Sex Seduction:
How To Give Your Woman a Multisensory Sex Experience

Sex Seduction is the perfect combination for women. It is like love and sex. Romance and sex... Or, Roses and chocolates! Those are the kind of things that must go together for most women to be happy in a relationship.

Seduction makes sex irresistible for us!

We all know men are visual creatures, and that’s how they express themselves sexually.

You guys like to look at boobs... You guys like to watch porn...  However, women are multisensory. We experience sex with all of our senses.

While a great six pack catch our attention visually, so does the sound of a man’s voice, or the warmth of his touch. When a woman is attracted to him, his scent is stronger than other men’s scents.

While men may not be inherently moved to incorporate a woman’s fragrance or the cadence of her speech into his sexual nature, it doesn't mean he can’t consciously make the decision to do so.

Let yourself experience sex with all your five senses!

Your woman will thank you for it! :)

Here’s a quick review of the five senses, and how erotic each can be, wrote by Oprah love expert Michael Webb, author of "The Virtuoso Lover"  one of the best guides I've found that teaches men how to be exceptional lovers!


We’ll start with this one just to get it out of the way. Men are already experts in getting turned on by what they can see, but you can take it even further.  

Really scan your lover’s body with your eyes. See how her body is different from other women’s. Maybe she has strong runner’s legs or perfectly olive skin. You will see her in a new light once you’ve really taken her in.


This can be a fun one. Give each other sensual massages with flavored oils, and then lick it off one another’s bodies.

Blindfold her, and then feed her passion fruits or chocolate mousse.  

Buy a variety pack of flavored lip balms, and then guess the flavor every time you kiss her hello. Whatever it is, have fun with it.


Your sense of smell can be heightened during times of extreme arousal. Fill the room with warm, relaxing scents. Breathe in the smell of her skin when she’s under you. Once you know her smell, it will get you going every time you catch a whiff.


This one is easy: Talk dirty!  

Whether you’re telling over the phone what you’re going to do to her when you get home, or whispering sweet nothings in her ear, heighten the anticipation with verbal stimulation.

Also, when you’re pleasuring her or railing her, listen to her moans and hear her reaction. Then you can be certain you’re doing it right.


This is the most sexually satisfying of all the senses.

Run your hands all over each other’s bodies.

Feel the warmth of her skin.

Play a game where you touch her each part of her body from head to toe, but never lose contact.

Then enjoy the intense pleasure when you've felt her with all your senses.

As you can see, you can use ALL your five senses to make her experience an "out of this world" multisensory sex experience!

For more expert advice on how to become an exceptional lover and MASTER every aspect of your sexual life, I highly recommend you to take a look at Michael's Webb guide: The Virtuoso Lover... Go ahead and learn all the expert tips and techniques that will take your sex like to next level!

Spice Sex Up! :)

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