How To Please Your Woman:
12 Hot Spots To Take Care Of Before Reaching The Clit

Hi Guys!... So, you want to know how to please your woman with oral sex, ah? Great!!! :)

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Then, first of all...

Do you really know her down there?...

If you are thinking that just because you know where her clitoris is, you’re ready to please her...

Then, you need to read below because you may be missing the other 12 pleasurable spots you need to take care of even before get in touch with her clitoris.

Part of the success in oral sex comes from exploring the entire vulva before reaching the clitoris because her vulva is full of many sensitive spots that you don’t want to miss.

But... Why is it called a vulva? Why don’t you just say vagina?

Well, vulva is the anatomically correct term.

Contrary to popular belief, the term “vagina” does not refer to the whole thing in general. A woman’s vagina is simply the entrance to her cervix, uterus and all those baby-making organs up there.

Now, let’s check what those 12 spots are:

1. The Mons Pubis

The Mons pubis is the soft mound of skin at the top of the vulva and is usually the part sporting the most pubic hair.

Sexually, the Mons pubis doesn’t play a big part; however, because it is located on the outside of where the G-Spot is located inside; you could apply pressure at the Mons pubis with your thumb while stimulating the G-Spot with your middle finger. The tension caused from inside and outside can be really pleasurable.

2. The Front Commissure

The front commissure lies just underneath the Mons pubis and is the beginning of the clitoral shaft.

This is a great place to begin during cunnilingus, as it will help your partner get warmed up before direct contact is made with the clitoris.

The Front commissure is a very tender spot that enjoys softer tongue strokes at the warm up stage and then more firm touch, such as with a finger, flat tongue or lip.

3. The Clitoral Shaft

Similar to the Front commissure, the clitoral shaft hides beneath the skin and is actually one of the most sensitive parts of the vulva (other than the clitoral head).

If you find extra sensitivity here, you can try using soft pressure and long, flat tongue sweeps on the clitoral shaft to help get her aroused and bring her to orgasm.

4. The Clitoral Hood

The clitoral hood plays an important part during a woman’s arousal and it is extremely important that you understand its function before embarking on a cunnilingus session.

Not knowing how to work around the clitoral hood could make or break your partner’s orgasm.

This little guy protects the clitoral head which is extremely sensitive. If some movements are  too rough on the clitoral head and cause pain, the clitoral hood will actually move down to protect the head.

As a woman moves closer and closer to orgasm, the clitoral hood retracts, revealing the clitoral head in all its glory. If you notice that the clitoral hood is down over the head, try licking in circles around it or using a downward motion. This will help arouse your partner and coax the clitoral head out of its hidey-hole.

Take note, however, that as a woman reaches the brink of an orgasm, the clitoral head will once again retract beneath the hood to protect against over-stimulation and the ruination of an orgasm.

5. The Clitoris

The Clitoris is the orgasm spot!

The head of the clitoris is extremely sensitive, packed  with 8.000 nerve endings, it’s only function is to give sexual pleasure to the woman.

The clitoris loves strokes that are rhythmic yet gentle, but as the woman is getting close to climax, it needs a single firmer and faster movement.

6. The Frenulum

The frenulum is the beginning of the inner labia, where the two lips meet at the top. It is just underneath the clitoris.

The Frenulum is full of sensitive nerve endings that can experience pleasure if caressed and stroked in the correct manner.

7. Labia Minora and Labia Majora

The labia minora (the inner lips of the labia) and the labia majora (the outer lips of the labia) are basically there to protect the vaginal opening and the birth canal. However, these parts also have pleasurable nerve endings, although not as much as the clitoral hood or head.

You can give a woman extreme pleasure by licking in, out and all around these folds. Light touches work best here because the more excited the woman is, the more blood will fill the inner labia at the point to even double the size, making them extra tender and sensitive.

8. The Vaginal Opening

This is the vagina. It is also known as the birth canal and of course, is most men’s favorite part of the female anatomy.

The outer rim of the vaginal opening is sensitive, as well as the G-spot found deep inside. A woman can derive great pleasure from a finger or smooth object working its way inside the vaginal canal during cunnilingus.

There are many sensitive nerves at the vaginal opening that enjoys stimulation from circular movements with your tongue.

9. The Fourchette

The Fourchette is found where the Labia Majora and Minora meet at the bottom of the vaginal canal.

It is also a very sensitive spot and it’s best stimulated with tickles and light rubbing.

10. The Perineum

This is the space of skin that lies between the fourchette and the opening of the anus.

Some women enjoy slight pressure in this area, possibly with a hand or index finger. It is full of connective tissue and a network of pelvic muscles that enjoy tickles gentle pinches, licks and finger pressure from both the inside and outside of her body.

If you and your woman are comfortable enough with you getting so close to her anus, then don’t forget this spot!

11. The Anus

Again, if you and your woman are comfortable enough with anal play, then you cannot miss this spot!

Here, the same network of muscles that are involved with the perineum work also with the anus making this whole area to contract during orgasm. Light touches and pressure works great here.

Just remember! The fingers used here cannot go inside the vagina or elsewhere along her vulva afterwards because they can spread bacteria.

12. G-Spot

Last but not least... Her G-spot! The G-spot is small dime-to-quarter-sized bundle of nerves about two inches inside of the vaginal canal.

Generally, it is on the top. This is a very sensitive spot that can be stimulated when rubbed or pressed with your finger giving her the chance to reach a G-Spot orgasm during oral sex as well.

Stimulating her G-Spot with your finger while giving her clitoral stimulation with your tongue will send you woman to heaven! :)

As you can see, when it comes to how to please your woman with oral sex, there’s much more than just the clitoris, for this reason you need to explore the entire vulva, so you don’t miss any pleasurable spot! 

If you feel ready to take your sex life to the next level and truly MASTER how to give her EVERY type of female orgasm, then check out this video:

If you feel ready to take your sex life to the next level and truly MASTER how to give her EVERY type of female orgasm, then check out this video:

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