12 Great Sex Tips To Spice Sex Up

Hi Guys! There’s hundreds of sex tips that will spice up your sex life! I brought to you here 12 of the best tips I found in the Michael Webb’s book “500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets.”

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He’s Oprah love and sex expert, and his book is full of great ideas to add variety to your sex life.

Take a look at them ;)

1) In any of the missionary positions, put a couple of pillows beneath her buttocks. It will raise her hips, and she will feel deeply penetrated. This isn’t suggested if the guy is too long already.

2) Place a glazed doughnut (or bagel) around your penis and invite your woman to nibble it until it is all gone.

3) Love swings have been used for centuries and have gotten rave reviews for their ease of use and the ability to try many different positions. The slight swinging motion can produce intense orgasms. 

4) Rocking chairs without arms can create wonderful sensations when she sits on top of his penis and they gently rock together.

5) When you stimulate her G-spot from inside, ask her to press down on her belly to increase the friction and enjoyment.

6) Simultaneous orgasms usually are quite overrated...

Instead of aiming for one orgasm that you share together, first work together to bring her to full climax that both of you enjoy, and at some point afterwards it is your chance to concentrate on your own explosion.

That way each partner gets to enjoy the energy of two (or more) orgasms. Women often become more aroused after they orgasm, so when he orgasms after her she will enjoy the sensations all the greater.

7) Help your lady have an explosive orgasm by stimulating her to near peak several times and then stopping. Finally, take her over the top.

8) If you want to sweeten your semen, eat the following foods up to 12 hours before lovemaking: celery, pineapples, melon, strawberries or kiwi.

9) When she moans with delight when you are performing oral sex on her, it does not mean to speed up or do it harder. It means keep doing exactly what you are doing.

10) Try two vibrators. One on the clitoris and one for the vagina. Or one for him and one for her.

11) Give your woman oral sex with your secret weapon. When your tongue is in place, press a vibrator up to your chin to send chills down her spine.

12) A device called a cock ring vibrator helps the man sustain a much longer erection while the attached vibrator stimulates the clitoris, and can help bring a woman to orgasm.

There you have some of the best sex tips from Michael Webb, but there are 500 in his book! From tips for better sex to tips on seduction, romance, orgasms, oral sex, anal sex, sex positions, sex toys...

He really put together one of the best sex tips collections that I've found. And the best thing is that there's also sex tips for her!! So, it is definitely a must-have couple's book.

Go ahead and take a look at 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets and pick up something new and spicy to try with her tonight! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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