Men And Sex: Why Men Crave Sex So Much

Hi Ladies!... Men and Sex... These two seem to go together! Let’s discover the two main reasons why men crave sex so much:  

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1. Physiological and Hormonal reasons

2. Emotional and Psychological reasons

1. Physiological and Hormonal reasons:

For both men and women, great sex generates chemicals in the brain and body that allow us to fully enjoy our partner. It increases our attraction to each other, stimulates greater energy and promotes better health.

Sex hormones are the chemical messengers that power sex drive and sexual pleasure. However, the hormone’s behavior is different from men to women.

Which hormones?

Among them, we found testosterone produced by the testes in men, and estrogen produced by the ovaries in women.

Women’s body also produces testosterone, but in lower quantities.

The sex hormone testosterone is one of the main responsible for sex drive, and by men having higher levels of testosterone, they also have higher levels of sex drive and sexual desire.

How hormones influence sex in men?

For a man, sex is instinctively a testosterone drive toward the ultimate release of sexual tension. Sexual tension is constantly built up and is increased through sexual arousal.

Biologically, a man’s body has a sac of semen already waiting and seeking release.

The hormones in a man's body that are responsible for arousal, quickly build up, and they are quickly released after orgasm. Basically, a man experiences pleasure as a release of sexual tension. That actually explains his natural urgency to orgasm quickly.

How women and men experience sex differently?

Because woman's body produces lower levels of testosterone, they may have lower levels of sex drive and sex desire.

The difference with a woman is that she experiences pleasure through a gradual buildup of sexual tension. For her, sex is a way to slowly build up her sexual desire.

That’s why she craves so much the foreplay; here, she’s able to slowly build up her pleasure, which actually remains long after orgasm.

While, the man already has a sac of semen seeking release, the woman’s fluids are generated through arousal.

In a sense, it’s like he is trying to empty out; while she is seeking to be filled up.

He definitely doesn’t need much help in getting excited, while a woman seeks to extend her excitement to feel more deeply her sexual desire.


As much as he wants to immediately satisfy his desire for sexual stimulation and release his sexual tension, his ultimate quest and victory is her fulfillment.

Her gradual warm and wet responses excite him, electrify him, and awaken the deepest fibers of his masculine being. That teaches a man with time, and hopefully good info, to slow down and focuses first on pleasing his woman.

This is what separates a great lover from an average man, and this is one of the main reasons I created this website...

To teach men how to be great lovers by knowing their woman’s needs and wants, and learning how to really please her! :)


Their male nature and instinct seek a quick release, so by slowing down to please us, they need to learn how to go against their nature and control themselves; but, the greatest reward they will have is the pleasurable satisfaction of fulfilling their woman, making her reach even multiple orgasms.

That for a man, it’s like the ultimate shot of satisfaction to his male ego ;).

Ok, now that you understand the physiological and hormonal reasons why men and sex "go together" and why men crave sex so much, I think you’re going to love the emotional and psychological reasons!

After reading this, you will have a much better understanding of your man's cravings for sex, and I bet you’re going to be more than willing to satisfy his sexual cravings more often!..

2. Emotional and Psychological reasons:

Men and sex have also an emotional connection. For many men, sexual arousal is the key for helping them connect with their feelings and love.

Basically, sex allows a man to feel his needs for love.

Of course, a man can feel loved in other ways, but the most powerful way a man feels a woman’s love is through great sex.

Sex is the most powerful and direct way to open a man’s heart. It helps him feel his love and expresses it to a woman.

Also, great sex relaxes a man, releasing him from stress, worries and frustrations, and allows him to rekindle his passion and commitment to the relationship.

A man wants love as much as a woman, but before he can open up his heart and let in his woman’s love, he needs sexual arousal.

Just as women need love to open up for sex.

Men need sex to open up for love.

While a woman needs to be emotionally fulfilled before she can desire sexual contact, a man gets much of his emotional fulfillment during sex.

The hidden reason a man is in so much of a hurry to have sex is that, through sex, a man is able to feel again.

You may be wondering... But why?

The reason why through sex a man is able to feel again is because sex strengthens a man while keeping him in touch with his masculine side along with his feelings.

He allows himself to feel through sex because during sex he can feel and still be able to remain masculine

Through evolution and history, nature and society have pushed men to be tough and strong, to go out there to hunt, fight or work, and provide for women and family.

In order to do all those things, there was no way a man could show himself weak and vulnerable. They needed to put their feelings aside. To cope with the pain, they turned off their feelings. The problem is that when they stopped feeling pain, they also lost in some way their ability to feel pleasure and love.

Even though in today’s world, women also provide and men are more allowed to show their feelings, men's nature still has a tough and strong inner core that they need to maintain to feel like a man.

He still has his protective instincts, and part of feeling like a man includes not only provide and help, but also being able to solve problems and remain tough and in control.

That also explains why men don’t feel the need to open up and share their feelings as women do.

For these reasons, a man doesn’t instinctively express their feelings like a woman, and it certainly takes him more time to open up for love.

Sex helps men to open up!

What happens is that when a man is aroused, he’s able to discover his love hidden in his heart. He’s able to feel again.

Of course, men also are completely able to totally disconnect sex from feelings, and just have sex, that’s actually what they commonly do. But, when they are in a relationship, or they feel they could care about the person they are with, sex definitely becomes a direct and faster way for them to connect with their feelings.

Men need sex to feel!

The more focused they are in the working world during the day, the more they are disconnected from their feelings, and the more they need sex to feel again.

Remember, they are not like women; they don’t go through the day fantasizing about love like we do, or thinking about their woman and their relationship.

Men are single taskers. When they are at work, they are working, when they are having sex, they are feeling.

Oh!... And, by the way, when it comes to Men and Sex...
Remember these:

When he begins to hunger for sex is because he wants to re-connect and share the love.

A woman's sexual responsiveness is the most powerful way he can hear that he is loved.

For a man to continuously feel attracted to his partner, he needs to feel that she likes sex as much as he does.

As women, we tend to think men only want one thing: SEX. But the truth is; however, they really want love... Expressed through sex, of course.. jejeje ;)... I mean, they just have a different way to express their love.

So Ladies! Now you know: Sex is the direct way to open up a man’s heart, so the more great sex you have with your man, the better the connection, and the more love you will both feel! :)

PS: I made this article with references from the great book of John Gray: Mars And Venus In The Bedroom.

I completely recommend you to read that book when you have a chance. It goes in deep about men and sex and why they crave sex so much. It is an excellent resource to improve couple's sex life!

Spice Sex Up! :)

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