Practice Safe Anal Sex:
12 Anal Sex Rules To Make It Safe And Pleasurable

Hi Guys! Let’s find out what exactly means to practice safe anal sex.

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When it comes to anal sex, it’s not even about tips, it’s about rules that you must follow to not hurt your woman.  

Anal sex can be either very pleasurable or very painful for her, and this will depend on how you perform it.

If you want to enjoy of pleasurable anal sex with your woman without hurting her, make sure you always follow these RULES:

Safe Anal Sex Rule #1: Lots and lots of lube... Always!

This is the first and the most important rule that you have to follow ALWAYS.

Never... ever! Attempt to have anal sex without lube! Because you could easily tear something on the outside or the inside of her anus, causing her extreme pain and even a trip to the hospital.

So, no matter how much you are in the heat of the moment, if there’s no lube, there’s no anal sex!... Sorry :(

Keep in mind that the anus does not produce natural lubrication; therefore, you must provide it, or she will be in lots of pain, and she won’t probably want to try it again.

Make sure you always pours lots of a good lube on her anus, your fingers, penis and /or toys.

Remember, with anal sex you're pretty much in charge; so, it is your responsibility to not do things that can hurt her. 

Therefore, NEVER play or penetrate her back there without lots and lots of a good anal sex lubricant.

With that said... let’s see what kind of lubricant you should buy:

* You can use water-based lubricant. This one will work fine for her, and it will not break the condom, if your guys are using one.

* Oil based-lubricant will not be a good option if you are using a condom because the oil will break the latex.

* Your own spit will not be enough here! No matter how much you thinks it works, it does NOT work for anal sex.

* Creams or lotions are way too thick and won’t do here.

* Your best option for a lube is the silicone-based lubricant. This is great for anal sex because it last longer, facilitates the penetration, does not break the condom, and is easily cleaned up (it will all be flushed out at the bathroom).

Find a good brand of lubricant; it will be even better if you buy one special for anal sex. The quality and the amount of lube will really make the difference here.

If you use lots of a good lubricant, she may end up loving anal sex; but, if you don't use lube, or the one you use is not good enough, she will definitely end up hating anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #2: Go very very very slow.... and gentle!

This is the second most important rule you must follow for her to be able to enjoy anal sex without pain. You must go very, very slow and gentle! NEVER penetrate her fast or thrust her too rough.

Besides not producing its own lubrication, the anus was not specifically designed for sex; actually, the anus is made for things to go out not in; therefore, along with lots of lube you must penetrate her very very slowly while being extremely careful and gentle.

This goes for any kind of anal play, fingers, toys, or your penis. Specially when you're using your penis, you must penetrate her extremely slowly; gradually building up your way in and going only as deep as she can handle. 

Remember to avoid rough thrusting here because this may hurt her.

This is crucial because depending on how gentle you are, she will be able to feel pleasure instead of pain.

Rough Sex here is a No-No-No... Never!

This area is very delicate and will tear easily; no matter how aroused you are, you have to take it easy here.

You must always ask her how she's feeling. Stop if she says that something hurts, and accept her directions on what to do and how to do it. 

This is one of the times that you really need to agree to do what she says. She's the one who’s feeling; therefore, she's the only one who knows how much she can handle. If she says “go slowly”, you must do it... If she says “it hurts”... You must stop!

A woman have to really trust her man to have anal sex with him. So, prove her she can always trust you.

If you assure her and show her that you will be gentle enough, and will do what she asks you to do, she might want to go ahead and give anal sex a chance; but, if she feels that you may end up getting carried away in the heat of the moment, and won’t listen to her, then she will avoid anal sex with you because she'll be afraid that you may end up hurting her.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #3: Relax her with communication and lots of foreplay!

Relaxation is the third factor that plays a crucial role in anal sex for her to feel pleasure instead of pain.

She needs to be relaxed mentally and physically for her anus to be to be able to accommodate your penis. If she's tensed up, her anus will be tensed up as well, and the penetration will be very difficult and extremely painful.

