Why Women Cheat?

Hi, Guys! Sooo... Why women cheat??? Great question!... Let’s discover the real reasons why women cheat in a relationship. (Ladies click here)

Cheating is a major concern for women, but sadly, over time, it’s becoming also a common issue for men too.

So, is it lack of sex? Lack of sexual satisfaction? A need for variety? A way to break up routine? Or just pure lust???

Well, although there are many reasons why women may cheat, and all of the above are possible ones, the first reason why women cheat is:


Yeah... It’s not for the sake of sex (that may be the second reason) it’s simply because of the lack of emotional connection with their partner.

You can add to that also...

* Lack of appreciation

* Lack of feeling loved

* Lack of being listened to

* Lack of respect

And of course...

* Lack of sexual satisfaction

* Revenge!... If the man cheated on her... She may want to cheat on him.

As you can see, although cheating for women has something to do with sex, it mostly has to do with a lack of emotional fulfillment.

It’s very simple, when a woman feels that is not being loved and appreciated, and she starts feeling taken for granted, misunderstood, lonely and emotionally empty... She starts feeling vulnerable.

Now, she may not go out right away looking for someone to fill those gaps... But, if a man doesn’t take a good care of his woman, he’s taking the risk of someone else coming and be more than willing to take care of her.

However, it takes a lot for a woman to cheat on the man she loves, even if she’s not in love anymore, this is something she wouldn’t do just right away with anybody. Women just don’t go after any hot body we find (unless she’s just really an unfaithful person), however, if a woman is fed up enough, and someone comes along willing to fill those emotional gaps... She may finally give in...

Did you notice how I said... "someone"... Instead of saying a man... Well, guys... Watch out! It can happen!... There are plenty of beautiful and sensitive women out there who know for sure how to please and take care of a woman... ;) Ja! I just can't believe I said that!... Well, it’s the truth! That’s the beauty and the freedom to write for adults here! ;)

Seriously guys!... No one could fulfill more your woman than another woman... Do you know why?... Because no one knows better what a woman needs, wants and feels that other woman!!!.... So, take a good care of your lady guys! ;)

Make sure you show your woman that you love her.... Every day! Show her how grateful you are to have her in your life. Show her that you appreciate what she does for you. Be loyal to her, and you will probably won’t have to worry about cheating.

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