How To Improve Your Relationship
And Get What You Want From Your Man

Are you getting what you want from your man? Find out how to improve your relationship by following this solid tactic to turn things around and get instant results.

Did you know there are specific things you can do during a difficult situation with your man, to turn things around to your advantage?

Most women rely on pure luck or chance and hope that things will somehow get better with time. But I know that you’re smarter than that, that’s why you’re here reading this website.

The truth is that things won’t get better unless you do something different about it right now.

Let me share a solid step by step tactic you can apply to your situation right now, and see instant results...

We’ll use this example:

Let’s say that your man has been ignoring you a lot lately and is always too busy working. And you want him to spend more time with you.

Typically, a woman would be direct about this and would tell him something like...

Woman: How come you never spend time with me anymore?

Man: Can't you see I'm busy? I have a lot of work to do.

Woman: You are always working... It seems as if I don't even exist in your world.

Man: Can't you see why I work so hard?

Woman: Seems like you don't really love me anymore...

...And this is how useless arguments start and both end up highly frustrated.

Let’s see what went wrong here...

1. Did you see all the drama and exaggeration involved in there. Drama makes an instant shortcut in a man’s brain. They immediately shut down.

2. Did you notice the tone of complaint and exaggerated assumptions she did? That immediately turn him defensive, and he starts looking for ways to justify himself.

3. She’s first and only demanding, she’s not showing any understanding for his situation.

The result?

She didn’t get what she wanted, he felt attacked, not understood and even unappreciated. And of course, they ended up arguing.

She may be right in what she’s asking for; however, by communicating it in that ineffective way, she just not only didn't get what she wanted but also created an unnecessary argument.

Basically, the problem here is:

The language and the approach she’s using!

Also, and here’s a golden secret on how to improve your relationship:

In order to be understood, you have to first understand

In other words, you have to show your man that you understand his situation first before you expect him to understand yours...

When you give it, you always get it back ten folds!

Once you understand and cater to his needs... He will instantly cater to yours without any resistance

Check out...

How different it would be when done in the right way... Instead of directly letting him know with that tone of drama, try this...

Woman: You know I am really lucky to have you as my mate. You work so hard to provide me with everything. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

Man: Thank you very much... I am glad to have you in my life as well.

Woman: I am really sorry if I am disturbing you... But I just felt like spending some time with you today... But if you are busy we can do this later.

Man: Oh honey! I am glad you are so, understanding. I tell You what... I am almost done with this project... Give me a couple of hours, then we will go out to eat. Sounds good?

Woman: Seems perfect!

Did you see?

How to improve your relationship can be as easy as using the right language with the right approach. 

Things can change instantly when you are willing to give before you expect to get anything in return.

So, what was different this time?

1. There wasn’t any tone of drama nor any exaggerated expressions or assumptions; instead, she used appreciation.

2There wasn’t any complaints, attacks or hidden judgements.

3. She first gave him her appreciation and respect for what he does, and then she suggested spending more time together.

She not only put him at ease, but also knew how to communicate effectively with him to get what she wanted!

The result?

He was more that willing to give her what she wanted. He felt appreciated and respected by her (two of the biggest needs for men) and instead of an argument there was an invitation for dinner! :)

By acting smart instead of emotional, you can turn a difficult situation into an easy one!

Just by making a few adjustments with your words, you will get everything you want! You just need to learn how to ask and how to talk: How to communicate in a better and more effective way with your man...

Ask in the right way, and it will be given to you!

Now this was just an example of a common daily situation, but the psychology and the tactics work for all situations and confrontations in a couple.

Any conflict in a relationship can be turned around using the right approach with the right language and hopefully in the right moment!

You could learn how to kill arguments even before they have started. Remember, what’s really important is not being right but being happy :).


Men think, process and express differently than women. They basically have another language, if we learn it, we will be at an advantage in every moment!

I hope you have liked these tips on how to improve your relationship, so you can put them into practice right away and get what you want from your man!

Here's a video that not only explains in deep what this article is all about but also gives you more tips and advice on how to improve your relationship.

It is from Marc Scott, the creator of "How To Read A Man", a very interesting and useful guide that helps women to understand how men think, what they want, why they behave the way they do, and how we can use this knowledge to improve our relationship!.

Very valuable information Ladies!... Go ahead and take a look at it.

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