The first step for her to be relaxed is communication!

Yes! You guys need to talk about it in advance, and you both must have previously agreed on try anal sex. She needs to be open to try. She won’t be relaxed if she's not completely agree on having anal sex.

For this kind of sexual activity, no matter how much you want it or how much she wants to please you, if she's not convinced or if she's scared, this will definitely be painful.

This is the kind of sex that requires for you to really take your time to make her feel comfortable enough to try.

Don’t pressure her!

Assure her that you will be extremely gentle and careful, and that you will do only what she wants, and in the pace she wants it.

Promise her that you will stop if she wants to... And do it! Once she feels she can trust you, she may feel comfortable enough to try.

After she's open about it, now you need to relax her body with lots of foreplay. Make sure you take your time here, and do everything she likes to arouse and relax her.

Massages and oral sex work wonders here. Let her enjoy everything you're doing, and just relax...

Once her body is relaxed, now you need to relax her “butt area”. You can caress, kiss, and massage her butt, and slowly and gently start introducing your smaller finger. Then work it up to a bigger finger, and massage to get her ready for your penis. This kind of stimulation will gradually relax her anus to be able to handle something bigger.

Once you're already fingering or penetrating her; it’s the moment when she needs to relax the most for her anus to expand and accept the penetration. Tell her to  breathe deeply and relax all her muscles, specially the ones outside and inside her anus.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #4: Choose a comfortable position

Choosing a very comfortable position is key for her to relax and don’t tense up her muscles. Remember, relaxation will allow the penetration and reduce the pain.

Also, choose a position that make the penetration easier. The easier the penetration is, the less painful will be for her.

* Doggy style is a very good option for anal sex; put lots of pillows under her belly, so she can relax and won’t need to focus on holding the position; she will be just lying on the pillows.

This position also provides an easier entrance for your penis, making everything easier for both of you.

* Elevated missionary is also a good position for anal sex. Put some pillows under her butt to elevate her body and make the access easier.

Also, make sure you put some pillows under her feet and legs, so she can rest them there and not be holding them up in the air. Her legs can also be over your shoulders.

Choose whatever is more comfortable for her. Remember that the whole idea is for her to be comfortable enough to relax and be able to enjoy.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #5: Fingers before penis!

After you get her relaxed with lots of foreplay, caresses, massages, and even kisses in her butt area, she will be ready for finger stimulation on her anus.

This is very important, do NOT skip this step! Never stick your penis in there right away.... Remember, this is not her vagina!... You need to work it out gradually.

By starting with your fingers first, you will be opening and relaxing her anus, so it can start getting used to have something going in, as well as, getting ready to accommodate something bigger... your penis.

Make sure you put lots of lube on her and your finger, and start first using your pinky; you need to go very slowly and gently giving her time to get used to the sensation, then you can switch to your ring finger.... and then, your middle finger.

Use your finger to massage her anus, and always ask her how she's feeling. Let her give you directions and follow them. If she tells you to go slower, slow your peace. If she tells you to stop because it hurts... STOP! 

Pay attention to what she says. Pain is a sign that something is not going right. Listen to her! And stop if she wants to.

She may need to expect some discomfort, especially at the beginning, and she could try to cope with it the best she can, but she should NOT accept pain!

If you see that she can handle your finger, she may be able to handle your penis, but if she can’t even handle your finger, she won’t be able to handle your penis, so it’s better for you to stop a try some other time.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #6: Do what she says!

As I said before, anal sex is the kind of sexual activity where you really need to do what she says to avoid hurting her. 

Remember she’s the one who’s feeling what’s going on in there. If she she’s “it hurts” then it hurts!... So, you need to stop! If she says “go slowly”.... do it.

Always remember this part of her body is not designed for penetration, so you cannot handle it the same way as a vagina. Follow what she says and you both will be ok. With time you will know exactly how much she can handle, so she probably won’t be giving you directions.

... But in the meantime... Listen to her and do what she says!

Safe Anal Sex Rule #7: She needs to want to... No surprises here!

