Sex Tips For Couples:
Spice Up Your Sex Life With Mutual Masturbation!

Hi Ladies! Looking for new sex tips for couples?... Have you tried mutual masturbation???

Hi Ladies! Looking for new sex tips for couples?... Have you tried mutual masturbation???

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This kind of mutual pleasure will not only spice up your sex life, but it will also bring you guys closer!

Everybody masturbates, men and women, but you don’t need to hide that from your partner, especially when is something that your man would love to share with you.

Plain and simple, men get really turned on by seeing their woman masturbating in front of them.

Also, we all know men love to masturbate since the moment they discovered it as teens. 

They keep doing it all along their lives even when they are in a relationship.

However, this doesn't mean they aren't sexually satisfied by you, or that they prefer masturbating instead of having sex.

Masturbation is just a perfectly normal, natural, and healthy way to experiment self-pleasure.

Remember that men need sex as a release of sexual tension?... Well, masturbation does exactly that job! Without the need of foreplay, sexual perform, or give pleasure to the woman.

It is not that they don’t like all of those things; it’s just that sometimes masturbation is an easy, quick, and convenient way to release sexual tension. So, don’t feel offended if your man masturbates alone.

Now, most men especially in a relationship tend to keep that as a secret from their partners. They feel that their woman may get offended or upset to find out.

There's no need to hide masturbation from our partner; instead, we should include it into the "Couple's Sex Menu" and share it together! :)

In the same way that is completely normal for men to masturbate, it is for women!

There’s nothing wrong for women to masturbate. All the taboos that society has around this topic are completely untrue. Masturbation for women is a 100% normal, natural, and a healthy way to explore ourselves and connect with our sexuality.

Therefore, there’s no need to feel ashamed of giving ourselves some “self-love”, as well as, there’s no need to hide it from our partner. Instead, we should start feeling comfortable about it, and admitted out in the open to our man, so we can start enjoying of mutual masturbation.

When it comes to self-pleasure, you can clearly see the differences between women and men sex preferences:

Masturbation for women:  

It is like our “me time” when we indulge and pleasure ourselves with everything we like, and the way we like it!

It is a way to pamper ourselves. We create a mood; we use all what we like, and we really take our time.

Masturbation for men:

It is a simple, fast, and convenient way to get sexual release. Men go straight for it!

For both men and women, even in a relationship, self-masturbation may be mostly a private enjoy-time; however, not always has to be that way!...

Masturbation for couples:

Mutual masturbation is simply masturbating in front of your partner, and your partner masturbating in front of you. It can be at the same time, or you guys can take turns and enjoy the show! Both ways are a big turn on!

Adding mutual masturbation to the couple’s sex life will create a strong bond and a higher level of trust and confidence between partners, and will also definitely Spice Sex Up!

So, if you're looking for some great sex tips for couples... Add mutual masturbation to the sex menu! It'll bring a new fun and sexy way to share together!

Unfortunately, most couples are too shy to try this, and they even avoid the whole masturbation topic, making it almost feel like a taboo, instead of another way to share sexual pleasure together.

Masturbation is a great way to bond sexually with your partner, as well as, to pick up some pointers on how your partner like to stroke himself!

To try mutual masturbation with you honey, first you need to get comfortable doing it on your own. If you’re not already used to masturbate, start practicing it. Give yourself some “me-time” and explore your own body.

Set some free time away from all interferences, and create a relaxing mood. You can put some soft music, candles and even use your bathtub.

The key here? Take your time and enjoy touching yourself, try everything you like!... Even some toys would be fantastic to get you even more turned on.

Enjoy this so deserved time with yourself! Make it special, and give yourself lots and lots of self-love! :)

Once you’re comfortable about it, bring up the topic with your partner!

Have no worries about what he’s going to think, he’s not going to judge you because he’s going to be so excited to be able to see you touching yourself that he won’t be even thinking about judging you.

Men find extremely sexy and erotic to watch their woman masturbating. It is a huge turn on for them!... Just look at the expression on his face when you mention it to him... Or even better... Surprise him!

Now, whenever you ready to try it, to make it easier for you, create a relaxing environment to make you feel more comfortable.

Turn the lights down very low or have candles lights; that way is more romantic, erotic and relaxing! And, he will still be able to see you, without you being as worried about what he’s seeing.

Another option?... Blindfolding you! This is great because he will see what you do, but you won’t see he’s watching, so you may be able to “forget” he’s there and let yourself go. Besides that, this is extremely erotic!

Wherever way you choose to do it, rest assured that masturbation is totally normal, and it’s a great addition to your couple’s sex life.

Let your man know that you are ok with him doing it by himself, and that you will be thrilled to do it together! He’ll be soo happy to hear that! :)

There you have it!... If you want more tips on how to enjoy mutual masturbation, as well as, a great variety of sex tips for couples... The source that I found to recommend you that will give you the most variety of easy to follow sex tips for you and your honey is 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secretsby Oprah Love and Sex Expert Michael Webb.

In this guide, he gives you and your man every single sex tip that you can imagine! From very sweet to really hoooot. He includes everything here!... Orgasms, sex positions, oral sex, masturbation, romance, foreplay, anal sex, sex toys... You name it!

liked the simplicity of the guide. He basically created a huge list where he puts together the best sex tips and ideas for every aspect of a couple's sex life.

It almost feels like owning a big sex menu of ideas, where you can just consult every time you want and pick something new for tonight! ;)

Go ahead and take a look at it here... And don't forget to start experimenting with mutual masturbation... Start by touching yourself and give it a try to see him masturbating in front of you!... Get ready to share some “self-love” together!

Spice Sex Up! :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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