What Men Think About Your Physical Appearence

Hi Ladies! It was a must to have an article about what men think about your physical appearance. By now, we all know that men are visual creatures, but let’s find out what exactly our appearance means to them. (Guys click here)

This is a huge one when it comes to spice up our love and sex life. It doesn’t mean that we need to look perfect, but unfortunately, men really pay attention to our physical appearance.

Just think about it, if they get extremely sexually attracted by visual stimulation, then, can you imagine how important is our appearance to them?

Unfortunately, this is a big issue, especially in couples who have been together for a while. Usually people pay extra attention to the way they look at the beginning of the relationship, but once the romance part has gone, they tend to get comfortable and settle down.

The situation can get worse when the marriage or living together gets full of routine, chores, kids, jobs... And seems to not be enough time to look great.

Once people feel sure about the love of their partner, they tend to stop attracting them... Huge mistake!

This is one of the biggest turns off for a relationship that has lasted for a while, and both men and women are guilty on this one. However, as women, we don’t pay attention that much to that; I mean we don’t expect our man to look fit and awesome all the time. We love men for who they really are.

Unfortunately, men are also different on this one... Very different, and they DO really care and pay attention to our appearance...

They do really want us to look as hot and beautiful as we looked in the beginning... Always!... Do they sound like shallow, selfish and superficial?...

Oh you bet they are! (Not all of them... Of course ;)...)

What men think about how you look is a topic that may be a little bit sensitive for some women, but remember:

Our goal is to spice up our love and sex life and our appearance is a big one here. We really never should stop attracting our man, if we are planning to keep the passion alive in our relationship... And of course his love and attention.

This topic is so important in relationships that the relationship expert Mike Fiore dedicated a whole chapter to this in his Secret Survey program. He surveyed hundreds of men and women to find out what women really wanted to know about men, and what men wanted women to know.

Then, he gave women answers directly from men about the truth of what men think, want and need in their relationships.

Let's take a look at some of the questions and answers gathered by Mike Fiore in Secret Survey:

Here’s what women desperately wanted to know:

“Does he find me attractive?”

“Does he want me to lose weight?”

“Does he compare me to girls he sees on TV?”

“Is he first attracted to a woman’s mind, body, or soul?”

“What does he think about me? Do I arouse him? Does he like my body?”

Here's what men desperately wish you knew but are afraid to tell you:

“I’d like you to lose weight.”

“I wish you would dress up for me like you used to.”

“You’ve gotten fat.”

“It kills me that you don’t seem to care about attracting me anymore.”

“60 extra pounds since marriage. Not so sexy.”

“She needs to exercise more.”

“How she looks, both body and attire, is important to me.”

Mike said:

“What men think about your appearance was a BIG topic in the Secret Survey, with a ton of questions from women about what men really think about how they look (this is one of those things guys lie about a lot because they know you wouldn’t like the actual answer)...

... And a lot of guys being brutally honest (for the first time ever) about what your appearance really means to them.

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about what men think about your physical appearance and what men want from you when it comes to how you look, how other men and women react to you, what your physical appearance means to him, and how you take care of yourself.

And we’re going to be brutally honest and possibly a little mean.

The guys I surveyed didn’t hold back at all. They vented their frustrations and anger. I could sugar coat this stuff or say it in coded language, but if I did, I wouldn’t be doing my job to let you know what’s ACTUALLY going on in his mind.

This stuff isn’t politically correct and it might offend you. But I’m going to say it anyway. OK? Good...” (Mike Fiore, Secret Survey)


I bet you can imagine by now the kind of answers that guys gave to this question in the survey!... Things they usually don’t even dare to say to us, but those are the truth of what men think about how we look...

* So why is he so focused on your physical appearance and how you look?

* Doesn’t who you are matter?

* Can’t he see past a few extra pounds?

* Can’t he see your inner beauty first and fall in love with your outer beauty later?

* Can’t he understand that after a couple kids and working all the time and keeping the house up you don’t have time to go the gym every day?

"Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” He really can’t. And it’s not really his fault. Just like a lot of interesting things about men, his maddening desire to have a fit, beautiful woman on his arm is deeply rooted in evolution and biology."

