Why Does Your Man Keep Looking At Other Women?

“Why does he keep looking at other women?”

“Does he look at porn?”

“Why does he LIE to me about looking at porn?”

“How do I get him to look at me and ONLY me?”

Hmmm... I was just wondering how to write about this topic... which, by the way, is like is entering into a dangerous territory jejeje ;)...

...but then I thought, there’s no other better way than simply share with you the introduction of this topic from the Secret Survey program.

Here, the relationship expert Mike Fiore gives a wonderful and very descriptive example about why men keep looking at other women. I know you’re going to enjoy it!

So, Ladies... Do you really want to know what happens through a man’s mind when they see another woman?... Here you go:

Jake’s head snapped around like he was in a car accident. He felt a little twinge in the back of his neck like he’d strained something, but maybe it was worth it. Because she was beautiful.

Full lips, dark hair, a flirty little skirt. And those eyes. He ran his gaze from her ankles up her calves. He was briefly hypnotized by her thighs.

The whole world seemed to slow down as his eyes traveled across her body, and when she glanced over at him he felt a silvery thrill as his brain released a cocaine-rush of dopamine.

He drank her in with his eyes like a starving man in the desert. Every curve. Every angle embedded itself in the deep lizard folds of his brain.

He wondered what she smelled like. He wondered what she tasted like. He imagined what it would feel like to have her under him. To take her. To posses her. To make her his.

And then she was gone, and time moved forward again. He went back to eating his sandwich and bullshitting with his friend Tim.

He thought about tonight and how he was going to surprise his girlfriend, Jenny. He’d been planning this night for weeks. He couldn’t wait to see the smile on her face. He only hoped she knew how much he loved her.

Mike Fiore, Secret Survey.

WOW!! ... And this guy actually loves his girlfriend!

That was only the introduction of the chapter. Next, Mike digs deeper into the reasons that explain two main questions:

1. Why do men look at (and lust after) other women?

2. Why do men look at porn?

And then, he explains how to handle pornography in your relationship, so it doesn't become a big issue.


Men are extremely visual and sexual creatures

And the connection here is obvious, they visually get sexually excited. Not looking at other women would be impossible for them. And when they look, it's impossible for them to not get turned on in some way or the other.

Now, that doesn’t mean they are actually going to do something about it. The good news is that it seems like for them, it means really nothing. It is just a short moment of visual excitement that doesn’t go any further than that.

There’s nothing to do with you!

It doesn’t mean they don’t love or like you anymore, and it definitely doesn’t mean they would go after those fantasies and cheat on you.

So... Relax :) ...

Let your guy be a guy and watch... There’s nothing dangerous about it and it could even have an advantage for you... It’s like my man says and even Mike explains in Secret Survey: "After all of the visual-sexual stimulation of the day, they want to go home even more and released it with their woman" ;)

Basically, it seems like all men simply have DIRTY MINDS, no matter how much they love us. It’s their nature... Too much testosterone driving all up in their bodies all the time! :)

In Mike’s own words:

“As a regular guy, I can tell you that if you date a heterosexual male who has any testosterone at all, he’ll not only LOOK at other women on a daily (hourly... minute-ly... OK, all the time) basis... But he’ll flat out imagine these other women naked, sweaty, panting, and doing all sorts of dirty things. And it doesn’t mean a thing.”

Mike did something pretty cool in Secret Survey to illustrate or try to explain women how normal this is for a guy, and how looking and lusting about other women seem nothing to do with their relationship and love for their woman.

He decided to take a journal along with him and mark down when he caught himself looking at other women out in the world and what kind of thoughts and responses they caused in him. Here, he shares with us all his thoughts and reactions.

By doing this, he really wanted to invite us inside the head of a pretty average guy. Him.

At the time of writing this, he described himself as:

“I’m 34 years old. I’m in a very happy relationship with an amazing woman who I utterly adore. I make my living by helping men and women have better, sexier, and more fun relationships. And like all guys I’ve got a dirty mind. (Actually, my mind might be slightly dirtier than most. Or maybe I’m just better at talking about it.)”

