Don't Head Straight For The Clitoris - Yet!  
How To Give Oral Sex The Right Way

Oral Sex!... Ready for the clit?... Wait! Hold on! Don’t head straight for the clitoris - yet!... Learn how to give oral sex the right way. (Ladies click here)

Oral Sex!... Ready for the clit?... Wait! Hold on! Don’t head straight for the clitoris - yet!... Learn how to give oral sex the right way. (Ladies click here)

Check first the 3 crucial steps before even getting close to the orgasm spot!

Hi Guys!... Guess what?

When it comes to oral sex it’s not all about her clitoris!...

Yes, her clit is your goal; it’s the orgasm spot, but it's also the last place you get when you go down on her.

Two Reasons To NOT Head Straight For The Clit:

1. The clitoris is packed with 8.000 ending nerves! Making it very very sensitive to be “the orgasm spot”, but also making it too sensitive that it can hurt if you directly stimulate it before properly warming it up.

2. Women don’t get turned on just by pushing a button, not even the clit. We are like an oven... You always need to warm up the oven before you bake, right?... So, you also need to warm up your woman before “pushing the orgasm button”.

And, how do you warm her up?... FOREPLAY!  

Yes! As with any other type of sexual activity, the first thing to do is to warm her up with lots of foreplay!

So, let's check...

3 Steps Of Warm Up Before Reaching The Clit:

1. Foreplay 1st Stage: WARM UP HER MIND

Believe it or not, the first step for great oral sex is to warm up her mind.

Women get turned on by very different ways than men. While men are visual creatures who can get turned on by seen a large pair of soft, bouncy breasts; women need mental stimulation. You need to make her want it... Desire it!

Think of getting her mentally turned on as part of any oral sex technique you choose to use.

So, how do you get a woman mentally turned on?

Simple!... ROMANCE!

Yes, romance will be always the easiest and most effective tool to put your partner mentally in the mood for oral sex, or any kind of sexual activity.

Romance doesn’t need to be fancy stuff; simple things like a massage, a compliment, a thoughtful gift, a special dinner, even some help with her chores would do wonders.

Romantic gestures can make a woman go from zero - to hot - to horny in a heartbeat!

One tip... Some sexy and romantic text messages during the day will turn on her mind like crazy, creating lots of anticipation and desire!

2. Foreplay 2nd Stage: WARM UP HER BODY

Now that you relaxed her mind, you need to relax her body.

Here, a massage or a hot bath would do both; relaxing her mind and body!... Anything that would physically relax her, would do here.

The clue?


Why?... Well, foreplay relaxes a woman and put her mentally and physically in the mood for any kind of sex.

Remember your destination is her clit, but to get there, you need to basically travel her body from north to south, making some ”strategical” stops on the road at her erogenous zones.

The trip starts at her lips, followed by her neck, her breasts, her belly... Keep going down south and make another stop at her inner thighs. Tease her by getting close to her vulva but changing directions. By now she’s craving for you to get “there”.

This technique will not only show your love for her and her body but also will get her so hot and ready for your tongue on her vulva that she will not be able to stand it any longer, and will beg for it!

3. Foreplay 3rd Stage: WARM UP HER VULVA

If you have properly followed the first two steps, your woman is more than ready for you to get to her vulva... Yes, her vulva... Not her clitoris! Not yet.

By now, she’s wet and dying for you to get down to business. Your mission here is to explore every inch of her vulva.

She feels and enjoys pretty much everything you do down there; from just the feeling of your wet tongue to the most sophisticated movement.

Here, it’s really testing time! Trust me, she wants it; she expects it; it’s part of building her desire for you to get to her clit and give her an oral orgasm.

Here, is the moment to use all the techniques you want from different movements to using your fingers, or even some toys ;).

Spend a good time kissing, licking, sucking... Exploring her entire vulva. There are many good spots here to make her feel amazing.

Now, you’re ready to hit the orgasm spot: THE CLIT!

Gradually start teasing her cilt as well as her vulva, and then focus only on her clit. Try different movements, directions and speeds, and when you see she’s ready for the big O stick with whatever you’re doing that is working.

This is very important: Don’t change what you're doing!... Stay with the movement that is getting her off, and increase intensity and speed so you can give her the so desired orgasm!

As you can see, how to give oral sex is an art. Jumping in now and putting your face between your woman's legs right off, will do nothing but put her off.

There’s a process to be followed before even getting close to her clit to make oral sex successful and enjoyable. Sure, you can go straight for the clit, but aren’t you here because you want to be a better lover?...

Take your time and warm up her up first! ;)

Now, talking about being a better lover... one of the best sources of oral sex information that I can recommend you is called Lick by Lick: How To Go Down On A Woman And Have Her Begging For More by Michael Webb.

Here, the author goes in deep in all the details and techniques you need to know to pleasure your woman with your mouth. You'll learn all the expert techniques to give her the best oral sex orgasms of her life!... So, go ahead and take a look at it and take oral sex to the next level! ;)

Angie :)

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