10 Top Ideas To Seduce Him

Ready to seduce him? Seduction is an art that keeps the passion alive in a relationship. By constantly trying new ideas, you will keep his interest, attraction and desire for you.

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Seducing your man is about doing sexy and provocative things to turn him on and make him desire you soo bad ;).

Now, romantic and special gestures are also appreciated by men; but, sensual and sexual stuff works even better!

Remember that once the “In-love stage” of the beginning of a relationship has gone, our efforts to keep the passion and love alive, must be doubled!

Routine is the biggest enemy of a long term relationship, and we must avoid it at all cost!

Here, I brought you from “500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets” by Michael Webb, 10 fantastic ideas to seduce him, and keep him loving and desiring you even more than before!

1) Undress for him in a sexy way or do a little striptease. This will excite your partner greatly.

Here are some tips:

 Look your partner in the eye

 Do it in front of a full-length mirror

• Touch yourself slowly and in places that bring you pleasure

Take things off piece by piece, very s-l-o-w-l-y

 Caress your skin as you remove articles of clothing

Take the underwear off last

2) Guys will notice when you are wearing new lingerie or underwear – even when they don’t notice you changed your hair color.

3) Prepare an entire meal for your lover to eat off your body. Appetizer on the chest. Main course on the stomach/abdomen, and dessert on the genitals. (Tip: Sushi is a good idea, if he likes it ;) )

4)  Massage your breasts with oil in front of your guy. Then use your breasts to lubricate his whole body.

5) For a special Valentine’s Day surprise, trim your pubic hair into the shape of a heart.

You can do a star or tree for Christmas, a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Dye the hair the appropriate color if you desire an even more impressive display.

6) Prepare a written menu for your mate and for dessert write “ME” or some other description to get him building anticipation all through the meal.

7) Most guys are extremely turned on by watching their woman caress herself or even masturbate. It lets them know what feels good to her so they can try to do the same.

8) Give your guy a handful of dollar bills and put on a strip show for him, letting him put the bills in your g-string.

9) Talk dirty when you aren’t in the bedroom, like at a restaurant or whispering while at a friend’s house. It will get the heart pumping and build anticipation for a great lovemaking session.

10) Get your guy all hot and excited and if he doesn’t mind, playfully tie him to the bed spread-eagled. Then fondle and caress yourself in front of him. It will drive him absolutely wild that he can see but can’t touch.

Like these, there are hundreds of more ideas to seduce him in Michael Webb’s book “500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets” to keep your honey crazy about you!

I really liked this book. It is a  huge collection of the best sex tips to Spice Sex Up! You and your man will find here tips for everything... seduction, romance, sex, orgasms, oral sex, anal sex, sex positions, sex toys... You name it!

It is definitely a great tool to include in your "sex tool box" to add variety to your sex life. :)

Angie :)

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