How To Achieve Oral Sex Orgasms

Oral sex orgasms??? Yes! Most women absolutely love oral sex! And I hope you're one of them! I bet, pretty much everything he does down there, feels wonderful to you... But, is he actually giving you oral orgasms?...

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No matter how good his wet tongue feels, making you come with it, will definitely blow your mind!

Therefore, he must know what parts to lick, flick or suck because what he does down there makes a big difference when it comes to give you an orgasm!

I bet you’re thinking this information should be read by him then, and yes! He should read this information, send him this link How To Give Your Woman An Oral Sex Orgasm... But, it’s also good for you to know how your body works to be able to help him and guide him during the process.

Now, before getting down to business and learn how he should go down on you to give you a delicious wet orgasm with his tongue, there’s some simple rules about oral sex you both need to follow to make it successful:

4 Oral Sex Orgasms Rules For Him

# 1. Lots of warm up and foreplay

# 2. Don’t go straight for the clitoris

# 3. Explore every inch of your vulva

# 4. Don’t change what he’s doing when you’re about to orgasm

2 Oral Sex Orgasms Rules For YOU

# 1. Relax...

# 2. Enjoy! ;)

Ok, with those basic rules in mind, let’s see what he must do:


He must relax your mind first. He should romance you, and get you in the mood for oral sex.


He must “preheat the oven” with lots of foreplay. He should start his trip up in the north with lots of kisses in your lips and neck, then go to your breast and spend a good time there, now go to your belly and down to your inner thighs.

He should tease you... Make you want it sooo bad!... And then go to your vulva.


1.  He may start playing with the Pubic Mound (Mons Pubis)

If you’re shaved or waxed down there... He will enjoy it soo much! So, I highly recommend for you to have this area free of pubic hair as much as possible, oral sex it’s much more pleasurable this way.

Wax can be quite painful, but shaving may not be so bad. With no hair down there, he will surely kiss, kiss and then kiss some more!... But if you’re choosing to keep some pubic hair, then he may play with it...

He could go and dive into your mound. He could nuzzle and glide his lips around as if his tickling you, gently blow the area and tease you.

2. Lick your outer lips

Now it’s time for him to explore your vulva. He should wet his lips and slide them over your flat lips. Now, using a wide tongue or a semi-pointed tongue, he could lick your outer lips up and down, mostly up. Here, he can also move his tongue rapidly from side to side while licking up and down.

3.  Lick, nibble and suck your inner lips

He can use his flat or semi-pointed tongue (semi-pointed does work best) and work his way slowly in between your inner and outer lips from top to bottom and lick those lips!

French kiss your lips! Suck them like a nipple... He can even nibble your labia gently with his lips to give you extra pleasure. He can switch between licks, nibbles and sucks and play around with them!

4. Lick your vaginal opening

By now you should be nice and wet. Time for him to go to your vagina. Here, the most sensitive part is near the opening; so, he could start licking around the vaginal opening.  

He can lick up and down, side to side, go around and around, and then insert his tongue, gently, as much like he would do with a finger, if he were pleasuring you with his hands.

He may extend his tongue as deep as he can, but he doesn’t need to go very deep because even just licking barely in and out of the vaginal opening will give you a great feeling.

Here, it’s a good time for him to use some tongue flicking; this will give you a good preview of what’s coming up for your clit. He can switch from licking, flicking and tongue thrusting in and out.  

He may use pointed and flat tongue to add variety... And enjoy your juices! Yes! This is actually the way your body has to tell him how much you like what he’s doing!...

He can play around all he wants, but just remember: Never let him blow air into your vagina! This can be really dangerous for you.

5. Finally... It’s Clit time!

Now it’s time for him to focus only on your clitoris. When his exploring your vulva, he can come and go and tease your clitoris a little bit to get it warmed up, but when you’re getting ready to climax, he must focus all his attention on your clit and not go anywhere else until you orgasm.  

He can tease you on the build up stage where he’s playing around with your vulva, but he should never tease you when you’re about to orgasm. At this stage, he must stay on your clitoris, and he must stick with whatever he’s doing that is working.

The good news here is that the clitoris is so sensitive that pretty much anything his wet tongue does here feels wonderful for you. He can start by licking the surrounding areas and then go through the clitoral hood.

He may do some sweeping movements from side to side using slow strokes and then fast strokes. Then, create circles with his pointed tongue around your clitoris. From circles, he can change to different shapes like letters or numbers.

Encourage him to get creative!... You will love it!

.... When you’re ready  for him to lick the clitoral head itself, he should start with a flat, soft tongue to make it get used to the direct stimulation; remind him the clit head is very sensitive.

Now, he can gently kiss and suck your clitoris, and while it’s inside his mouth, he can use flicking tongue movements to drive you crazy.  By now, he can use a stiff and pointed tongue for more direct stimulation and also start increasing speed and intensity.

As soon as he finds the movement that is taking you off, he must stick with it!... Don’t let him change it!... It is time for his tongue to lick the clitoris faster and faster until he has given you a mind blowing clitoral orgasm!

He must remember that moves and techniques must be repeated and varied to keep you guessing!  However, don’t let him forget that he must also develop a rhythm and keep it, especially close to orgasm.

Yes, variety is important! But, when you’re about to come, he must never change what he’s doing! He must always stick with whatever movement he’s doing that is working to let you fully enjoy your wonderful oral sex orgasm!

There you have it! This is how your man should go down on you to give you an oral sex orgasm, feel free to guide him and give him directions. Let him know what you like and what you don’t. With time, he would be able to read you so well that you won’t have to say a word. :)

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