How Women Think About Sex?

Hi Guys!... So, how women think about sex? Ah?... Let’s uncover the mystery... 

The first thing you need to know is that women LOVE and NEED sex as much as you do!

Your woman is probably craving and fantasizing about great sex...

If she’s not showing that to you, there may be some emotional needs that are not being met that are holding her back.

You see...

Women have a very direct and close connection between sex and love...

When we are not feeling loved, we do not open up for sex... Or, at least not to great sex.

A woman has to deal with a lot of emotional requirements, insecurities, expectations, and social and background beliefs that don’t always make it easy for her to open up and feel totally relaxed about sex.

Once you fulfill her emotional needs, she'd be able to lose all her inhibitions easier, and fully enjoy her sexuality.

Now, every woman fantasies with her man being a great lover... The best one for her. One who knows how to read her mind and body, and give her a great amount of emotional connection along with a huge amount of sexual pleasure.... And, many, many, many intense, mind blowing orgasms!... All the time...

Then, by knowing how women think about sex, what they really want and need, you will get the key to become a great lover, her dream lover!

Basically, women are not emotionally and sexually wired in the same way men are.

Women are emotional creatures who tend to see sex as an emotional connection rather than a physical connection.

Ideally for a woman, sex should involve love or at least romance, or some kind of bonding.

No matter how much the world has changed and how much more open minded we have become, we still want love and romance.

Some women can easily disconnect sex from feelings of love, as many of men do, but the majority of women need or at least would like to feel loved to open up for sex; very different from men, who usually need sex to open up for love.

So, how women think about sex?...

Women think of sex as an expression of love, 

not only as sexual desire.

This is the expectation about sex that most women have. They want to feel loved, not fucked!

Now, if I was writing for men and women who are dating, I wouldn't probably emphasis in love being a necessary part of the sex; however, because I’m writing this website for couples who have been together for a while and want to spice up their sex life, I’m assuming that there’s love involved in here.

It may not be the same crazy beautiful love from the beginning of the relationship, but I bet there’s still love left if you are looking for ways to make your sex and relationship better.

So, I’m pretty sure that you have feelings for your woman. And, I actually truly understand how sex may not be for you the ideal way to express your love for her, but it's one of the main ways she wants to feel loved by you.

I know that sex for you may be just a way to release your sexual desire and satisfy your sexual needs, and that's ok (hopefully it means more than that)... But, you need to know that if you can make your woman really feel loved during sex, she will open up for even MORE and BETTER sex than you have ever imagined, and I bet you want that ;)

I assure you that if you really learn and take your time to turn on correctly your woman, (by correctly, I mean in a way that she actually likes) she will not only give you tremendous amounts of pleasure, but she will also be able to reach multiple orgasms....

...And, I’m sure you love that!  ‘Cause you know how different and better sex is when she’s enjoying too, right? ;)

The needs of bonding, connection and romance are part of women's nature; there’s nothing you can really change about it. Just as I explained to the women, how we cannot change your masculine nature, you guys cannot change or turn off our feminine nature.

Women have many requirements for sex. Differently from men, we are not visual creatures, we don’t get to turn on just by looking at how hot you look guys. For women, sexual desire and arousal take more than that... And it actually starts way before getting into bed.

Let see the 2 main things for you to do to assure your woman will be always in the right mood and mindset for sex:

1. Romance

Romance is the easiest, shortest, surest, and most effective way to get your woman desiring to have sex with you.

Romance doesn't necessarily mean fancy stuff, it could be just a compliment, a passionate kiss, a nice dinner, music, a flower... Chocolates... A sexy text message!... A sexy gift like lingerie... Candles... Even just talking can get your woman in the mood of having sex with you.

Don’t think of romance as something silly or old fashion, think of romance as the "turn on" part of sex for your woman; just as some visual encouragement is a turn on for you.

And, let me give you a huge advice here:

Romance should not only be part of the beginning of a relationship. Women expect romance to be part of the relationship ALWAYS.

Let me put it in another way, if you want to keep the fire of sex alive in your relationship, you better start romancing your woman, and keep doing it.

Trust me, the rewards will be amazing! As a woman, I can tell you:

The magic of romance wakes up the passion and sexual desire inside of us.

Here you go, this is the key to keep your woman always interested in you sexually.

2. Foreplay

This is a huge one! Maybe the most important for women.

Foreplay is the warm up part of sex for women. It’s what gets us ready, warm, wet, and in the mood for sex.

There are two main reasons why foreplay is so important for women:

1. The emotional part:

Foreplay is the bonding and emotional connection part of sex that I told you is very very important for a woman. This is the moment to make her feel loved. Depending on how good you show your love for her here, is how much she will be open to sexually express herself during sex.

Show her how much you love her in the foreplay, and then, she will be more that willing to let your "sexual beast” to come out in the sex part, and actually be happy about it.

2. The physical part:

You see, women's hormones and body, works very different from men’s. The hormones in the men's body quickly build up sexual tension that seeks to be released though orgasm. Basically, even before sex your body has already a sac of semen ready for release. Which basically means you ready to go.

Differently, women's body has not built in advance the “sexual fluids" that are released through sex. We are physically not ready for penetration before foreplay because is in the foreplay when our body starts building up the sexual desire that gets us wet and ready for sex.

Now for women, it is nice to have a long foreplay, actually, the longer it is, the better she’s prepared for sex, the better the sex will be, and the more chances she has to reach orgasm; however, is not always necessary to make it long...  I mean half an hour or an hour is nice, but it's not always necessary... What is really important is to make sure there is foreplay.... Good foreplay!

For women, foreplay is such an important part of the sex that it could make the difference between reaching orgasm or not, and even be the main responsible for us to have multiple orgasms.

The better the foreplay you give your woman, the more orgasms she could have, and the best lover you will be.

... so, what is included in the foreplay?

Well, foreplay is all the sweet, soft, slow and passionate kissing, the touching and holding, taking her clothes off, caressing, massaging, complementing her...The sweet and sexy talk, even the dirty talk, and of course oral sex and clitoral stimulation... Basically everything you can do to turn her on.

Foreplay can be sweet and romantic, or extremely passionate. In my opinion, the best is the combination of both, especially when you switch from one way to the other.

Now, even though foreplay is a crucial part for women to be ready for sex, just so you know... Quickies are fine.... Sometimes they are great, but even for quickies you need to have your woman prepared in advance... You need to have her turned on for her to really enjoy a quickie.

So how do you turn her on in advanced?... Sending her sexy text messages! 

Remember that you must turn on a woman’s mind before turn on her body and sexy texts during the day make wonders! ;)

OK, now that you guys know how women think about sex, make sure you don't forget this:

The WORST LOVER  a woman can have is:

The one who just goes in there right away, satisfies himself, and gets off after a couple of minutes when he's done...


I hope that by now you have realized how important is to warm up your woman; so, if you're ready to learn how to MASTER foreplay and get your woman easily in the mood, even faster than you think it's possible, I recommend you to read Turn Her On Faster.

This a great guide I've found that teaches men everything they need to know to master foreplay. You will be able to turn her on not only in the way she loves it but also in less time!

Remember... Once romance and foreplay are already fulfilled, you are definitely on the right track to have great sex with your woman! :)...

Now is the time to give her the best and as many earthshaking, mind blowing, intense orgasms as you can!

Spice Sex Up! :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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