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Hi Ladies!... Hi Guys!

Ready for Valentine’s Day???

Let’s see... What are you planning?... Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, romantic dinners?... Yeah... Yeah... Yeah... Same stuff... How about trying some new, spicy and unique Valentine's Day ideas to surprise your honey this year!... Yes! Get ready to... 

Spice Up Valentine’s Day!!!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to rekindle romance, passion and love in the relationship.

It is the perfect occasion to try new stuff to Spice Sex Up!

But after many Valentines together, you guys may be probably running out of ideas...

No problem!

I created for both of you a Hot Valentine's Menu!  

Full of great romantic and hot ideas and gifts to give your sweetie an unforgettable Valentine’s Day! :)

Take a look...

1. LADIES: If your man invite you to a romantic dinner, put on a very sexy dress with a pair of sexy heels, BUT... Wear NO underwear! Yes! Nothing at all!

Now, in the middle of the dinner, maybe while dancing a romantic song, whisper to him something like: “Baby, I’m not wearing any underwear, and that’s making me feel so sexy and so hot that I can’t wait for your lips to feel how warm and wet I’m getting for you”

You’ll completely drive him crazy! Just by knowing that you have nothing under that sexy dress, it will drive him nuts! And, I bet you that he won’t see the time to get home and go down on you! If he actually waits to get home!...

Want to take it to the next level?

Invite him to the car, the bathroom (if it’s clean enough) or any public but hidden place where you can show him and give him his valentine’s gift!

2. GUYS: Want to give your Lady roses and chocolates? Perfect! But, make them unique and special! Grab small pieces of paper and write on each one, a reason why you love her. Carefully, open the box of chocolates and put one paper under each chocolate. Buy a rose for each year or month you've been together, and let her know what each rose represents (maybe... "Baby, each rose represents every year I've been in love with you"...). She’s going to love this gift!

3. LADIES: Surprise your man with some very sexy lingerie, BUT here’s the trick: Wear the lingerie under your sexy outfit. Take your honey to the bedroom and tie him up! Yes, get some wrist cuffs and tie his hands up.

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Now, put on some sexy music and slowly take your clothes off in front of him to reveal your lingerie! Dance sexy for him as much as you want, not fancy movements are necessary... sexy moves are enough to turn him on, especially while taking your clothes off. Men are highly visual; so... Go ahead and give him a striptease! Even a lap dance if you want!

But wait! This is not just a simple striptease, you can take it to the next level!

Once you have taken all your clothes off, except the heels, start touching yourself in front of him! Yeah!... And by touching, I mean your clit! Tease him all you want! And if you really want to drive him crazy, make yourself come!  

Seeing you touching yourself and coming without him being able to touch you, will drive him crazy!... He will be begging you to take off the handcuffs... but you won’t!... instead, you’re going to get close to him, put your hands on his penis and give him a great hand job!

Make sure you take a look at Stroke By Stroke for tips and techniques on how to drive him crazy with your hands!

Want to make him “suffer” a little bit more?... Never take off the wrist cuffs during the entire time!... Instead, when he’s about to come, switch to a cow girl and ride him up all you want! ;) Remember! You’ve got the control honey! He’s tied up!... Give him a different and wild Valentine! He’s going to love it!

4. GUYS: Get some roses, rose petals, candles, massage oils, aroma scents, ice, champagne, strawberries, chocolate syrup, a feather and a blindfold.

Hearts on fire kit – sensual kit


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Ambiance massage candle


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Prepare the bedroom with soft music, aroma scents and candles. Tell her you have a surprise for her and blindfold her. Carefully, take her to the bedroom and DO NOT take off the blindfold... at a ANY moment during the WHOLE night.

You are going to MAKE LOVE to her wearing the blindfold all the time, and she is going to love it!! The key here is to do everything very very softly and slowly. Let her feel, smell and sense everything without being able to see what you are about to do. Tell her "Baby, don't take off the blindfold; I'll take care of everything... just relax and enjoy".

Now, take off her clothes, one by one very slowly, take her to bed, and make her experience everything you bought.... caress her body with the feather, then with the rose. Grab a bunch a rose petals and slowly let them fall on top of her naked body. Let her smell and taste the strawberry, the chocolate and champagne...

Put the ice on your mouth and run it down her body until you get to the hot spot! Tease her with the ice a little bit and give her lots of amazing oral love. Take a look at Lick By Lick for the best oral sex tips and techniques to give her oral orgasms.

Want to spice it up even more?

