Lack Of Sex?
Why You Need To Take Action Now To Fix Your Sexless Relationship

Lack of sex?? If you’re living in a sexless relationship or marriage, is time for you to take action!... You must understand that the problem will not get fixed by itself unless you do something about it.

If avoid dealing with the situation, it’ll grow bigger and bigger until there may be too late to fix it.

Don’t take the risk to lose your partner over lack of sex. Take action now!

Find out the cause and look for a solution. This article from “Fix Your Sexless Marriage” will explain you why you should take action now, and what can you do to solve your sexless relationship:


If your sex life is on a respirator, there are some things you should know:

* First off, you are not alone, not by a long shot. More than 15% of couples in the US are in sexless relationships!

* Second, do not feel guilty about your unhappiness. Though love is the pivotal factor in a relationship, sex is equally important. In fact, sex is the expression of intimate love. So, it is normal to feel depressed, confused, and lonely when you are coping with lack of sex in your relationship.

* Last but most importantly, you CAN rekindle the romance in your relationship. Only, it won’t happen unless you make an effort to learn how to deal with and fix your sexless situation.

Proactive action is the only way to survive a sexless relationship! 

You need to begin by finding out what is really going on through open, blame-free communication.

Is it libido, anger, resentment, meds, or something else causing the problem?

Once you identify the problem, finding a solution becomes easier.

This is not always such an easy thing to do, but it is essential that you do.

Next, take remedial action quickly.

When people live together for weeks, months, and years it is only natural that they lose interest in sex, caught as they are in the crippling and unexciting grind of domesticity and repetitiveness.

But this lack of sex does not happen overnight. It happens when you allow the lack of sex to continue day after day after day, without taking any action.

Inaction is like slow poison. As you drift apart farther and farther, it becomes that much more difficult to get back on track. Risks of cheating and break up or divorce increase.

The longer you allow a habit to live, be it negative or positive, the harder it is to break. A routine is more entrenched the longer it is allowed to survive. This is why you need to change the things you dislike quickly and with determination.

The longer a relationship is sexless, the harder it gets to go back to a normal,

passion-rich relationship.

So, if you are in a sexless relationship, the only way to turn it around is to act NOW! Remember that with each day you waste hoping for matters to resolve themselves automatically, the gap is growing wider and wider.

I can’t promise that every relationship is fixable. I can’t say how long the healing process will take. All I can say is that taking action will make you feel better and give you a fighting chance for a healthier relationship.


I hope this article has inspired you to put a solution to lack of sex in your relationship.

Angie :)

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