I've gotta tell you... The journal he did was hilarious!!!

You really need to check this one, it was a huge eye opener to me!... I mean, I don’t really expect a man to be able to ONLY look at his woman, but I really didn't know how much they really actually LOOK.

But wait! It’s just not only about looking at other women... It’s how much goes into their DIRTY male minds when they are looking! Ah!... You’ve just gotta read it...

I hope it doesn't piss you off so much, but instead, helps you see that is not only your man... It’s all of them! So, there’s not really a reason to let that bothers us anymore. It’s just their male nature...

Click on this link to watch Mike's video about Secret Survey, here you can get access to the journal, as well as, the rest of the content of Secret Survey.

What I like about how Mike Fiore wrote the topic of lesson 5 "Why Does He Look At Other Women" in Secret Survey program, is how he’s completely honest and open about it. He's actually quite graphic in his descriptions, which give us a pretty clear picture of what really goes in a man's mind.

It seems like he really wants to share the male’s nature with us, so we can understand their behavior, and stop suffering for something that we cannot change. He wants us to realize how looking at other women is something that at the end is not really important to them.

Now what about pornography?

Well, simply put, all guys watch porn. Some more than others, but pretty much all of them do it.

Now, the point here is whether your man is honest with you about it or not, and how you are planning to take it.

For some women, this may not be a big issue (I include myself in here), but for the majority of women this is a huge issue in their relationship.

The good news here is that for a man to watch porn there's nothing to do with you!

Simply put, they don’t watch porn because they don’t like you,  love you or desire you anymore, they don’t even really want you to be like those porn stars.

They just like to watch porn because they are visual creatures!

They love to watch, that turns them on, and they just love to fantasize!...

That’s basically a guy thing that could be a bad thing for you or a great one! Depending on how you decide to act upon it.

Now, I understand why women dislike pornography. There are a bunch of very nasty things out there, but unfortunately, the dirty minds of our men like that dirty stuff since their hormones woke up, and they got the chance to get one porn video or a playboy magazine... way back on their fifteens...

They simply love looking at other women... And if those women are naked and having sex... That's even better for them!

Keep in mind this, if you forbid your man from looking at porn, he’ll simply lie to you about it, but he will keep looking; exactly as he hid those dirty videos or magazines from his mom when he was a teen.

Now, not all of porn is dirty, there are companies that produce very nice erotic porn which may actually serve as a great tool to spice sex up in the relationship.

And that’s my main point...

If watching porn for men is something that they do naturally, maybe on a regular basis, and they definitely won’t stop doing it, why not instead of fighting against it... Just join the fun with them! ;)...

I can assure you that watching porn together could be a very hot new experience that would turn the hell out of him and you may even discover how much it could also turn YOU on!...

Now, actually this one of the greatest ways to add variety to your sex life, bring openness between you and your man, and this is definitely a great way to experience some sex fantasies together.

Watching porn is definitely one male thing to take advantage of, to spice up our sex life instead of fighting against it.

Just try it! 

You'll be amazed by how much you would surprise and please your man!

So, conclusions???

1. Men are extremely visual creatures. That's their nature. They will keep looking at other women whether you like it or not. However, there's nothing to do with you... So, it's not worth to let that affect you.

2. Most men like porn. They will keep watching porn. If you prohibit it to them they will just lie and keep watching. It's better to look at porn as a way to spice up sex life instead of a reason for an argument. Stop fighting against it and join the fun! ;)

Now, go ahead and watch Mike's video about Secret Survey, he not only goes deeper into why men look at other women, but also, why men cheat, why they lie, how they think, why they behave the way they do, what they want in sex, love and relationships!...

As you can see all highly valuable info for all of us! And coming directly from the Secret Survey results Mike got from real men like yours and mine! :)... Enjoy!

Spice Sex Up! :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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