The worst thing you can do is surprisingly put your finger or penis in there without her consent.

Never ever do something like this; she will be very, very angry with you because this will definitely physically hurts.

Anal sex is a special sexual act that needs to be fully discussed with your partner in advance. You guys really need to talk about it, and decide if you both are willing to give it a try, and agree on how you will do it.

You may want it so bad, but for her to be ready could take a little longer. It is a whole mental and physical process for her... You've gotta be patience.

Also, anal sex or any kind of anal play (fingers or toys) requires a special prep before any kind of penetration. You cannot just stick something in there by surprise!

You must understand that anal sex is painful if not done right.

Sometimes the woman needs to first overcome the uncomfortable initial stage to reach the pleasurable stage, if she can even make it; this is specially truth for the few first times while her anus start becoming used to the penetration.

Remember that the level of discomfort or pain will directly depend on how well she is relaxed, how much lubricant you apply, and how slow and gentle you penetrate her.

Therefore, once she's open to try, you have to relax her with lots of foreplay, use lots of a good lube, and go gently and slowly.

It shouldn't hurt; instead, it can be extremely pleasurable for her.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #8: Not switching from “back door” to “front door”

Switching from her anus to her vagina will spread bacteria that can cause her a vaginal  infection.

This is a golden rule, once you guys have chosen to go for anal sex, you cannot go back to vaginal sex on the same time; unless, you change the condom or clean up thoroughly your penis with water and soap.

This one goes also for anything involved in anal sex, your fingers, mouth or toys.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #9: Don’t use numbing cream or lube

Numbing creams and numbing lubes may sound like a good idea for her to deal with the pain... But, it’s really a very bad idea because she needs to be completely aware of what’s going on back there all the time.

As much as we don’t like pain, it is an important indicator that’s something wrong is going on. Pain tell us when to stop. If you use numbing creams or lubes, you may being tearing something and you won’t know it until it's too late.

Be careful of not using lubricants that contain numbing ingredients. Check out the label!

Safe Anal Sex Rule #10: Use protection

No matter how solid of a couple you are, you guys will always be better using a condom for anal sex.

Getting an infection here is not worth the risk. Besides this, a condom will help you to avoid accidentally spreading some bacteria that is naturally on the anus to her vagina.

Using a condom will be always a safer and cleaner option.

Safe Anal Sex Rule #11: Use safe anal sex toys

Homemade sex toys for anal sex are NOT a good idea. Stay away from food and any kind of objects. This is really not a good area to “get creative”.

Use only sex toys that are designed specifically for anal play.

Make sure that these have a wide, flared base, a cable or ring on the bottom that keeps the toy from sliding too far into her anus.

The anus has no “end” like the vagina; so, avoid getting toys lost in there, or you guys may end up at the hospital.

Getting a sex toy lost in the anus is extremely painful, dangerous, and embarrassing. Keep it safe always!

Safe Anal Sex Rule #12: Avoid anal sex while she's pregnant

Anal sex can be very dangerous during pregnancy, especially because of the risk of spreading bacteria from the anus to the vagina. Treating vaginal infections during pregnancy can be harder to treat and more serious.

Also, getting in a comfortable anal sex position for her is not easy during pregnancy, and beside these, hemorrhoids are a very common side effect of pregnancy, making anal sex extremely painful and dangerous for her.


OK, there you have it! Those are the 12 most important safe anal sex rules to make anal sex pleasurable instead of painful... or even dangerous!.

Follow all the rules and use anal sex with precaution.

Make it a treat for special occasions, and make sure she's feeling pleasure and not pain, and you both will be able to enjoy the extremely pleasurable world of anal sex!

And... Remember!!

Knowledge is your best helper here! Make sure you get all the information you NEED to perform this sexual activity in a safe, responsible and pleasurable way.

The best source that I can recommend you where you can get all the information you need is Anal Pleasure For Her. Here, you'll not only find all the precautions, and recommendationsbut also the best tips and techniques to give her powerful anal orgasms.

Spice Sex Up! :)

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