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Take Fingering To The Next Level Using These 3 Top Sex Toys

Looking for some great sex ideas? How about taking fingering to the next level?

Yes! Spice it up with sex toys!

Looking for some great sex ideas? How about taking fingering to the next level?

Yes! Spice it up with sex toys!

Sex toys definitely take masturbation to the next level! And, they are a fantastic way to spice up the couple's sex life!

So, if you guys are already into sex toys, good for you! ;) Keep exploring and adding new items to the menu!

But, if you are not into sex toys yet...

Get ready because a whole new world of pleasure is about to be opened for you and your partner!

Every woman who masturbates and have tried sex toys before can tell you that these babies are the cherry on the cake! ;)

Sex toys add different pleasurable sensations, and can create even better and more powerful orgasms!

So, let’s see what kind of toys will add lots of spice to your fingering techniques, and fun to your sex life:

1. Bullets

This little buddies can drive your woman’s clit crazy in a heartbeat!

Use this vibrating bullet to stimulate her clit while your finger is stimulating her G-Spot. You can also switch places and rub the clit with your finger and insert the vibrating bullet inside her vagina.

Also, you can rub her clit with your thumb, stimulate her G-Spot with your middle finger, and with your other hand place the bullet either next or a little bit inside of her anus. The vibration in that area feels amazing!

You can find these bullets cordless, but if you are placing one in her anus or inside her vagina, it’s better to buy one with a cord that you can pull out in case of it gets a little bit too far inside of her. Always go with the safer options.

2. Bring the rabbit to the bedroom!

A rabbit vibrator is a “dildo” that has an attachment in the shape of a rabbit to stimulate the clit while the curved end of the dildo is stimulating the G-Spot.

You can find different variations of this one, some will have a butterfly or a dolphin instead of a rabbit. Also, in many of them the end of the dildo will vibrate and rotate for extra pleasure.

They also can have rotating pearls that stimulate the sensitive area of the vaginal opening. Some models even have a separate bullet for extra clitoric stimulation, as well, as attachments on the back for anal stimulation.

Rabbit vibrators come with different speeds and sensations to experiment different ways of pleasure. This toy is much fun for a woman, but having our man working the toy for us, takes any rabbit vibrator to the next level.

Any woman who’s used to sex toys can tell you that the best bonus to use a toy with our partner is that he gets to handle the toy leaving us free to just relax and enjoy the pleasure!

First start pleasuring your woman with your fingers, and once she’s wet, warmed up, and ready for more action, add the rabbit to the party! ;)

3. Butt plugs and anal beads

Many women really enjoy anal play, if you’re happen to be one of those lucky men who their woman is open to anal sex or anal play, congratulations!

Go ahead and buy some butt plugs and anal beads because she’s going to love them!... Specially when you're simultaneously fingering her.

Now, if your woman is not open to anal sex, these kind of toys could be a great way to slowly and gently introduce her to the pleasurable world of anal play.

Just make sure you talk about this with her before, and if she agrees to try it, buy something small first, and be extremely gentle, patient, and careful because it will take some time for her to get used to the different sensations.

The keys here are to relax her enough for her to feel pleasure instead of pain, and use lots and lots of a good anal silicone-based lube (never, ever desensitizing lube), go very, very slow and stop if she says it hurts.

Whether your woman is used to anal play or not, start with a smaller butt plug and/or anal beads unless she's comfortable with something bigger.

Buy the ones that have a cord or a ring for you to grab them and avoid them going way too deep and get lost (this is very important, avoid unpleasant accidents!) and always... Always use lots a good lubricant.

Get her very very warmed up and aroused by stimulating her clit and her G-Spot with your fingers, put lots of lube, and slowly start introducing the butt plug or the anal bead into her anus. Make sure you grab the toy with one hand and keep fingering with the other...

Add your tongue and drive her crazy!

These are the three must have toys to spice up any fingering session. There are so many others that are also great! So experiment, and vary all you guys want.

The more you add to your sex routine as far as sex ideas, new movements, techniques, positions, places.... And, of course sex toys! The more variety you will have, and the better the sex will be! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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