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Where Does The Semen Go?
How To Handle Semen During A Blow Job

Spit or swallow? Where does the semen go during a blow job? This is one of the most important reasons for communication about oral sex preferences with your partner. 

Spit or swallow? Where does the semen go during a blow job? This is one of the most important reasons for communication about oral sex preferences with your partner. 

You know that your man will ejaculate if he experiences an orgasm, and both of you need to be clear about where you prefer his semen to go before the fellatio session.

Most men love to ejaculate in their mouth's partner, but not every woman likes that.

If you don't like him to come in your mouth, or if you're not willing to swallow it, there's nothing wrong about that! Just don't let that stop you from giving him all the great blow jobs he's craving for. There are some other options to handle the semen during a blow job.

Many women avoid giving their partners a blow job because they are afraid he will ejaculate in their mouth; but, semen doesn't necessarily need to end up in your mouth for a blow job to feel great.

This is why communication is so important!

By discussing your preferences in advance, you can avoid unpleasant situations, and he can still get you to give him the oral pleasure he loves so much!

So... Spit or Swallow?

Check some of the options you have to handle his semen during a blow job:

* In Your Mouth

This is probably the easiest and cleanest place for the sperm to go. However, this option may be a turn on, or a turn off for you.

Probably, it's a huge turn on for your man, but remember that you DON'T need to do anything that is uncomfortable for you.

Men usually enjoy ejaculating in a woman's mouth because it makes them feel more powerful and more in control. But, more than that, it makes them feel a deep connection. It is like you're receiving and accepting all he has for you.

If you choose to receive his semen in your mouth, you have two options:

1. Swallowing

Swallowing can be extremely satisfying to your man. It is like you're drinking him. So, if you're willing to get his semen in your mouth, consider giving a try and swallow it!

Semen has a warm, mild slightly salty flavor and many women actually enjoy the taste.

Swallowing ejaculate has no health risks (assuming you are both STD free) and may actually be beneficial because the prostaglandins in the ejaculate are said to improve mood :)... This, however, may or may not be speculation.

2. Spit it out

If you're ok with his semen going into your mouth, but the idea of swallowing makes your stomach sick, no problem!  

Have a towel near to you and discreetly spit it out. Just try not to show him any sign of disgust or repulsion that could make him feel bad.

* Outside Your Mouth

If spit or swallow are not good options for you... And, you're definitely not comfortable at all with his semen going into your mouth, you can always choose to have it on your face, or other part of your body like your breasts, your belly, or even your hot, wet and waiting vagina!

These places can also be very sexy for him. The semen can even go to a towel if you don't even want to be touched by it, but this one is not that sexy.

These are actually the options that many women choose because tasting and swallowing semen is not something that appeals to every woman.

The important thing here is to know that if having his semen in your mouth is the reason why you don't like giving your partner blow jobs, the easy solution is having him come in any other part of your body!

Don't deprive your man of receiving oral pleasure by something that can be so easily solved.

Remember, communicate with him! I'm pretty sure he will understand you, and he would be willing to negotiate not coming in your mouth for getting head more often.

So, how exactly do you avoid ruining the orgasm if you take the penis out of your mouth just as he's about to ejaculate?

You have two options!

1. Finish him off with a great hand job!

Here's what you do: 

At the beginning of his orgasm, quickly take the penis out of your mouth, and start pumping up and down on his penis with your hand (like a hand job) while he finishes ejaculating in the designated area.

Ask him to tell you when he is about to experience an orgasm. You don't want to be surprised with semen in your mouth when you weren't prepared for it!

This may sound less passionate or less fun than swallowing your partner's semen, but it doesn't have to be! A great hand job can also give him a great finale!

Enthusiasm is key here!

As long as you continue letting him know that you are enjoying his orgasm, he may be so wrapped up in the pleasure that he doesn't notice the difference. Even though his orgasm is being finished with a hand instead of a mouth.

Trust me, men love hand jobs soo much! They love masturbating, right? So, having you doing it for him, it's way more pleasurable. It can feel so great for him that can even compensate not coming in your mouth.

However, don't stop using your mouth though, use it to make some noises and for dirty talk! Telling him how much it turns you on to see him come, might be just what he needs to hear to get him to finish strong as you watch.

2. Let him finish inside of you!

Yes! You can give your man an amazing blow job, and when he tells you he's ready to come, you quickly remove your mouth and stick his penis deep inside of your hot, wet, and waiting vagina!

Now, your vagina will take care of the last few pumps to finish him off, as well as, capture all of his semen.

As you can see, it's not only about spit or swallow, there are many options for you to handle his semen during a blow job. You can always try different ones and see what you prefer.

At the end, the amazing pleasure he feels from you giving him oral sex, it doesn't have to do only with where the semen goes.

The important thing here is to communicate both partner's preferences before the fellatio session, and stick with whatever agreement you guys made.

And remember...

There are other ways to handle the semen if you don't want it in your mouth. Not liking the taste of semen is not enough reason to deprive your man from blow jobs. Choose another way to handle his semen and keep pleasuring your honey with lots of oral sex! ;)  

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