How To Have An Orgasm: It All Starts In Your Mind

Hi Ladies! Ready to master how to have an orgasm?... Every single time! Orgasms start in our minds, not in our bodies!... (Guys click here)

Hi Ladies! Ready to master how to have an orgasm?... Every single time! Orgasms start in our minds, not in our bodies!... (Guys click here)

Yes, therefore; no matter how many good orgasm techniques your partner may have, he must learn how to turn on your mind first, and you must learn how to let go your mind in order to reach orgasms.

So, let see how to reach orgasms, and how it all starts in your mind!

Every single woman is capable of full body multiple orgasms, but unfortunately, only a few will actually reach them because most men don’t have the information, understanding and knowledge on how to give their woman orgasms. 

However, is not all up to them!...

Our minds play a crucial role when it comes to reaching orgasms!

Unfortunately, many men and women don’t know this and think that reaching an orgasm is something only physical, so when they are not able to reach them, they may think that there must be something physically wrong, either she can’t orgasm or he can’t make her orgasm.

Consequently, many women live their lives resigned to have sex without having orgasms. While their man is always having a “grand finale”, they usually end up unsatisfied.

In fact, many women don’t even know that they are capable of having multiple orgasms. Even worst! Many women haven’t even experienced an orgasm in their lives!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! As women, we should always end up sexually satisfied. Sexual pleasure is for BOTH partners in a couple, so don’t settle for less than minimum one orgasm per time... Every time!...

Yes! It is perfectly possible if we learn how to have an orgasm, and teach our partner how to give us an orgasm.

Ok, let’s first understand the basic physical nature of an orgasm in order to see how our minds take part in the process:

male orgasm has a little bit of a different process from a female orgasm. Men already have sexual tension (in the form of semen) stored up in their bodies, looking for release.

For a man, having sex and ending up with an orgasm is a way of releasing that sexual tension. They can actually have an orgasm through basic masturbation without the need of any kind of emotional or mental stimulation.

female orgasm is a whole different story. Women don’t have sexual tension stored in our bodies; our sexual tension must be built up before sex and during sex.

Before sex... By creating sexual anticipation in our minds.

During sex... By warming up our bodies through foreplay.

For women sexual desire starts first in our minds, then in our bodies!

Therefore, while men look for the release of sexual tension, we look for the build up of sexual tension.

In our case, the sexual desire must be first created in our minds, so it becomes sexual tension in our bodies, and then can be released as an orgasm.

As you may know, we are not visual creatures as men; we don’t get turned on by just looking at our partner’s penis... We need way more than that!

Our man needs to first turn on our mind to be able to turn on our bodies, and give us an orgasm.

So, how do they do that?


There are 4 main steps for you to be able to reach an orgasm, three of them depend mostly on him, but the last one depends entirely on you.

Step 1: 
He must create sexual anticipation in your mind

Yes! Men who know about the art of orgasms, understand that they must first create sexual desire in their woman’s mind.

By sending you romantic and sexy text messages during the day, leaving you provocative notes, getting you some sexy lingerie, giving you deep kisses during the day, setting up a romantic environment with some candles, wine and music, telling you how much you turn him on, how much he loves you and how much he desires you... He will be building up sexual desire for him in your mind.

As women, we need to see, hear and feel his love and desire, to keep our desire of sex alive. We have a direct connection between sex desire and our emotions, so unless he constantly feeds our emotions, we’re not going to be in the mood for sex as much as they are.

Step 2: He must give you lots of foreplay

After he has sexually turned on your mind, now he needs to warm up your body with lots of foreplay. This is crucial! The more he warms you up, the more you get aroused, and the more chances you have to have an orgasm.

Foreplay also distracts your mind from any other kind of thoughts and helps you focus only on feeling the pleasure.

Step 3: He must learn about your body and the different techniques to give you orgasms

Your man needs to learn about your body and how to work it. He must know all your different orgasm spots, and how to correctly simulate each one of them in order to give you different types of orgasms.

You should also learn to discover your body that way you can guide him and help him.

Step 4: YOU must let your mind go!

This is actually the most important step on how to have an orgasm, and depends entirely on YOU!

Your man can do a fantastic job creating sexual anticipation, giving you lots of foreplay and performing the best techniques, but if your mind is not fully present in the moment of sex, you won’t be able to orgasm.

Actually, even when there’s no sexual anticipation and no foreplay, if you focus your mind only in feeling the pleasure he’s giving you, you’re still able to reach amazing orgasms. So, if he’s applying proper orgasm techniques, the rest it’s really up to you.

Now, remember how I said that orgasms start in your mind? Well, they not only start in your mind, but they also happen depending on what you have in your mind during sex.

So, what do you need to have in your mind during sex to have an orgasm?

Plain and simple: NOTHING!

You must have nothing going on in your mind during sex in order to experience an orgasm. Sex is time for us to shut the little voice inside our heads and just let ourselves relax and enjoy the pleasure.


Everything you’re thinking while having sex... 

Will impede you to reach an orgasm!

The reason is that there must be an absence of thoughts in your mind for you to be able to let go completely and reach an orgasm.

There are two main reasons why a woman doesn’t reach orgasms:

1. Because her man doesn’t know how to stimulate her properly.

2. Because her mind is distracted and not fully present in the moment.

Every woman is capable of reaching orgasms, but for a woman to experience an orgasm she must NOT be thinking.

An orgasm is a such powerful sensation that has the amazing ability to liberate your mind of thoughts for seconds letting you experience the intense pleasure your body is feeling...

...But, in order for you to feel that body-mind disconnection you have to be fully present in the moment focusing only on feeling pleasure without thinking about anything else.

These are the 5 main things going on in your mind that may be ruining your orgasm:

1. Thinking about the way you look:

All women have some insecurities about our bodies, but if we let our mind focus on them during sex, we won’t be able to relax enough to orgasm. Rest assure that, during sex, your man is so focused on feeling pleasure and giving you pleasure that he’s not really judging the way you look.

2. Thinking about how good are you performing:

Being worried about our sex performance turns sex somehow mechanical and awkward, and it keeps our mind distracted enough to not be able to reach orgasms. Relax and do what feels natural for you to do. Let yourself go.

3. Thinking about the orgasm:

Putting pressure to ourselves to orgasm will only bring the opposite effect which is not being able to orgasm.

4. Thinking about problems and worries:

You won’t be able to disconnect your mind enough to feel the pleasure of orgasms if you're thinking about problems in your job, your home, money, health etc...

An orgasm won’t happen under a stressing environment. Relax and leave the problems outside the bedroom. Sex is actually a great way to disconnect your mind from all the problems.

5. Thinking about stuff to do:

Sex is not the time to be thinking about your to-do list. Every time you focus on something different than feeling the sexual pleasure you're receiving, your mind will be distracted enough to not let go your body and experience the orgasm.

Having an orgasm is all about being able to let go!

... At the moment of orgasm, your mind gets disconnected, and you only feel the intense pleasure. This is the real key on how to have an orgasm!

Stop thinking and start feeling!

And you will be able to reach all the orgasms you want!

Now, this must be paired off with some orgasm techniques, of course, so if you want to give your honey a little hand on helping him understand more about the art of giving you orgasms, give him the best tool I have found to teach men how to give women a great variety of mind blowing orgasms.

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