What Men Want Sexually (Seriously)

Hi Ladies! ... Finally!!! So... What men want sexually???

As you may know already, my website is about spicing up sex life in our relationship, reason why, this article is one of the most important ones along with the article: What Women Need Sexually.

The reason why this topic is so important is that...

How can we spice our sex life and please our man, if we don’t know exactly what he needs sexually?

Yeah! We first need to find out what exactly our man really wants and needs sexually, before getting into tips and techniques to please him...

Because of the importance of this topic, I chose to refer the information here from one of the best programs I've found to understand men and improve sex life.... If you have surfed around my website, you probably know that I’m referring to Secret Survey by Michael Fiore because I recommend it a lot.

In Secret Survey, Mike surveyed hundreds of men and women to find out what women really wanted to know about men, and what men wanted women to know.

He wanted to give women answers, directly from men about what they really think, want and need in their relationships.

In the survey, men were answering this main question:

"What is the number one thing you want your wife or girlfriend to know but would never tell her?”

I can’t stress enough how great this program is for 3 reasons:

1. Here, Mike gives a total insight into the male minds and let us truly find out and understand what men really think, want and need. He gives us the truth about men in a completely unpolished and brutally honest way...

Which I really appreciated... And when it comes to what men want sexually, the information he gives us is completely revealing!

2. The program is based on the answers of hundreds of regular men like yours and mine. They really opened up in this survey to many things they usually won’t ever tell us.

3. From all the research I've done, this is by far the best program I've found about how men's minds really work. This program can definitely help you to recover the passion, and rebuild a new and better relationship like never before.

Now, just so you have an idea of why I’m referring here to this program as a source of great information about men, let me show you Mike Fiore’s warning for this session of the program:


One Final Warning:

OK, I shouldn’t have to say this, but in this lesson we’re going to be talking about dark, brutal, erotic, and dirty stuff. I could try to make this all clinical and scientific, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it?

If you enrolled in this program, it means you want the unvarnished truth about men without any of the BS and airbrushing you get from Cosmo or romance books.

Sexual desire and need (and sexual fantasy) are at the primal heart of men.

Sex is the fuel that gets us out of bed in the morning.

And getting sex (and the fantastic ego rush that comes with it) is why men build empires, create war, play sports, write sonnets, and do just about everything else beautiful and brutal in the world. 

If you took men’s libido away, we’d be a small planet, green and lush and unspoiled. And there’d be about 35 of us left.

Some of what I write below is going to break your heart. I know, because it broke mine to write it.

The reason I can do this job is because I can empathize with women more than most guys. But, like I’ve said all through this program, if you can read this stuff and accept it for the truth it is, you’ll be well on your way to having the kind of sexual and emotional life you deserve.

Ready? Let’s go.

Mike Fiore, Secret Survey

As you can see, in this session, he will just give it ALL!... And that’s without even counting, the fact that after explaining what men want, he actually gives us the unedited results of the survey!!!... All the answers written directly from all of those real men he surveyed...

And oh! Boy!!... WOW! You’ve got to see this for yourself! :O

So... Have you ever asked your man... 

What he really wants sexually?.... 

What he fantasizes about? 

And if you have... 

Do you really think his answer was completely honest?

I bet you they were not... The male minds are so dirty, sexually speaking, that most of them would never dare to reveal to their woman what they really fantasize about.

But don’t worry if you decide to take a look at Secret Survey, you will discover all the truth that is hidden in those dirty male minds ;)

Now, if you are one of those lucky ladies who her man has the openness to share every little secret sexual fantasy he has...

Congratulations! I bet your sex life is amazing! :)...

But for those who don’t have that luck, here, they will find out ALL of what men want in bed!

And if you're open minded enough to accept and embrace the information here as a reality, I bet your sex life is going to get higher levels of pleasure that you and your man will be really happy about! ;)

Now, before going to the crude things... Let see first the “nice” reasons why men need sex so much:

1. Men need sex as much as women need romance and communication.

2. Through sex a man is able to connect and feel his needs for love.

3. Great sex is the most powerful way to open a man’s heart. It helps him to feel his love and expresses it to a woman.

4. A man needs sex to open up for love.

5. For men, sex is the way to release sexual tension.

6. All men love sex and want more sex... Always!

7. For a man to continuously feel attracted to his partner, he needs to feel that she likes sex as much as he does.

Now, among the main things that a man needs, other than sex, are:

1. A man is empowered and nurtured when he feels appreciated, accepted and trusted.

Now, when a woman is aroused she is actually giving him megadoses of what he needs the most:

* When a woman is open to have sex with a man, she is trusting him.

* When a woman desires a man, she makes him feel very accepted.

* Then, when his every touch creates a pleasurable response on her, he feels greatly appreciated.

