6 Best Oral Sex Tips To Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasms

Hi Guys! Ready to master oral sex? Here are the 6 best oral sex tips to give her mind blowing orgasms!!! (Ladies click here)

Hi Guys! Ready to master oral sex? Here are the 6 best oral sex tips to give her mind blowing orgasms!!! (Ladies click here)

Most women definitely love receiving oral sex, but unfortunately, most men don’t know how to perform it right.

Oral sex or cunnilingus is an art to be mastered, very far from being just licking up and down the clit. Check below these 6 oral-sex-tips to give her mind blowing orgasms and make yourself one of the few men who really knows how to go down on his woman... And please her!

6 Oral Sex Tips

1. Warm her up: Lots of foreplay!

Basically, the golden rule to be an expert lover is to be able to warm up the woman with lots of foreplay. This is true for every kind of sex act including, of course, oral sex.

Women don’t get turned on in the same ways that men do. We need to get mentally in the mood for sex, and then get our bodies warmed up.

You must warm up your woman both, mentally and physically!

A woman needs to build sexual desire and anticipation to be ready for sex, even oral sex.

The number one mistake that men do is to skip the foreplay, and in the case of oral sex, they tend to think that the actual oral sex is the foreplay. The truth is that foreplay is still needed it before giving your woman oral sex for her to be relaxed.

Women aren’t like light switches; we just don't get turned on and off by pushing a button. We are more like “ovens”. We need to be preheated just like you preheat the oven before to bake.

Romance, massages, bath tubes, sexy talk, and of course lots and lots of kisses and caresses all over her body before getting “down there”... Make the real difference between average oral sex and mind blowing oral sex!

2. Don’t go straight for her clitoris

If skipping the foreplay is the number one mistake generally in sex, going directly to the clitoris is the number one and most common mistake men do with oral sex.

Just as your woman needs to be warmed up mentally and physically; her vulva and her clitoris also need to be warmed up.

The clitoris, with about of 8.000 nerve endings and the only function of giving her pleasure; it’s definitely the most sensitive part of the woman’s body, actually, too sensitive to handle direct stimulation without a proper warm up.

After taking care of her body, once you get down south, you need to spend a good time exploring and pleasuring her vulva before reaching the clitoris.

This will not only prepare her clit for more direct stimulation, but it will also pleasure all of the other sensitive spots in her vulva; creating anticipation and a strong desire for you to get to her clitoris and give her the big oral orgasm!

3. Explore every inch of her vulva

All of her vulva is full of sensitive spots that if they could talk they would scream to you “Hey! Come here and kiss me, lick me, flick me... Suck me!... We feel too!”

Seriously, the clitoris is the orgasm spot, yes it is, but it is not the only place that is craving for your attention.

Before reaching the clitoris, take your time and really explore her vulva. 

Get familiar with the female genital parts, and learn how to please each and every one of them, and give your woman a whole buffet of different and amazing sensations.

The key here is to know that all of her vulva is so sensitive that pretty much everything you do down there feels wonderful to her.

4. Fingering: Stimulate her G-Spot

Fingering is the best complement to oral sex. It simply feels amazing to get the G-Spot stimulated with a finger while having the clitoris stimulated with the tongue... And it’s even better, actually electrifying, if you’re able to give her two simultaneous orgasms both in the G-Spot and in the clitoris at the same time!

Here, you simply have to gently insert your index or middle finger about 2 inches inside of her vagina canal, and look for a bean shaped, kind of rough-feeling tissue that is on the front of her vagina.

This is her G-Spot, and just by performing a “come here movement” you can stimulate it to the point of orgasm. Do this while stimulating orally her clitoris and you will drive her crazy!

5. Focus on the clit

After you have pleasured every inch of her vulva, it’s time for you to give all your attention only to her clitoris.

Start with slow and soft strokes around the clitoral hood, and then increase the speed and intensity of the strokes. Use different moves and shapes for your tongue. Variety and creativity are key here.

6. Never change what you’re doing when she’s about to orgasm!

Variation feels wonderful on the clitoris, but when she’s ready to orgasm, variety time is over!

Always stick with the one movement that is getting her close to orgasm. Focus only on that single move, and increase the speed and intensity of the stroke you're using.

It’s time for you to keep it up and don’t stop! Don’t ever change what you're doing when she’s about to orgasm, or when she’s in the middle of it. That is extremely frustrating for a woman. 

Ok, there you have it! Those are some of the best oral sex tips to give her mind blowing orgasms.

I know most men think that they already know how to go down on a woman, at the end it's kind of common sense, right?... Well... NO, IT'S NOT!

There is a huge difference from average oral sex to mind-blowing oral sex! This is the kind of oral sex that provokes on a woman a variety of pleasurable sensations from the moment she feels her man's wet and warm mouth to the moment he gives her electrifying clitoral orgasms with his tongue!

Oral sex is an art to be mastered. The instinct is not enough! And it is definitely not about licking up down! You must really understand the area to know exactly where and how to stimulate it.

Remember Guys, it's not only about going down on her... It's about knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and when to do it!... to be able to give her Hot-Wet-Mind-Blowing Oral Orgasms! ;)

In my opinion EVERY men should learn about how to perform oral sex the way women REALLY like it!... A man who takes the time to become a better lover is the man who will keep his woman happy, satisfied and willing to please him in every single way! ;)

Yeah guys! Love your woman, romance her, appreciate her, listen to her, and please her in bed... and she will be devoted to you!... No more nagging, no more complaints and lots of GREAT SEX!

If you feel ready to take your sex life to the next level and truly MASTER how to give her EVERY type of female orgasm, then check out this video:

If you feel ready to take your sex life to the next level and truly MASTER how to give her EVERY type of female orgasm, then check out this video:

Spice Sex Up! :)

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