While your tongue is on her clit, surprise her vagina with a sex toy! A vibrator bullet or a G-spot vibrator are great ideas! She’s going to love it! Just make sure she’s open to sex toys. Click on these awesome sex toys ideas!

Ora – clitoral vibrator


Insignia Lyla 2 – egg


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More couples sex toys!

Prolong the foreplay as much as possible, make love to her as long as you can, and give her multiple Valentine’s Orgasms! ;)... Don’t forget the key is to have her blindfolded the entire time! That will intensify every sensation!

5. LADIES: Take your honey to a secret, kind of hidden place, and give him a surprising blow job! You can take him to the beach, to a lake, even a pool (private) take a hike on the mountains, the forest, even a hidden place in a park, or out in the country!... Maybe a building terrace or a balcony... Get creative!

Seriously, ladies... Make your man happy! Give him what he really want this Valentine's Day. Forget about the teddy bears, red hearts balloons, flowers, colognes, ties... Give him a Mind Blowing Valentine’s Blow Job! Take a look at Blow by Blow to get the best tips and techniques on how to give him oral love!

6. GUYS: On Valentine’s day send her a romantic text message every hour at the same time... 8 o’clock.. 9 o'clock... you got the idea... and yes, set the alarm if you need to. During the morning... In each message, tell her one reason why you love her, what you like about her, and what you appreciate of her.

Then after lunch, turn up the heat a little bit and start sending her sexy text messages... Things like, why you think she’s so hot, what you like about her body the most, how much you desire her...

Now, progressively, turn up the heat even more and make the text messages hot! Start by describing her what you want to do to her tonight...

Things from...

"I’m going to take off your clothes with my mouth one by one"...

"I’m going to kiss every inch of you"...

To things like..

"I can’t wait to go down on you"...

"Baby, I’m going to lick your clit so good that I’m gonna make you come in my mouth" (if she’s comfortable enough with that level of dirty talk)

... Ok, you've got the idea...

The whole point is to create anticipation on her. First by romancing her, then seducing her, and then by provoking her... Make her want you so bad that she can’t wait to have you this Valentines!

Ladies and Gentleman... ;)
Text The Romance Back!

7. LADIES: Do the same thing as above. First, send your guy text messages telling why you love him, turn up the heat, and be very very descriptive about what are you’re planning to do to him tonight. Describe him from what you're going to wear to how you're going to make him come. Get him horny! Literally.

Now, want to make it even better?

Send him pics of you wearing sexy lingerie, and tell him how badly you want him to take it off. Yup! Give him a visual preview of what’s coming up for him.... The anticipation will drive him crazy!

8. GUYS: Grab a package of glowing stars and put a romantic message like “I Love You Baby” on the ceiling on top of the bed. The message will be revealed once you turn off the lights, and it will be a very romantic surprise for her.

9. LADIES: Give your guy a Cock Ring! This sex toy is designed to trap more blood on his penis making his erection longer and harder. He’s going to love it!

Want to make it even better?...

Get a couple’s cock ring! This one has also a vibrator bullet for your clit! Absolutely awesome! Take a look some options here:

Lux male stimulator LX-4 plus – cock ring

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10. GUYS: Buy a sex toy for your lady! A vibrating bullet, a vibrating rabbit or a G-spot vibrator are wonderful ideas to Spice Valentines Up! And she's going to absolutely loveee it!

Seriously guys, every woman deserves a vibrator! ;) Best Valentine's Gift Ever!!!... Make your Lady happy! :)

Take a look at these ideas on what you can get for her:

Ida – vibrator for couples


We-vibe 4 – g-spot rabbit vibrator

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Ina 2 – rabbit vibrator


More couples sex toys!

Well, there you have it! A full Hot Valentine's Menu for you to choose from!

As you can see, it's all about creativity!... and, some tools too ;)

Ahh! I almost forget!...

Take a look at some sex games!! These are also a great option to spice up Valentine’s Day!

Sooo... Have fun this Valentines!

Make it romantic and spicy at the same time!

Last advice:

GUYS: Make sure you romance your lady, give her prolonged foreplay, and MAKE LOVE TO HER!

LADIES: Make sure you give your man what HE wants, not what you want! Roses and teddy bears are cute... too cute for him... Show him your love with some passionate sex this Valentines! ;)

Have fun guys! Fall in love all over again and make sure you take a look at the Spice Sex Up Store! The perfect spot to grab some gifts ideas to show your honey your love this Valentine's day! :)

Happy Valentine! :)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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