Men And Emotions:
Are You Guilty of Emotional Castration?

Yes! You heard me right, are you guilty of emotional castration? Men and emotions are somehow a mystery for most women. Because most of the time we have no idea about what they are feeling, we may also be hurting them inadvertently.

Emotional castration is more common in relationships that you may think. And you may be doing it without even knowing.

So what is Emotional Castration?

Emotional castration is when a woman, usually without intention, denies a man’s truth and makes him feel weak, useless, and generally awful. Basically...

She emotionally cuts his balls off!

Women usually don’t do it on purpose.

The number one cause of emotional castration isn’t anger or meanness, it’s low self esteem and a constant need for affirmation on the woman’s part.

I'll give you some examples, for you to see how easily is to do this inadvertently...

Has your man given you a compliment and you have not believed him?


Man - You look beautiful!

Woman - No, I don’t, I look fat!... You’re a liar!

* Has your man told you how he feels about you, and you have rejected him?


Man - I love you

Woman - No, you don’t... You just say that because you’re my husband.... Or, if you would really love me you wouldn’t do... this... that...

If you constantly deny the nice things your man tells you or the way he feels about you, he would simply don’t tell them anymore.

“If you beat a dog every time he licks your hand, he’ll pretty quickly lose a taste for you.” Mike Fiore, author of Secret Survey.

Men don’t like rejection and they have a hard time expressing their feelings. So, if when they actually express how they feel or what they think, you don’t believe them or reject them, they would simply shut down. They think that it’s not worth the effort.

This is one of the reasons why men stop complimenting their woman and being romantic.

Then, women complain about this without knowing that we may have been the ones who had triggered that change.

Well... Men and emotions are not always easy to handle, specially when they hide them very well!...

Now, the real reason for women to react this way, is not because they don’t believe what their man says, it’s usually because they may have low self esteem and a constant need for affirmation from their man. Surprising ah?...

Yeah, C'mon Ladies, let’s face it!....

Don’t you love when your man tells you... Oh no baby, you don’t look fat, you really look beautiful!

Or when he says... Oh no baby, I really do love you!

Doesn’t that feel so good?...

I know I’ve been guilty on this one... But I didn’t know that was a reflection of a low self esteem issue deep inside of me...

And even worst! I had no idea how much damage I was doing to my man and my relationship by a simple “whim” of hearing my man telling me what I wanted to hear over and over again.

I never imagined how that would make him feel not believed, rejected and unappreciated. That was never my intention.

Now, if you’re not acknowledging his compliments in order to be “humble”, instead of seeming humble to him you’re basically telling him:

You’re wrong and I don’t believe you!

You’re rejecting his opinion or his feeling

No matter what you think, he has the right to think different. In your eyes, you may see yourself fat... In his eyes you may look delicious!

Compliments are not necessarily about the truth of you, 

but are about the perceptions of others

If your man is not complimenting you anymore, if you’re not getting enough romance, or if he’s not telling you how he feels about you...

You may have been doing some emotional castration to him without even noticing.

If you find yourself somehow guilty on this one ;)... I recommend you to take a look at Mike Fiore program: Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Could Never Tell you.

Here, you'll learn how to handle men and emotions more effectively.

Mike will help you stop emotionally castrating the man in your life. You will actually encourage him to give you the compliments, romance and seduction you want.

He’s going to teach you three things:

First: He’s going to teach you how to take a compliment. (Seriously)

Second: He’s going to teach you how to raise your self esteem using the I Like Myself Game.

Third: He’s going to talk to you about the power of the Confidence Tease and why acting like you’re worthy of your man’s love and adoration will create amazing fuel for his masculine fire!

And this is just one session of his outstanding program about understanding men.

Now, let me give you two secrets...

1. CONFIDENCE is one of the most sexy things that turns on a man and attracts him to you like a magnet!...

That would make lack of confidence, low self esteem, and needs of constant reaffirmation some of the biggest turns off for a man. Those could kill attraction and create distance and rejection.

2. APPRECIATION, BELIEVE, AND TRUST are some of the main emotional needs for men.

Not giving those to your man may be causing him to not feel loved and get cold and distant.


Here is a video where Mike Fiore explains in detail more about men and emotions, as well as, how they think and what they want in a relationship.

If you truly want to finally understand your man and have a better relationship with him, go ahead and take a look at Mike's video and get his program Secret Survey.

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