Mike Fiore, Secret Survey

I know you don't like the answer... as I bet you haven’t liked many of the things that have been explained about men here in the website, but take a depth breath... and remember that we are dealing with different creatures here ;)

They don’t think like us, they can’t think like us! They see the world with other eyes, and when it comes to women: They have lust eyes ;)

In order to improve and spice up our sex life is better not to try to understand their nature, just accept men for who they are.... MEN... Visually and extremely sexual and lusty creatures...

That way they love us and make us happy in so many ways... :)

So, is a man first attracted to a woman’s mind, body, or soul?

If they were women... Probably soul or mind would be the answer, but remember... They are MEN.. So can you guess the answer?

Body! Of course!

Plain and simple:

The first thing that attracts a guy to any woman is how she looks, and if he finds her physically and sexually attractive.

So, keeping ourselves physically and sexually attractive to our man definitely helps to keep the attraction and the passion alive in our relationship.

Now Ladies! Don’t worry! Remember, I also have a section on my website dedicated to men and they're getting their part too! We also deserve a clean, fit and hot looking man to our side!... All the time! ;)

So, we already know that the main reason for our looks to be so important for men is because they are visual creatures and they are attracted by what they see... But, is there another reason?

Yes there is! and it's called “Reflected Glory” and it is something that the majority of guys feel but won’t accept or maybe don’t even know it's there...

If you're curious about reflected glory, take a look at Mike's Video here where he goes in deep in what men think of how you look and what "Reflected Glory" means.

Now, take a look at what Mike wrote:

“So... Does This Mean That Your Guy Needs You to Starve Yourself Thin, Pluck Every Unwanted Hair, Get Ridiculous Plastic Surgery, and Live on the StairMaster?

No! He really doesn't...

I know that just reading this stuff can be disappointing and even horrifying to women who don’t meet the conventional ideal of beauty. But even though your physical appearance IS important to a guy, it’s not the only thing that matters.

Most guys don’t ACTUALLY want you to look like or act like a supermodel or one of those girls on Jersey Shore (If my girlfriend started plucking everything or wearing those silly high heels everywhere I’d be horrified).

But he does want you to be as attractive as you personally can be.

Remember, confidence is the sexiest thing about a woman!

(confidence and amazing eyes that you get lost in. OK, I digress).

I’ll tell you right now any guy in the world would rather have a size 10 woman who’s confident and curvy (think of Marilyn Monroe: she was no bean pole) than a size 2 waif who is constantly hating herself.

Would he prefer that you lose a few pounds (if you’ve gained weight since you got together)? Sure, probably. But it’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is to put the effort to be pretty for him. Lift your chin. Make eye contact. Flirt. Put on makeup. Start exercising. Only wear sweatpants when you plan on sweating.

Don’t do it for the numbers on the scale or to impress anyone. Do it for the energy it’ll give you and for the feeling you’ll get being proud of your body.

I’ll tell you right now as a guy that he wants you to put in the effort to dress up for him. He wants you to realize how important visually attracting him to you is and to put as much work into looking good for him now as you did when you first started dating.

If you need more proof, just read through the survey results of what men think. Read through the pain in the words so many of these guys put down. How desperately they want their wives and girlfriends to look good for them. When you’ll do, you’ll realize. . .

When You Stop Trying to Impress Him and Attract Him, It Kills Him Inside!

Worse than that, it causes him to stop objectifying you and stop seeing you as a sexual creature worth pursuing and seducing. And once that happens, you’ll see his sex drive, his pride, and even his basic masculinity start to wane. That energetic man you fell in love with in the first place will just fade away.

Mike Fiore, Secret Survey

I wanted to close the article with a guy's conclusion not mine, so you could see that even though men do care about our appearance, they don’t want us to look perfect, and at the end...

Is not even about how we look but how confident we are! :)

Also, I wanted you to see how to stop taking care of our appearance could actually affect our sex life and our relationship.

Go ahead and take a look at Mike's video about Secret Survey where he explains you exactly what men think about your appearance, as well as, love sex and relationships.

Also, you will be able to see the Secret Survey results by yourself! And this is an info that you don't want to miss out!

Spice Sex Up! :)

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