15 Big Sexual Mistakes That You Could Be Making With Your Man

Hi Ladies! Here are 15 big Sexual Mistakes that could kill your relationship and really hurt your man. They’re more common than you think, and you could be making them without even knowing! (Guys click here)

Almost all of us have been made at least one or more of these at some point in our relationships, so let’s find out what they are:

1. Lack of sex

Lack of sex or low frequency is one of the deadliest mistakes you could ever make in your relationship.

Lack of sex is the surest way to condemn your relationship to death sooner or later.

Your man wants sex and needs MORE sex than you think!

Sex increases the attraction and connection in a couple, without sex, you end up being friends, roommates... or enemies. The best way to make a relationship better is to have MORE sex with your partner and remove any barriers to having more sex.

When sex gets better, the whole relationship gets better!

Lack of sex is probably the worst sexual mistake!

2. Lack of passion

Without passion, sex becomes routine and boring... With time, the spark will be gone, and along with the spark the love. Passion and love are what make sex great!

Spicing up our sex life is crucial for a relationship to pass the test of time... Remember, the romantic phase at the beginning of a relationship only last for a while.

3. Negative and boring attitude about sex

Sex is not only a male need; it’s also a female need, and we should want it and enjoy it the same as they do.

A negative attitude about sex could kill your man’s ego, masculinity and confidence.

One of the most important things for a man is to be able to sexually please his woman, and if your man sees you don’t enjoy sex, he would blame himself for it and deeply get hurt.

C’mon, think about it... Would you like to be in bed with a man who’s obviously not enjoying what you're doing?

4. Make sex to be a chore

This is a terrible sexual mistake. Sex is made to be fun! It should never ever become a chore! At the moment this happens, it means that you guys have an urgent, serious problem to solve.

There's no other way more effective to kill the passion and the magic of sex that making it a chore. Sex is not meant to have a schedule, and it shouldn’t be an obligation. Sex is meant to be spontaneous and enjoyable!

He wants you to WANT to have sex with him, instead of HAVE to have sex with him. There’s a HUGE difference!

Constantly spicing up things in the bedroom prevents this to happen.

5. Rejection

This sexual mistake could be devastating for your man and will slowly kill your relationship.

When you constantly reject your man, it’s creating resentment.

The rejection is telling your man: "I don’t desire you!" "I don’t want you!" and that kills a man sexual and emotional confidence and nature.

At the end, he would just stop trying, things will get cold and distant, passion and love will be gone, and you're opening up a door to a huge invitation for cheating.

Remember, a man connects to love through sex and if you constantly withhold sex, you are just pushing your man away.

6. Making him to earn sex

This is wrong and humiliating for him. Sex is not something that needs to be earned. Sex is a great bonding between a couple, that both share and enjoy.

Sex is a huge and very important part of a relationship; it is not something anybody have to earn. Making a man do a certain amount of things to earn the sex, with the time, will only create resentment.

7. Withholding sex

Withholding sex just causes resentment. This is the absolute worst way to get a man to do something.

If you are withholding sex to punish him for something, seriously stop!

This is one of the sexual mistakes that cause irreparable damage to your relationship, and makes sex into a weapon instead of something fun that you share.

Instead of withholding sex, say, “I’m mad at you right now but I really want you.” Use sex to heal arguments, not to extend them. I know this strategy doesn’t sound easy, but try it! It will do wonders to your relationship!

8. Not initiate sex

He wants you to initiate sex.

He needs to feel that he is also sexually desired!

This is a very common sexual mistake. Women tend almost always to let the man to be the one who initiates sex, but if you think about it, if it were the other way around...

Wouldn’t you feel that he’s just accepting to have sex with you instead of wanting to have sex with you?

Like I said before, he wants to feel that you want to be with him, instead of have to be with him.

9. Faking orgasms

This is a very common sexual mistake... and believe me, men hate this! 

They can tell when a woman is faking, maybe not always, but when they catch their woman doing it...

It’s devastating for them.

They probably won’t say anything to you, that’s something very hard for them to face, but the damage inside of them is big.

A man’s ultimate pleasure is to be able to please you, faking orgasms is telling him: You’re doing an awful job!

Besides, this is not only about him... Sex is not only about him! He’s not the only one who’s supposed to orgasm every single time... YOU too! Not only every single time but also multiple times! ;). That's the beauty of being a woman!

Work together in the couple sex’s skills... Make it fun, make it enjoyable... Make it happen.

10. Being selfish in bed

Making your man do all the “work” is somehow not only selfish but also boring!... A boring woman in bed means boring sex, and trust me, that’s the last thing a man fantasies about.

Discover the amazing pleasure of pleasing your man.

11. Being so prudish in bed

Ladies! This is a big one!... Good girls don’t always have fun! ;)

Inhibition in bed it’s a killer!

It is like a wall between you and your man. He wants you to be open about sex, he wants to please your fantasies, he wants YOU to please his.

Have you heard... "A man wants a Lady on the street and a slut in his bed?"... ;) Well... It’s true!...

Variety is the spice of sex!


Different positions, different places, toys, lingerie, fantasies, porn.... Wild sex, sweet sex, romantic sex, quickies.... etc, all of that makes sex fun and enjoyable!

When couples really relax, trust and open up to each other to be able to try anything...

Sex reaches an incredible level of pleasure and fulfillment!

13. Stop being sexy and attracting your man

As women we should never stop being sexy!

This is part of being a woman! Remember, men are visual creatures, they get turned on for what they see. Stop attracting your man is a big mistake that will damage your sex life and your relationship.

Remember, seduce him.... He will love it!

14. Stop having fun

Sex is how adults play (Mike Fiore, Secret Survey) ;)

Fun is one of the main ingredients of great sex!... Never stop having fun! When you do, sex becomes boring and starts fading away...

Always keep spicing up sex in your relationship!

15. Stop learning and being creative

Sex is a skill to be learnt.

We have our sexual instinct, but that’s not enough, with only our instinct we will be just matting like animals.... Sex is more than just matting and variety is what makes it better.

Sex it’s not something that both, women and men, are instructed in before getting involved... It’s something that we learn along the way, and the more we learn the better it gets!

There you have them: 15 Big Sexual Mistakes to Avoid with your man if you want to have a great sex life... Always! :)

Now Ladies, the only way for us to avoid making sexual mistakes and relationship mistakes with our man, it's actually getting to know what our man REALLY needs!

It is very common to give our man what we think he needs, but believe me, what he really wants and needs is faaar from what we think! :/

Now, how to find out what he really needs? How do you get to know your man better? Even when he refuses to open up... Or, even when he does open up, how do you know he's telling you the truth???...

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This is really a big eye-opening source of information that I highly recommend you to listen for you to finally discover what your man really wants.

Here you have a Mike's video where he explains you more about it, so go ahead... take a deep breath and watch the video... You might not like what you are about to learn, but if you're willing to listen and try to understand, you're relationship, love and sex life will dramatically improve! :)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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