Men And Romance:
How To Get Your Man To Be Romantic

Is your man romantic? Men and romance is a sweet and a very desired combination that we don't always get. If your man is not romantic, you can always teach him!

Teaching a man how to be romantic involves understanding how men think about romance and then showing him how to be romantic.

When it comes to romance, most men think:

1. Romance is a "woman thing"...

... It is not for men.

2. I have no idea how to be romantic...

... I don’t know what to do!

Now, for you to teach your man to be romantic, you need to:

1. Change his perspective about romance:

Men tend to think that romance is a "woman thing", and they don’t see themselves doing “girly” things to surprise you. They may think it’s embarrassing.

Most of them don’t see themselves buying flowers, dedicating a song, writing a love letter, or buying a teddy bear.

So, the first thing you need to do is to show your man that romance doesn't always have to mean sweet things, but it can also mean sexy things! As soon as you switch his mind from the idea of romance being sweet and girly to something being sexy and fun, he will be up for it! Immediately.


Because, sweet sounds girly... But sexy and fun... Sounds like SEX... And anything that gives him the chance to have sex; you can be sure he will be up for it!

You can still have your roses, candles, dances and music... Even the teddy bear... You just need to make all those things appear sexy to him...

I’ll give you some examples:

* Instead of telling him:

“Baby I want you to bring me roses”....

- You can tell him:

“Baby I want you to cover my naked body with rose petals and then take off every petal with your mouth...”

* Instead of telling him:

“Baby I want you to bring me chocolates”

- You can tell him:

“I want you to pour chocolate all over my body and lick it off of me...”

You bet, he will bring you roses and chocolates more often... ;)

I think you get the idea. Men are highly sexual creatures, no doubt about it. If you make your man think about romance as something directly connected with sex, he will be more romantic... More often!

2. Give him clear ideas about what to do to be romantic:

Like you see on the “Men Language” Part of the website, men’s language is direct, clear and straightforward. Don’t waste your time giving him clues on how to be romantic. Men simply don’t get it. And you will get frustrated even more.

The easiest solution for this is simply telling him what you want and how you want it.

Yeah... I know this is not romantic at all... We prefer surprises, but remember we’re dealing with men and not women; they need to hear what you want because they usually can’t figure it out by themselves.

3. Show him how romance can be sexy and hot:

Yes! Show him how romance can be sexy and hot, and how it can lead to passionate sex, by YOU doing romantic stuff so he can get an idea of what romance can be.

By doing this, you will show him what to do in a way that he will want to do it too.

So what do you do?

Show him romance in a whole new SEXY way that he will enjoy and love so much that he will want to be romantic more often.

What I mean is.... 

Spice Up Romance!

When women and men think about romance, they usually picture roses, chocolates, romantic dinners, candles, jewelry... romantic dances and soft music...

The key here is to take all of those sweet things and spice them up for him to like them even more:


* Roses: Lay naked on a bed of rose petals and wait for him in bed.

* Candles: Surround the bathtub with candles and invite him to take a bath with you.

* Romantic dinner: Cook a special dinner for him, and serve YOU as the dessert.

* Romantic date: Go to have dinner at a nice place wearing a very sexy dress. Invite him to dance a romantic song and whisper in his ear that you have no underwear... You’ll drive him crazy!

* Lingerie: Make reservations for a romantic dinner. Take a picture of you wearing a very sexy lingerie. Send him a text message inviting him to the dinner and add your picture.

Tell him: “Baby, this is what I’m wearing tonight under my dress. Meet me at the restaurant”. He’ll will be really looking forward to the romantic dinner ;)

I think you get the idea...

Show him that romance means passion,

and it can lead to passionate sex! ;)

He will learn how to be romantic by actually enjoying the benefits of being romantic, meaning, he will want to be romantic more often.

Creating romance this way will give him ideas and will spice up sex in your relationship!

Now, remember to keep your expectations real. Don’t forget  he is a man and not a woman. Do not expect your man to do what you would do as a woman. Men and romance works kind of different than women and romance.

I know that kind of sweet romance that women like, I like it too!... But when it comes to men, it’s better to focus romance toward passion instead of sweetness.

You can also have sweet romance if he’s open about it (tell him to read the part of my website about men and romance for him to learn more).


Men are not women and they LOVE SEX!...

Take advantage of that (in a good way) to get what you want from your man! ;)

Now, let's check the next article for some great romantic ideas and how to spice them up! I brought those to you directly from one of the best collections on sex tips 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets written by Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb...

Go ahead and click here to check them out! :) 

Spice Sex Up! :)

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