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How To Talk Dirty In Bed

Hi Ladies!... Are you ready to learn how to talk dirty in bed? Dirty talk can definitely spice up your relationship!... And guess what? It’s a huge turn on for men! (Guys click here)

Hi Ladies!... Are you ready to learn how to talk dirty in bed? Dirty talk can definitely spice up your relationship!... And guess what? It’s a huge turn on for men! (Guys click here)

However, dirty talk can be somehow intimidating. It can make you feel uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

Don’t worry!... You don’t necessarily need to use very nasty phrases to spice up sex...

You can choose from any level of dirty talk you feel comfortable with, from romantic and sexy phrases, to hot and dirty ones...  And, you’ll still be adding spiciness to your sex life and turning on you man!

First of all, let’s understand the main purpose of dirty talk.

Dirty talk serves to introduce a new and exciting way of communicating with your partner about your sex life.

It opens up a sexy communication channel between a couple, to share what they like, how they like it, how wonderful something feels, what they want to experience, and many other things.

It’s all about sexy-hot communication! 

Couples who communicate the best tend to have the happiest relationships. Those who can communicate about their sex needs, feelings, and desires tend to have the best sex.

Silence is a big turnoff for most people!

Silence isn't healthy when it comes to couple’s sex life. Your man would love to know what you think about him, how do you feel... what do you want. He wants you to express yourself.

Dirty talk can give him the kind of information and feedback he’s looking for in a way that also turns him on.

Usually men want to know these things from women:

* Do I really excite you?

* Do I really excite you?

* Do you crave me the way that I crave you?

* How can I make you moan?

* What do your fantasies involve?

* Do I last long enough for you?

Do you sexually desire me?

Am I satisfying you?

* Do you fantasize about me or sex in some way?

* Where should I touch you that excites you the most?

* Are there some other positions you want to try?

* What can I do to make you want more of me?

* What can I do to make you want to have more sex with me?

* Was there something I did this time that was better or different that really turned you on?

* What can I do to get you to sometimes initiate sex?

... And, many other things that you could answer him through dirty talk.

Getting answers to these kind of questions will not only let him know what you like, but also, it will boost his ego and increase his desire for you.

However, as healthy as it looks, dirty talk may seem some kind of intimidating for you.

Don’t worry! According to Michael Webb, Author of "Dirty Talk Secrets" There are 3 main levels of dirty talk that you can use. You can choose the one that makes you feel comfortable to start with and later turn up the heat a little bit ;) 

I give you some examples of phrases from each of the 3 different levels down below.

* Remember... Your man may not necessarily need to hear the nasty stuff to get turned on, he may even doesn’t like to hear that kind of stuff from you. So, find out what he likes and use what you feel comfortable with!

3 Levels On How To Talk Dirty


Sexy phrases are nice, simple, yet effective. They are an easy way to dip your toes in the water of dirty talk while adding a little excitement.

These are basically sweet and nice phrases. These are the kind of phrases you can use to get used to dirty talk, specially if you’re new to this, or you don’t know what kind of response your man is going to have.

Some examples are:

 "Yes! Right there!"

 "Oh yeah, that’s nice"

• "That feels soooooo good!"

 "Touch me here"

 "Your mouth feels amazing"

• "I feel so safe in your arms"

 "I’m so loving this!"

 "I am so happy to be wrapped up here with you"

 "I have been thinking about doing this to you all day long"

 “Ohhhh, that feels good … right there”

• “Mmmmm, that feels incredible”

 “Your body feels amazing”

 “When you enter me, mmmm, it feels so good I have to catch my breath”  

 “Oh yeah, kiss my breast”

 “Yes, deeper”



These are the phases that will definitely add spice to your sex life; just make sure that you feel comfortable saying them, and that he will be ok with them.

It will all depends on your level of openness about dirty talk.

Some examples are:

 "My panties get wet just thinking about what you are going to do to me"

 "I want your thick meat!!"

 "Oh baby, I want you to cum all over me!"

 "Who makes that cock so hard, cowboy?"

 "I want you to fuck me all night long"

• "Mmmmm, harder… don’t stop!!"

• "Can you feel how wet you get me?"

 "I love to feel that hot cock inside me"

 "You like banging this slick pussy, don’t you?"

 "Don’t stop fucking me until I beg you!"

 "I want to lick that dick like a lollipop"

 "I want to be so satisfied, that everyone who sees me tomorrow will know why I’m still smiling"

 "Put me on my knees and bang me til I cum all over your dick"

 "I love the feel of your soft balls in my mouth"

 "Oh yeah, that’s it, don’t you dare stop fucking me"


This is the level where you have to be very very careful, phrases similar to the ones below may turn him off or even offend him. Only use these kind of phrases if you’re sure that he's super comfortable and cool about it:

Some examples are:

 "I want your fat dig to spew cum all up inside me"

 "Whip it out and cum all over my tits!"

 "Watch me while I’m sucking your balls and licking the underside of that gorgeous cock of yours!"

 "Do you want to spank my ass while you’re grinding me from behind?"

 "Tell me you want me to swallow your load!!"

 "I’m going to let you eat me after you fuck me for a few minutes first"

 "Do you want me to deep throat that cock of yours, baby?"

 "I want to sit on your face babe"

As you can see, how to talk dirty has different ways to do it, from sweet and romantic phrases, to spicy, hot, or even really dirty ones. Just make sure you choose phrases you feel comfortable with and don’t seem fake to him.

Don’t tell him “I love your huge cock” if you both know it’s small. I guess you've got the idea.

I wrote this article based on Michael Webb's e-book Dirty Talk Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk because it is a great guide to learn how to talk dirty!

Also, because I liked the fact that Michael shows 3 levels of dirty talk, giving women different choices and ideas, depending on how comfortable they are with talking dirty.

Go ahead and take a look it and give dirty talk a try! :)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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