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Mutual Masturbation

Hi Guys! Mutual masturbation can definitely spice up your couple’s sex life! So, it’s time to stop hiding it from your woman and start sharing it with her... (Ladies click here)

Because guess what?...

She’s masturbating too!

Women may not admit it out in the open, but we love masturbating.

When it comes to self-pleasure, you can clearly see the differences between women and men sex preferences:

Masturbation for women:  

It is like our “me time” when we indulge and pleasure ourselves with everything we like, and the way we like it!

It is a way to pamper ourselves. We create a mood; we use all what we like, and we really take our time.

Masturbation for men:

It is a simple, fast, and convenient way to get sexual release. Men go straight for it!

... Now, for both men and women, even in a relationship, self-masturbation is usually mostly a private enjoy-time; however, not always has to be that way!...

Masturbation for couples:

Mutual masturbation is simply masturbating in front of your partner, and your partner masturbating in front of you. It can be at the same time, or you guys can take turns and enjoy the show! Both ways are a big turn on!

... Or... She can do the hand job for you while you do some fingering magic on her! ;)

Adding mutual masturbation to the couple’s sex life will create a strong bond and a higher level of trust and confidence between partners, and will also definitely Spice Sex Up!

So, if you're looking for some great sex tips for couples... Add mutual masturbation to the sex menu! It'll bring a new fun and sexy way to share together!

Unfortunately, most couples are too shy to try this, and they even avoid the whole masturbation topic; making it almost feel like a taboo, instead of another way to share sexual pleasure together.

Masturbation is a great way to bond sexually with your partner, as well, as to pick some pointers on how she likes to touch herself!

Generally, most men are comfortable with masturbating, but if you’re not, first of all, get yourself confident with the topic. Rest assured that masturbating is not wrong, on the contrary, it’s a completely normal and healthy thing to do for both men and women.

Even when you are in a relationship, giving yourself some “self-love” or “sex-pleasure” wherever you want to call it, it’s still not wrong.

However, if you are in a relationship, take advantage of it, and take masturbation to the next level, sharing it with your partner!

After getting comfortable with the topic yourself, now you need to make your woman feel comfortable about it too.

Here’s when open communication about sex in a couple is so important!

Simply, talk about it with her!... Talk about how normal and natural it is, and how great would be to share it together.

Let her know that you won’t judge her in any ways, and share some of your stories or preferences when you masturbate yourself to make her feel comfortable about it and encourage her to share it with you.

Be aware that she may not be completely open about it at first; she may be shy to let herself go in front of you.

Specially for women, this is something that we enjoy on private, and having ourselves exposed in front of our partner, it is a bit uncomfortable.

It may take some time for her to be able to relax enough to let herself go while you’re watching.

Therefore, at the beginning, just encourage her to touch herself during sex, and make sure you let her know how much it turns you on... I bet it does! ;)... Later, she will feel more comfortable to go all the way to give herself an orgasm while you watching her doing it.

Now, if she’s not used to masturbate herself (many women haven’t explored that part of their sexuality yet) you will need to go even slower, and help her discover herself while making her feel confident with both, you and her sexuality.

Gently and slowly, take her hand and encourage her to touch every part of her vulva, guide her as if you were the one doing it. This could also be a very sexy way turn her on. With some time, you can even add some toys for her to explore even further. Trust me, she would love the vibrating feeling of the sex toys. Start with something small to not scare her off.

Remember: One of the big factors for your woman to be able to masturbate and orgasm in front of you is that she feels comfortable enough to let herself go.

When we are masturbating in private, we can even make ourselves cum many times because we are totally relaxed and focused on our pleasure; we are not worried about our “performance” or the way we look; we know no one is judging us, and that alone help us relax enough to have multiple orgasms.

However, when masturbating in front of our partner all of the above factors come back to the picture, and now they are even magnified because all the attention is on us. This can be intimidating enough for some women to not be able to orgasm.

Now, the greater the trust and sexual confidence among partners, the more comfortable she will feel. You can always helping her to create a relaxing and erotic mood, so she can relax.

Turn the lights down very low or have candles lights; she will feel more confident and relaxed, and you will still be able to see.

Another great tip is to blindfolding her!... She will be able to forget you’re watching her because she’s not seeing you and let herself go. This is also very erotic!

Don’t forget to always let her know that you love what she’s doing... And, that it’s turning you on so much. This will increase her confidence, and will encourage her to keep going.

Enjoy the show!... And, touch yourself when you're ready to join the fun and masturbating together at the same time...

Start by just slowly touching yourself to keep the erection going, and when she's about to orgasm, go ahead and increase the speed and intensity of the strokes and let yourself go too!... :

Now as I mentioned before, you can also let her take care of you while you take care of her! There are many ways that you can please your lady with your fingers... I mean, drive her crazy with your fingers! ;)  

The source that I found to be the best to recommend you to go deep on the topic of fingering is called: Naughty Fingers, by Gabrielle Moore. Here you'll find EVERYTHING you must know about fingering, as well as, a great variety of the best fingering techniques.

Now... go ahead and start sharing some self-love together!... And...

Remember: Sex communication with your woman and always making her feel comfortable are the keys to include mutual masturbation to the “couple’s sex menu”.

Spice Sex Up! :)

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