How To Seduce Her With Your Gentle Touch

How to seduce her with your gentle touch. Kissing, touching, caressing and teasing are all part of the art of seduction. (Ladies click here)

Becoming an expert on seduction it's a huge part of becoming a great lover.

Hi guys! I’m sure you love to touch your woman, but I’m also sure that many times you end up grabbing and squeezing instead of caressing her.

Settle down, hoss, it’s not as cool for her when you manhandle her soft tissues. That’s not to say that she doesn't like it when you touch her...

In fact, she loves it when you touch her. She’s just wants it a bit gentler most of the time, not to mention more variety.

Below are some ideas for how to seduce her by gently touching her body, directly from Oprah love expert Michael Webb, author of The Virtuoso Lover - a great guide to teach men how to be exceptional lovers!


* Touch her as lightly as possible. This is also referred to as tickling, but I don’t want to give the impression that you should actually tickle her. 

Slowly run your finger tips all over her body. Barely touch her as you stroke her, and it will have all her nerve endings standing on end.

You’re not limited to just your fingertips, you can use your lips, or even the head of your penis, for some added intimacy.

* Find household objects you can use to stroke her with. Feathers and silk are the obvious choice, but feel free to be creative. It’s less about what you use, than it is how you use it.  

It could be a cork from the bottle of wine you just opened, or a pen, or even a credit card.

Playing with temperatures is fun too. Rub her down with an ice cube ala 9 ½ Weeks. Whatever it is you use, if you oh-so-gently run it over her body, it becomes an erotic tool.

* Body Tracing is a good way to get to know your partner’s hot spots. With this it doesn’t matter what stroke her with or how much pressure you use. The only rule is that you never lose contact.  

If you are tracing her collar bones, and you want to move down to her knees, you get there by running whatever you’re using to touch her with down the length of her body.  

She will be completely attuned to your touch, and you’re bound to find ticklish spots you never knew about before.

However you go about stimulating your woman through touch, communicating with her is key. Whether it’s paying attention to her responses or asking her outright, she is the only one who can let you know what she likes.  

Don’t be afraid to seek her guidance, the only consequence is pleasuring her!


Ok, guys! Let's put your creativity to work! Go and experiment with different things, and different ways to touch her!...

For more tips on how to seduce her, as well as, how to become an exceptional lover and MASTER every aspect of your sex life, I recommend you to take a look at Michael Webb's book: The Virtuoso Lover.

This is one of the most complete guides I've found for teaching men everything they need to know to give their woman Over The Top sexual experiences.

Spice Sex Up! :)

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