Oral Sex Advice:
Overcome Your Blow Job Concerns And
Go From Hate It To Like It!

Hi Ladies! Looking for some oral sex advice?... You’ve got to the right place!... So, let me guess... You hate giving him head, but he loves getting head... He keeps insisting... And you keep avoiding it... (Guys click here)

Hi Ladies! Looking for some oral sex advice?... You’ve got to the right place!... So, let me guess... You hate giving him head, but he loves getting head... He keeps insisting... And you keep avoiding it... (Guys click here)

So let me ask you:

Is your man in blow job starvation mode???

If yes, I completely understand you, but this is definitely NOT a good idea!

Men absolutely love receiving oral sex, but most women hate giving it. As a result, fellatio is a focus of disagreement and frustration in many couples.

Most men out there are craving for it, and most women out there are refusing to please them. However... Is it really that bad? Can you learn to like it? Why do men love it so much? And, what are the consequences of having your man starving from oral sex?

Let’s see the answers of all these questions, and get some good sex advice on how to overcome your most common blow job concerns... and go from hate it to like it!

*  Why men love oral sex so much?

Men absolutely love and crave oral sex; many men even prefer fellatio over intercourse. Just imagine how good it feels having his so sensitive penis embraced by your wet, warm and sucking mouth!

One of the main reasons why they love it so much is because the pleasure and sensations they feel while getting oral sex are unique and different from the ones they feel during intercourse.

For example, the licking and flicking of your tongue feels fantastic, and the powerful suction of your mouth is their favorite move in fellatio, both are something a vagina cannot do.

There are 4.000 pleasurable ending nerves in his penis, mostly in the head; so, the extra detailed attention that your tongue, lips, and mouth give to the head of the penis is a huge reason to love fellatio and make it unique.

Your vagina doesn’t give that kind of focus to the head.

Another reason is the visual excitement. You know that men are visual creatures, and being able to see his penis into your warm and wet mouth while you’re eager to please him; it is a huge turn on!

Now, when you let him come in your mouth, and you swallow it, this adds extra excitement and satisfaction for a man. For many men, this represents the ultimate connection with their partners.

Basically, oral sex brings a whole bunch of different pleasurable sensations that they can only get from fellatio.

* Are there any consequences of having my man starving from oral sex?

If there's only one thing you get out of this oral sex advice, I hope it would be... 

Take your man out of the blow job starvation mode!

You would be amazed to see how really important oral sex is for men. The number one reason of frustration for men in a relationship is lack of sex; the second one is lack of oral sex, and both reasons are enough for many of them to end the relationship.

This is how huge, sex and oral sex, are for men!

Remember, they are different from women, they connect with their partners through sex.

Men need sex to love.

Having your man starving from oral sex is a huge mistake that could really ruin your relationship in the long run. This creates a gap that gets bigger and bigger with time, and leads to frustration and dissatisfaction in your man.

I’m not saying your man will end your relationship, or go running looking for someone else to satisfy his oral sex needs if you refuse to give him head, but it could happen due to the importance that men give to oral sex.

Therefore, prevention is better than cure; so, let’s see how you can learn to like giving him head!

* Can I learn to like it?

Of course!... You can learn to love giving him head!... Mostly all of the reasons why women hate to give oral sex are based on misinformation, miscommunication, prejudices, myths or bad past experiences.

All of these concerns or fears have a solution. So let’s beat all the objections, and see how to solve the main concerns when it comes to give your man a blow job:

10 Main Blow Job Concerns

1. Fellatio is condescending to women

Many women see oral sex as a form of sexual submission, and they see this type of submission as condescending to women. Let’s erase this big prejudice first.

Oral sex is really NOT condescending towards women, it is just another way to share and express sexual pleasure; however, it is the man’s attitude while he’s getting the blowjob that would make the woman feel submission or appreciation.

This will depend on the man and the situation. In this case, because I’m referring to long term couples, I’m assuming there are love and respect, and your man shouldn’t have this kind of attitude; if he does, talk to him and explain him that the reason you don’t like giving him oral sex is because the way he makes you feel.

Also, let him know that changing his attitude during fellatio will cause you to be willing to give him head more often. I’m pretty sure he would be also willing to correct his attitude.

Now, if you had a bad past experience with men treating you poorly while giving head, don’t assume that’s because oral sex is condescending to women. It’s more likely that those men had a wrong attitude about it. Erase that out of your mind and start enjoying oral sex with your current partner.

2. I don’t know how to do it right!

This is an easy one to solve! You just need to learn how to do it right!... And practice, practice, and then practice some more!

Take a look at oral sex tips and techniques. In this section of my site, I share with you many oral sex tips from Blow by Blow, the best guide I've found for expert tips on how to give your man mind blowing blow jobs! Written by Michael Webb, Oprah love and sex expert.

3. It is uncomfortable

It could definitely be uncomfortable if you're not in a right position. So let’s guess what’s the solution?... Find a right oral sex position that feels comfortable for you!...

Make sure you position yourself in a way that your neck, back, knees, wrists, and jaw are comfortable. Also switch from “oral job” to “hand job” from time to time to give your mouth a break and be able to last until the end.

4. It’s kind of dirty and smells

I agree that a blowjob will not be pleasurable if the man’s genitals are dirty and smelly. Hygiene is very important for pleasant oral sex.

Both male and female genitals have their own distinct odors, but if your man keeps the area clean, there shouldn't be an issue as far as smell and taste.

