How To Give Head The Wrong Way:
12 Mistakes To Avoid When Giving Him A Blow Job

Hi Ladies! Check how to give head the wrong way for you to avoid these 12 terrible mistakes that will ruin any blow job!

Hi Ladies! Check how to give head the wrong way for you to avoid these 12 terrible mistakes that will ruin any blow job!

1. Bad attitude

The biggest turn off for a man while getting head is a bad attitude from his woman.

Seeing a blow job as a tedious chore, or making a face of disgust or boredom, will definitely kill the moment.

Your man will not be able to really get excited, and you may even hurt his feelings.

Just think, how bad would you feel if he were making a disgust or boring face while going down on you?...

You can learn to enjoy blowjobs by seeing them as a way to express your sexuality, and give huge amounts of pleasure to your man. Be adventurous, playful, passionate, and make it fun and sexy!

The more you love it... The more he does!

Enthusiasm is key while giving him a blow job!

Your attitude really makes a big difference here.

So remember, how to give head the wrong way, definitely starts by having a bad attitude.

2. Lack of communication with your partner

* Where the semen goes? In your mouth? In your body?....

* Are you willing to swallow?....

* Hands on the head or not?

* What about deep throat?....

* What does he like and what he doesn’t?...

* How far are you willing to go?...

Not having all these questions cleared before giving him oral sex is a terrible mistake that will lead to uncomfortable situations during the blow job.

Just imagine him ejaculating in your mouth when you don’t like it, and you’re not expecting it... Or, him unexpectedly putting his hands on your head pushing you against him while you’re trying to deep throat... Making you gag and feeling like you’re out of breath.

Avoid ruining fellatio by not having clear the oral sex preferences of both of you.

3. Using your teeth

This could be the worst mistake on how to give head the wrong way!

Using your teeth is terrible while giving a blow job because these can really hurt your man and immediately turn him off.

So, unless he likes it and ask you for it, make sure you cover your teeth under your lips while giving him head, and everything should be ok.

4. Get tired too soon and don’t finish

Are you getting started but not finishing? Remember, the orgasm is the big finale of a great blow job!

Make sure you are in a comfortable position, so your neck, knees, and jaw don’t get tired too soon. Also, switch from "oral job" to "hand job" from time to time to give your mouth a little break to last longer.

5. Focusing only in the head and forgetting his other hot spots

Although, the head of his penis is the spot with the most amount of pleasurable nerve endings and you want to give it a lot of attention, you don’t want to focus only on it; you want to make it a combo and give him a variety of sensations.

There are other spots in his penis and all the area around it that are also very sensitive and want attention from you.

Remember to learn about, basic penile anatomy, to know how to pleasure every single one of his hot spots.

6. Going straight to sucking hard

Sucking feels wonderful for him. You can be sure he loves it, but you don’t start a blow job by sucking him hard right away!

You first need to warm up him, his penis and all the area around it; just as he needs to warm up, you and your vulva, before stimulating your sensitive clitoris.

Remember that a penis is like a big clitoris and its head is very sensitive. If you suck too hard too soon, it hurts! Suck gently first to getting him aroused, and then, gradually build your way up to sucking harder. Pay attention to his reactions the whole time.

7. Sucking too soft won’t do the job either

Ok, so you know that sucking too hard is not a good idea at the beginning of a blow job; but, it comes a point that soft licking and sucking it’s not enough, and you need to really start sucking hard to make him come.

Gradually build your way up from soft sucking to get him aroused, to hard sucking to maintain the erection a provoke the orgasm.

Remember, soft kissing, licking, and sucking are part of the warm up stage; later, your man needs stronger stimulation to keep himself rock hard and excited to be able to come!

8. A blow job not wet enough

Yes, a kind of  “dry” blow job is possible! Avoid sucking your saliva back in. The more wet the blow job is, the better it feels! You can even add some flavored lube to make it even more wet and pleasurable.

Avoid dry and uncomfortable friction. Make sure there’s plenty of moisture to keep things going smoothly.

9. Not using your hands

Your hands are the best complement to your mouth during a blow job, not using them is like not using all your “weapons” and leave out part of the pleasure!

Think about it, men love masturbating, right? And, that along take them to orgasm; so, now imagine how powerful can be the sensations and the orgasm when combining the strokes of your hands and the wet sucking of your mouth!

Adding your hands, take the blow job to another level. Use all you’ve got!

While your mouth is sucking the head, put one hand on the base of his penis and stroke the shaft; the other hand goes to the scrotum to massage his balls.

Sync the movements of your hands with your mouth, and give him a mind blowing orgasm!

10. Gagging or even throw up!

Men love deep throat! And this is definitely a skill worth learning, but it’s not an easy thing to do; it requires a lot of practice, good breathing, a right position, and lots of self-control.

Gagging is the number one natural reaction of your body when you deep throat, and it’s not really attractive while you’re giving him a blow job; it could definitely ruin It! And it gets worse if you end up throwing up!

This is why gagging is the most important thing to learn how to handle and control when you deep throat. Remember to always go slowly and build up gradually your way to full deep throat.

Practice on a dildo or a banana before trying on your man’s penis; that way you could comfortably and safely learn how to control your gag reflex.

Don't forget to check Learn How To Deep Throat.

11. Anal play without his consent

Anal play during a blow job could be really pleasurable because there are lots of nerve endings in the opening of his anus; however, some men are open about it and some others are definitely not.

Make sure you find out about your man’s preferences about anal play before sticking your finger in there, turning him off and ruining the blow job.

12. Interrupting a blow job

The last thing you want to do is stop in the middle of a blow job, or even worse, right before he’s about to orgasm! That’s terribly frustrating for a man.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position to last until the end, have everything you need at hand, and have discussed where the semen goes in advance, so you don’t have to interrupt the blow job.


There you go! Now you know how to give head the wrong way, and how to avoid the 12 most common mistakes that most women do when giving a blow job.

Make sure to always ensure a pleasant and wonderful oral sex experience for BOTH of you! The keys are learning how to give head correctly and lots of practice!!

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