different from that... But, unfortunately or fortunately ;) you’re not dealing with a man here! You’re dealing with your woman, and her sex language is different from yours!...


Let’s start by learning how different is your woman when it comes to sex...

Women And Sex:

The 15 Main Differences In Women When It Comes To Sex:

1. She wants love. He wants sex. 

2. She craves romance. He craves sex. 

3. She needs emotional support. He needs sex. 

4. She values communication. He values sex. 

5. She’s verbal. He’s visual.

6. She’s emotional. He’s physical.

7. She wants to slow down. He wants to speed up.

8. She needs love to open up for sex. He needs sex to open up for love.

9. She needs to be emotionally fulfilled before she can desire sexual contact. He gets much of his emotional needs fulfilled during sex. 

10. For many women, receiving love help them to feel their hunger for sex. For many men, sexual arousal is the key for helping them connect with their love. 

11. A woman doesn't feel her strong desire for sex unless her need for love is first satisfied. A man only needs the opportunity and place to feel aroused.

12. For a woman, the pleasure builds up more slowly and remains long after orgasm. For a man, the hormones responsible for arousal are quickly built up and need to be released with the orgasm.

13. For a woman, sex is a way to slowly build up her sexual tension. For a man, sex is a way to release his sexual tension. 

14. A woman seeks a longer foreplay to slowly build up her sexual tension and reach orgasm. A man seeks quick release of his sexual tension through orgasm.

15. A woman experiences pleasure through a gradual buildup of sexual tension. A man experiences pleasure primarily as a release of sexual tension.

I bet you are agree with the men's characteristics above, and I guess you have already noticed some of those traits in your woman.

You may not like some of those differences, but I’m sure you love the sensation and satisfaction when you totally please your woman; so, to be able to get more of that pleasurable sensation, you need to understand how women and sex work together.

Here in this website, you’ll find the information and tips to really understand and please your woman in a way that you both will enjoy ;)

Angie :)

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