Giving oral sex to a guy you are just getting to know is more like a surprise factor, as far as, discovering how clean he is, but in a relationship things are different. You already know your man’s hygiene, and if he’s not clean enough; be kind, and suggest some ideas to improve it.

There are 2 hygiene basic solutions to this issue:

1. If it’s dirty.... Wash it!

2. If it’s hairy... Trim it or shave it!

You can suggest or supply him with the things he needs to clean and trim the area, and you can even suggest a foreplay bath to make sure he’s clean enough for you to go down on him.

5. I don’t like the taste of semen

This one has basically two solutions. The first one is simply to have him ejaculate somewhere else in your body, like your face (close your mouth), your breast or your belly. Although, it's not as pleasurable as ejaculating in your mouth, it is also very sexy for him.

You can even let him finish inside of your vagina, so you don’t have to deal with the semen.

The second solution you have is to improve the taste of his semen.

Making some dietary adjustments will definitely improve its kind of salty and bitter taste and make it sweeter.

Include in his food sweet fruits like pineapples, apples, grapes, cherries, pears... Vegetables like celery and wheatgrass, fiber, plant-based proteins, and herbs like cinnamon.  

Veggies like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower may give a bitter taste to semen.

Also, he needs to avoid toxins like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and drugs. These make the semen taste saltier, or cause it to have a bitter aftertaste.

Basically, the fresher and healthier he eats, the better his semen will taste.

Ultimately, the key for his semen not to become an obstacle for you to give him oral sex, is to communicate with your partner about your preferences, and decide in advance where the semen goes.

6. I don’t like swallowing

You don’t have to swallow his semen if you don’t want to. If you don’t mind his semen going in your mouth, but you don’t want to swallow it, spit it discreetly on a towel you have next to you. 

If you don’t want to swallow because you don’t like the taste of his semen, improve its taste with the tips above.

And if you definitely don’t want any semen in your mouth, have him ejaculate in some other part of your body.

Again, let him know where you want his semen to go, so there are no misunderstandings and unexpected surprises during the blowjob.

7. I don’t like when he grabs my head

This is another very common one, and it can be solved with communication.

Let your man know that you don’t like him to grab your head, and tell him the reasons why. Most men like to do this, and most women hate it. Men may not realize how uncomfortable this feels, so we need to tell them.

8. I gag when I deep throat

Gaging is the biggest concern about deep throating; therefore, learning to control your gag reflex is the key to be able to deep throat.

First of all, find an oral sex position where your face is facing you man’s feet; that way his penis will not touch the back of your throat directly and make you gag.

Next, relax your mind, body, and especially the muscles of your mouth and throat. 

Tension here, will not let you take his penis all the way in; so, breath deeply through your nose, and slowly work your way down.

Remember to salivate a lot, or use some flavored lubricant to help his penis to go down smoothly and avoid making you gag.

Also, talk to your man and explain to him that you need to be the only one in control when deep throating; that way, he won’t make you feel uncomfortable by rush things, pushing his penis inside of you, or grabbing your head to make it go deeper.

Make sure you check Learn How To Deep Throat

9. It takes too long for him to come

You can definitely cut the time of a fellatio session by getting him very aroused before getting down on him. 

Visual excitement like wearing sexy lingerie, or even a little striptease may get him rock hard even before you get down there, so you may not need to arouse him with your mouth.

Also by teasing, kissing, and licking some hot spots on his body, as well as, all the area around his penis, will also have him already aroused by the time you start fully giving him the blowjob.

Now, when you are already in the middle of the action you can also speed things up, as well as, giving your mouth a break, by switching from “oral job” to "hand job” from time to time.

Strokes with your hand will help him to orgasm faster. While you’re stroking him, look at him and try some dirty talk to stimulate all his senses and making him come faster.

All of these little tricks will cut the time you spend giving him oral, and will make him orgasm faster.

10. He doesn’t deserve it!

Oral sex should never be treated like a boring chore, a favor, or a privilege to be earned. At the same time, restricting oral sex as a way of punishment is also wrong.

Manipulate or punish a man with sex or oral sex won’t fix anything in the relationship; instead, it will definitely make your man get colder and distant with you.

Remember, sex is a wonderful way to connect with our partner, not a way to get distant. Treat oral sex as another great way to enjoy sexual pleasure with your man.


As you can see, there are many reasons why women hate giving head, but each one of them have simple solutions. Therefore, you just need to adjust oral sex to what you feel comfortable with, and give yourself a chance to enjoy it.

The biggest obstacle usually is our mind. Start thinking about oral sex as a wonderful way to connect with your man, that you can actually enjoy too, instead of a dirty, wrong thing to do, or a nasty boring chore.

The best oral sex advice I can give you is to communicate with your partner and learn more about The Art Of Fellatio.

Now, for you to learn more about The Art Of Fellatio, the best source of information that I recommend you is Blow by Blow, Expert Tips On How To Give Mind-Blowing Blow Jobs.

Here, the Author Michael Webb, explains you everything you MUST know to give your honey amazing oral pleasure.

Most women's disgust for blow jobs has to do with lack of information on how to do it properly so they can also enjoy giving them. After you read all the info that Michael teaches you here, you will have all the knowledge you need to give head like a Pro and enjoying doing it!... 

Give it a try ;) and take your man out of the blow job starvation mode now! It's time to start enjoying giving him more and better blow jobs! :)

Spice Sex Up! :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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