Uncovering Anal Sex Myths:
Is Anal Sex Safe?... Dangerous?... Painful?

Is anal sex safe? Dangerous? Painful?... Hi Guys! Let's uncovering the anal sex myths!

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Is anal sex safe? Dangerous? Painful?... Hi Guys! Let's uncovering the anal sex myths!

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Anal sex myths are around everywhere. This is mostly a taboo topic, but it’s still a very commonly practiced sexual act.

Because of misinformation, many people are terrified of trying, some others are curious, and many others are doing it all wrong.


What is really TRUE and what is really FALSE...

When it comes to anal sex?

This is a very misunderstood sexual topic. Many of the myths around it are based on lack of information and knowledge.

This sexual practice can be a very pleasurable way to spice up your sex life if done right, but it can also be a very dangerous act if done wrong...

So, let’s find out the truth about anal sex, and break up or confirm the biggest myths that are around it, so you can enjoy anal sex with your partner in a safe and proper manner.

Is Anal Sex Safe?... 6 Anal Sex Myths

Myth #1: It’s dangerous

So... Is anal sex safe???

Anal sex can be dangerous or safe depending on how it is performed.

The truth is that the anal canal and anus are not designed to have sex; therefore, if you don’t take the proper precautions, the following dangerous things could happen:

1. The anus doesn’t lubricate itself. If you don't provide enough lubrication, it will be very painful for her, and you could end up tearing something inside or outside her anus.

2. The anus is not designed for penetration. If you go in there too fast and too rough, you will hurt her and even cause some tears and stretching. This area is extremely delicate, and it is NOT the place for rough sex.

3. There’s bacteria normally found in the anus. If you switch from anal sex to vaginal sex, you could spread this bacteria and cause her a vaginal infection.

4. The anus doesn’t have an end like the vagina; therefore, sex toys can get lost in the anus if you guys use the wrong ones, causing a painful, dangerous and embarrassing trip to the hospital.

5. STDs can easily be transmitted through anal sex, so always use protection, even if you are in a monogamous relationship.

All of these make sound like anal sex is dangerous indeed, but if you and your partner follow these 5 golden rules for preventing dangers of anal sex, none of these potential dangers should happen:

5 Golden Rules For Preventing Dangers Of Anal Sex:

1. Never have anal sex without lubricant, and keep in mind that your spit is not enough lubrication in this case. Always use lots of a good silicon-based lubricant.

2. You must warm her up with lots of foreplay and relaxation. Make sure you always penetrate her very, very slowly and gently to avoid causing tears. Once your penis is in there, you must never thrust too rough or too fast! Remember, this is a very delicate area.

3. Never switch from anal sex to vaginal sex, either with your penis, fingers, toys, or mouth. Change the condom and wash with warm water and soap, everything that went into her anus before going into her vagina.

4. Use anal sex toys that have a wide, flared base, a cable or ring on the bottom that keeps the toy from sliding too far into her anus.

5. Always use a condom! Even if you are in a monogamous relationship. This keeps things clean and safe.

Myth #2: It’s dirty

Anal sex is not necessarily dirty, but if you want to try it, you have to accept the fact that sometimes can be a little messy, and it’s normal considering the function of the place we are talking about.

However, keep in mind that feces are stored in the bowel, not in the anus, so it shouldn’t be a big of a problem, especially if she has a bowel movement before having anal sex.

Normal regular hygiene should be enough to keep things under control most of the time; but, even if hygiene is extremely good, it can be messy sometimes.

Makes sure there is enough trust between you and your partner for both of you to accept the fact that it can be messy, and that both of you are ok with it. Try anal sex only if you don’t really mind about this, and you know that your partner is also fine with it.

If you guys want to keep it even cleaner, you can always use a condom, and she can even use an enema to clean the anal canal before having anal sex.

The enema is an option of her choice, if she decides to try it, it shouldn’t be done right before anal sex, and it shouldn't become a practice on a regular basis because excessive douching can dry out the anal canal and cause micro-abrasion than can facilitate STDs transmission.

Myth #3: It can cause vaginal infections

Yes, anal sex can cause vaginal infections if you switch from anal sex to vaginal sex. This is because you would be spreading bacteria from her anus to your vagina.

You can easily prevent this by not switching or touching at all, or by changing the condom and/or washing thoroughly your penis, fingers, mouth, and toys with warm water and soap before getting in contact with her vagina.

Myth #4: It’s painful

Anal sex can be uncomfortable for her at the beginning, especially the first few times while she learns how to relax her body, and while her anus starts getting used to the new sensation. Other than that, anal sex shouldn’t be painful, and if it hurts is because something is being done wrong.

In other words: Yes! Anal sex can be very painful if it’s NOT done right.

Follow These Rules To Make Sure It’s Pleasurable Instead Of Painful:

1. Uses lots and lots of a good silicone-based anal sex lube.

2. You must relax her mind by assuring her that you will be extremely gentle. If she trusts you, her mind can be relaxed; therefore, her body and the muscles of her anus will not be tensed up - making the penetration easier and less painful.

3. You must relax her body will lots of foreplay.

4. Choose a comfortable position for her to relax, and also one that facilitates the access to minimize her discomfort. Doggy style is a good choice.

5. You must relax her butt area with massages, outside with your hands, and inside with your fingers. You should start with your smallest finger and work your way up to the biggest, before inserting a toy or your penis.

6. You can even use a small anal sex toy before your penis, to get her gradually used to the sensation of penetration in her “back door”.

7. Once she's ready to feel your penis, you must enter her very, very slowly and gently, never thrust her too hard or too fast, and stop if she wants to.

Myth #5: It’s wrong

None sexual act between a couple is really wrong, even anal sex, as long as, both partners agree with performing it.

Also, as long as you keep it safe and have good communication about it, it should be fine.

The only wrong thing about anal sex is when a woman is being forced or pushed to do it. If she doesn't want to, or if it hurts, you have to respect that and never try to push her, or doing it by surprise without her consent.

All society myths and taboos about anal sex don't really matter. This is a couple’s choice, and it shouldn’t be affected by what society says about it; just make sure you practice anal sex in a responsible and safe way.

Myth #6: Women don’t enjoy it

Women don’t enjoy anal sex when it hurts, but when they and their partner learn how to perform anal sex properly and they don’t experience pain anymore... They can start enjoying a wonderful and new world of unique sexual pleasure where the orgasms can be truly mind-blowing!

It’s true that the anus was not designed for sex; but still, it is surrounded by tons of pleasurable nerves that when stimulated, they give the woman extreme pleasure.

Therefore, there are many women who really enjoy anal sex and even crave it.

Your woman can also be one of them!... If both of you, make sure to take all the precautions to perform it properly and free of pain.

So, in conclusion, is anal sex safe? Well, as you could see, when it comes to define if it is safe or not... It all depends on how it's being performed!

The myths out there are not 100% truth or false. It actually depends on how you both handle things that these myths can become real or not.

As I said in the beginning, anal sex can be very pleasurable or very painful depending on how it is performed.

The key here, is to get well informed so you know exactly how to do things right.

For this purpose, I highly recommend you to read Anal Pleasure For Her. This is by far the best source of information about anal sex that I can recommend you.

This is a very complete guide that will teach you not only all the precautions you must know but also all the tips and techniques to make it pleasurable for her, and ultimately to give her amazing anal orgasms.

Remember, this is the kind of sex activity that you MUST make sure you know exactly what you're doing to avoid hurting her. Take some time and learn how to perform anal sex in a safe, proper and pain-free way.

Spice Sex Up! :)

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