What Women Need Sexually

Hi Guys, what women need sexually is very different from what men need. Women have a very strong connection between love and sex, and you must fulfill their emotional needs for them to be really opened up for sex.

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Let’s discover what your woman needs to be sexually pleased.

1. Emotional connection

A woman needs emotional connection to open up for sex. 

Generally a woman needs to be emotionally fulfilled before she can desire sexual contact.

Emotional connection relaxes and softens a woman. It opens her to experience her sexual desires.

For a woman, sex means emotional connection with her partner. Sex is a way for her to express her love and feel her partner’s love for her.

2. Communication

A woman needs communication, as much as, a man needs sex.

She needs good communication with her partner to feel loved and loving.

Women have the natural need to express their feelings. We need to talk, and we need to be LISTENED to!

3. Love

For women, sex is a way to express and feel love.

Women LOVE sex as much as men. The difference between a woman and a man is that she doesn’t feel her strong desire for sex unless her need for love is first satisfied.

Most important, she first needs to feel loved... She wants to feel that she's special to the man.

For a woman, love is more important than sex, but as the need for love is fulfilled, the importance of sex is dramatically increased.

So, what women need to crave sex, guys?... LOVE! Lots of love! Give your woman LOTS OF LOVE... And you'll have lots of sex! ;).... I hope you really get the connection here. 

4. Romance and seduction

For a woman, desire for sex begins way before enters the bedroom.

Romance and seduction will put her mind and body in the right mood and desire for sex.

Romance “turns on” a woman!

Women need to feel loved and romanced before they can feel hunger for sex.

5. Foreplay

Foreplay is the sex warm up for a woman.

For many women foreplay could be the most important part of sex. Of course, the orgasm is the most enjoyable, but without foreplay, many times a woman is not able to reach orgasm.

The sexual success for a woman from a sexual contact could directly depend on how carefully his partner gives her a great foreplay.

This is more important for women that you think.

Lots of foreplay is what women need to reach lots of orgasms!

6. Orgasms!

Yes! Orgasms! And, many of them!...

All women want their orgasm too, always!... As your orgasm is the grand finale for you, we also expect to have a grand finale for us!

Can you imagine how would sex feel for you if you wouldn't be able to end up with an orgasm? Well, that’s how it is, unfortunately, for many women who are not reaching orgasms every time.

Women also want to enjoy the release that sex brings. They definitely want more sex... Great sex, a great lover, and great orgasms too!

So, if you're still wondering what women need sexually... One of the things we need the most is ORGASMS!!!... Lots of them! ;) 

Did you notice how many emotional things are important for a woman to have a desire for sex?

I bet you thought you were going to read about what she wants you to do in bed... And, we’ll definitely talk about that in the sex part of the website; but, before getting into how to please her in bed, you need to know how to “get” her in bed... I know she’s your partner already, but I also know that does not guarantee she’s always in the mood for sex.

Now, keep in mind that her lack of mood for sex may have nothing to do with her sex drive; instead, it may have to do with the lack of fulfillment of one or some of the needs described above.

That is why it's so important for you to realize what are your woman's real needs for sex.

So, next time she's not in the mood for sex for a while, you might want to ask yourself what might she'd be missing... Is it lack of romance? Is the communication not good enough?... Could be that something is bothering her?... Are you giving her enough foreplay?... Is she feeling loved???

If you can't figure it out by yourself... Ask her!... It's ok to ask. Actually, it could be just what she needs... She might need to feel that you care about what she feels.

Remember: For women, sex is just not a physical contact or a release of sexual desire, is a way of bonding with our man and a way to gradually build up sexual desire.

One of the sexual differences between men and women is:

* A man experiences pleasure through releasing sexual tension that has been quickly built up in his body.

* While a woman experiences sexual pleasure by gradually building up that sexual tension from the moment of romance, through the foreplay, during the whole sexual act, when they have an orgasm, and even long after they have the orgasm.

In a sense, for a man, sex is a way to release his sexual desire. For a woman, sex is a way to slowly build up her sexual desire.

I hope you've realized that what women need sexually goes far beyond sex. By fulfilling the emotional requirements of your woman, you’re mostly guaranteeing her sexual satisfaction, and therefore, your sexual experience will be way much better!

Spice Sex Up! :)

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