Men cravings for sex actually go beyond physical pleasure 

Reaching orgasm is something that a man could easily do by himself in a matter of two minutes; however, having sex with a woman not only represent physical pleasure, but it also fulfills the emotional needs of his male nature.

Now, let’s dig on the male’s instinct part that craves for sex....

For this, I’m going to share with you the introduction of ”what men want sexually (seriously)” from Secret Survey, right from Mike’s own words:

Every man you know is a pervert.

I promise you, it’s true.

Your husband. Your boyfriend. Justin Bieber (Oh, he looks so innocent). Your brother. Your cousin. That moral politician. That scheming preacher. The innocent and cute guy that works at the coffee shop and flashes you that charming smile every morning.

Perverts. All of them.

I know this because I’m a guy (and therefore a pervert) myself.

I’ve lived 34 years with a guy’s brain, and ever since I was 14 years old and my voice started to drop and hair started to spring up all over my body, I’ve had one primary driver ruling my every action and thought and attacking me in every moment of my life:

Pure, powerful, overwhelming LUST.

Not love...





My girlfriend recently asked me if I ever fantasized about “making love”... That kind of soft focus, connected sex that women write about in romance novels (right next to the seduction and ravaging).

I laughed and said no. I like making love with her. But like all guys, what I fantasize about is fucking.

And I’m not alone.

I’ve been in locker rooms with the boys. I’ve been at bars as we all go quiet when the waitress with the fantastic ass walks by. When this happens we all go completely still like we’re hunting a deer.

Every man in the group watches. Absorbs. Remembers. We take her in with our eyes. Our breathing goes soft and slow. Time crawls. When she’s gone, there’s a brief pause as the air refills the room.

And then we shake our heads in admiration and wonder and some of us say things like “my god, I want that.” And then we go back to our conversation, having bonded in our appreciation of a girl.

All men are perverts. All men are beasts. All men are ravenous and hungry. Every man is exhausted from holding back his lust. Every man is ashamed of the desires that evolution infused into his cells.

A man’s lust and desire are beautiful and annoying...

 And it’s the greatest weapon a woman has!

So listen up.

In this lesson,  I’m going to pull back the curtain on the real sexual desires, wants, and needs of men.

I’m going to give you a straight heroin shot of sexual truth about guys and what really drives us crazy.

I’m going to give you everything you think you want to hear.

And what I tell you will probably scare the crap out of you.

Over half of the Secret Survey responses from guys were about sex in one way or another. And they’re the kind of things most men would never say if they ever thought a woman was in the room.

In fact, I feel like I’m betraying my fellow guys in some way by showing you this stuff.

The only way I can justify it is by remembering that the survey results are anonymous and by hoping beyond hope that some of the thousands and thousands of women who will read this will take this stuff to heart and use it to really understand men and treat them how they need to be treated.

I’m going to get into some of the specific wants and needs guys have (and reveal some truths about my own past and desires) in a minute.

But first I need to tell you. . .

What Sex Really Means to Men...

For guys, how sex feels physically is maybe 10% of why we do it.

Seriously, having an orgasm is really easy for most guys – I can do it in about 2 minutes – and most guys are so out of touch with their bodies and have such a hard time thinking of themselves as erotic beings that physical pleasure barely enters into it.

So if sex for guys isn’t about emotional connection (mostly) and isn’t about physical pleasure (mostly), then what the heck IS it about?

Why will guys do almost ANYTHING to get into a girl’s pants (and then often grow bored with her as soon as they do)?...

Mike Fore, Secret Survey

Ok, WOW!!! How about that for an introduction!...

Just wait to see what he has to say in the rest of the session, and if that’s not enough... I can’t wait for you to see the results from the survey, directly from hundreds of real men like yours and mine...

I promise you that after reading specially this session on Secret Survey, you're not only going to deeply understand your man’s emotional and sexual needs, but you’re also going to understand what it really feels to be a man.

You may even feel some empathy for them... really.

In that session you will also find out...

How extremely important is sex for your man, and how it really goes beyond the carnal reasons that women think.

* How rejection can deeply hurt your man.

* How lack of sex, lack of interest and low frequency are really becoming an epidemic in relationships causing hundreds of couples to break up over these.

* How men are really feeling about sex and their woman in their relationships.


You may even realize of things that as women we do, sexually speaking, that could be killing our relationship and our man’s love for us.

I promise you'll never see your man and sex with the same eyes.

You will have a better understanding of your man's needs, and I’m pretty sure you will be craving for sex as much as he does! ;)

If you want to find out what men want, what men needs and what sex is really about for them, directly from Secret Survey by Mike Fiore, just click here to watch a Mike's video where he gives you more info.

Ladies!... Seriuosly! You DON'T want to miss out this valuable information!

Angie :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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