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How Your Penis Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life

Hi Guys! Ready for some serious sex advice?... Check out how your penis could be ruining your sex life:

I brought you this article by Michael Webb, Author of The Virtuoso Lover. I found it hilarious!... and sooo truth.

He’s right! Your penis could be ruining your sex life!... Because women are not in love with your penis as much as you guys are ;)...

Now, don’t get me wrong! We love your penis, but it is not the center of our attention, and it can actually turn us off more than turn us on if you don’t learn how to handle it!... Take a look at what the author explains:


Gentlemen, I have some sad but true news for you that may be hard to hear: Women are just not as enamored with your penis as you are. So, if you want to be with someone who just looooves wieners, be gay. If that doesn't sound like an appealing option for you, then learn to tame your manhood.  

I know, when you’re in arousing situations, it’s screaming in your ear to get it some attention, but if you don’t allow good sense to overrule, you may end up turning her off. Let me give you a few scenarios where you should tune out Mr. Happy.

Scene I:  She wraps her arms around your neck, giving you a long, sensuous kiss.

What your penis tells you:  Grab boobies!  Grab booty!  Get your hands on whatever you can!

What you should do:  Return the kiss. Appreciate what you can get out of that act alone – feel the warmth of her lips and the taste of her breath. Keep your hands occupied by stroking her back or hair.  

This may encourage her arousal.  If it doesn’t, try giving her lips a little lick. Never should you resort to mauling to express your attraction. It feels disrespectful to her, and her defenses immediately go up.

Scene II:  You’re on the couch watching a movie, and you start making out.

What your penis tells you:  Put her hand down your pants! Push her face into your lap!

What you should do:  If you’re making out for a bit, this time when it’s okay to head for second base. Just don’t grab! Ease your way up there. The nipples tend to be quite sensitive, so if you’re gentle with them it can be a great source of arousal for her. Then maybe you can pause the movie and politely suggest retiring to the bedroom for a bit.

Scene III:  The clothes are off, and sex is definitely going to happen.

What your penis tells you:  Stick it in!  Stick it in!  Stick it in NOW!

What you should do:  Take deep breaths. Concentrating on your breath will help occupy your mind, and the steady oxygen to your brain will have a calming effect.  

Once you’ve cleared the testosterone cloud, you can really enjoy the sexual experience. Inhale her scent, and feel her skin. Become cognizant of the woman with you. It will only increase the pleasure of the experience. In the end, your penis will thank you.


There you have it guys! Absolutely hilarious! but sooo true! Don't listen to your penis follow this sex advice! ;) ... And don't forget to take a look at Michael's book The Virtuoso Lover, it is full of valuable sex advice for you to MASTER every possible way to sexually please your woman. 

I liked this guide because it is one of the most complete sex guides out there that teaches men everything they need to know to become exceptional lovers... Yeah! Not just average lovers but over the top lovers!... The kind of lover that every woman dreams about! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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