Understanding Men Language:
Men Are Like Dogs (And You're A Bad Owner)

Understanding men language may be challenging for most women because men and women speak a very different language. (Guys click here)

This article... 

Men are like dogs and you are a bad owner” 

... Shows you how your man may be understanding you, as much as, a dog understands the words “come here”.

Let’s see ladies...

Do the following questions sound familiar to you?

* How do you feel?

* What are you thinking?

* Why can’t you just TALK to me?

But how does it make you FEEL?

“What she wanted was so easy. She just wanted him to open up to her. To talk to her. To tell her what was really going on in his head. She wanted to know his feelings, his wants, his desires, what he was afraid of, what kept him up at night, what DROVE him. She just wanted to connect. . . And then she’d give him everything”

Mike Fiore, Secret Survey (Very well recognized Relationship Expert)

Ohh women... We just love to talk and ask questions; it’s just part of our nature. We always want to connect and find out what the other person wants, needs, feels... For us to be able to support them.


Are we really being listened to?  

Are we speaking in a language our man can really understand?

The big problems are...

Men don’t speak our same language.

They definitely don’t work the same way we do.

They are not great at talking.

They don't really feel the need to share their feelings to feel better or solve their problems.

Understanding men language is definitely the key!

In women’s world is completely normal to open up about our feelings, and even when we may not be actually looking for a specific solution or advice, we just feel better by someone listening to us and offering empathy and emotional support. We need, and we look for that kind of connection with everybody in our lives.

In men’s world is completely different. They don’t really talk about their feelings or their problems because part of being a man and feel like a man means being able to solve their problems on their own, and by sharing feelings they could be showing signs of weakness and vulnerability.

So, when a woman expects and asks for a man to open up like she does, it’s basically asking him for something that’s kind of out of his nature.

He feels pressured right away, and he may not even know what to say. He may even not understand what or why she asked for. His mind can go blank, and he may remain in silence, change the topic, or even make up something to make her happy.

Men are simply not used to that kind of emotional connection.

We should not really feel upset about this because this is just part of their male nature.

We cannot expect them to act like women!

Just like Mike Fiore says: 

“ Talking to a man about feelings

is like talking to a monkey about space travel”

The first thing as women we need to remember is that men are NOT women! And as much as that sounds so obvious; we may seem to forget it when we expect them to talk, listen, feel and express as women.

Remember, our man is not and cannot be our best girlfriend! ;)

Women and men definitely speak different languages, and if we don’t learn how to communicate with our man, we will keep falling in misunderstandings and frustrations in our relationships.

The reason?

It’s simply that women use an emotional, detailed, deep and somehow more complicated and sometimes even twisted and coded language. Our language is not plain and straightforward, and we mistakenly assume that men understand what we really mean.


Men have a simple, plain and straightforward language

They just mean what they say, but they also make the mistake to assume that women will talk the same way.

Because men really mean what they say, they really take literally what we say to them. They don’t understand about our clues or signals and they really don’t use them to communicate.   

Clues and signals usually only make things unclear, complicated and lead to misunderstandings

How do women feel?

Women may feel hurt by the direct and sometimes even rude way men talk. We also feel frustrated because men don’t really seem to open up with us about their feelings.

How do men feel?

Men may feel clueless and frustrated because usually they don’t understand what we mean, and they don’t how to respond.

As humans, we have the tendency to assume that everyone is going to think the same way as we think, wants the same things we want, and react in the same way that we do. 

Those unrealistic expectations lead to numerous of misunderstandings in a relationship

Understanding men language can be challenging. There are many differences in men and women's language. I could try to do my best to summarize them for you here, but honestly, I'm not able to do as a fantastic work as Mike Fiore did in his program Secret Survey.

It is just something you have to read on your own.

Just take a look at the title and intro of the first chapter, and I know you will get hooked up just as I did:

“Men are like dogs and you're a bad owner”

....”Men aren’t women. They’re dogs. =-)

Everything you need to know about talking to men you can learn from a book about dogs”

You may be laughing and nodding as I am, or you may be wondering... "What does this have to do with me and my man?

In Mike’s words...

”Well, everything. Because you’ve got a choice: You can try to get a dog to speak, or you can learn what the barks mean.”

...”So you can try to get men to speak woman, and dive into that deep emotional stew you live in and basically become your best girlfriend (ugh)

Or you can learn man-speak and learn to understand all of the signals he’s already giving you every single day that tell you exactly how he feels about you, exactly what he wants, exactly what he’s ashamed of, and what turns him on.

Every woman I’ve shared this idea with has had her eyes light up and has felt an astonishing amount of relief at how guys suddenly make a whole lot more sense.” 

Mike Fiore

When I read his statement of “Men are like dogs and you’re a bad owner” I was laughing myself out! I thought it was hilarious and sooo true :D

I must confess I was sold! Just out of curiosity. I wanted to read it right away, and I did... And Wow! It completely changed my whole way of thinking about men. 

I discovered the whole truth about the way men think, feel, act, want, need.... What they really want in sex, love and relationships.

Finally, for the first time in my life I was able to really understand the men’s world, and accept them for what they are... MEN! And, not for what I unrealistically wanted them to be.

Now, what Mike offers to teach you in this program, it’s simply unique. He takes the results of a survey he did to hundreds of women and men asking them:

Women: “If you had telepathy and could suddenly see into any man’s mind, what’s the one thing you would desperately want to know?”

Men: “What is the number one thing you want your wife or girlfriend to know but would never tell her?”

Then, he took the very honest and revealing results and combined them with years of research in relationships, and created an amazing program to finally tell women THE TRUTH about what men really think, want and need.

He also explains why men act the way they do, why they lie, why they cheat... And, he reveals the unedited results of the survey!

What I love the most about this program is that he tells women the truth as simple, honest and even rough as it is.

This program holds the key to finally be able to understand men and communicate with them in a way they really understand.

Understanding men language will not be a problem any more!

Also, he shows a lot of man-speak and explain what your man hears when you talk to him like a woman, and how to understand him when he talks to you like a man.

Basically, trying to make a man speak the way we do, understand the way we talk to them, and make them share their feelings as a woman... Is a waste of time!

Instead of trying to get your man to speak like a woman, or get frustrated or angry because he doesn't talk about his feelings, let's try to learn his language!

Trust me, the information in this program is too good to just try to explain it here, you have to hear/read it by yourself. Go ahead and take a look at Secret Survey... It will basically change your love and sex life for good! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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