How To Give An Orgasm With Your Fingers

How to give an orgasm with your fingers is a skill you should master. Women absolutely love the kind of pleasure men can give them with their fingers. (Ladies click here)

How to give an orgasm with your fingers is a skill you should master. Women absolutely love the kind of pleasure men can give them with their fingers. (Ladies click here)

Fingers are the best way to complement oral sex for women; however, fingering can be also the main “course” in the menu!

Either you use it to complement cunnilingus or you make it the main focus, fingering is so much more than just sticking your fingers inside her vagina!

So, let’s check out how to blow her mind with your fingers!

1. First of all make sure she’s wet. She should be already if you have been giving her oral; if you’re just going to finger her, lots of foreplay would probably do the job, if not, use lubricant.

Choose a water-based lubricant if you’re planning to use a condom afterwards because the oil-based ones break the latex.

2. Either you have been giving her oral or not as part of the pre-fingering foreplay, make sure you don’t just jam your finger in there right away, take your time to explore all her vulva first.

Remember, you’re not an inexperienced teenager anymore... Right? ;)... Then, don't behave like one!

The more time you take building anticipation the more chances you have to give her orgasms.

Caress her labia and gently rub the clitoral hood in circular motions before inserting your fingers. Tease her and increase stimulation to make her want your fingers inside of her so bad.

3. Now, slide your finger in and out of her vagina slowly and gently. At first, you can keep your finger straight, and use it to press on the walls of her vaginal canal or to go deep inside.

4. Then, use one of the favorite fingering moves. Slide the tip of your finger in and out of her vaginal canal about ½ an inch; you can even move your fingertips in circles to trace the outer rim of her vagina.

Women love this because the first inch or so of the vagina is jam-packed with pleasure inducing nerves. You can twist your finger as you go in and out as well – this creates a wonderful sensation that carries throughout the entire vaginal canal.

5. While stimulating her with one, two or even three fingers inside her vagina, depending on what she likes (contrary to the popular believe, most women prefer only one)... Use your thumb outside to stimulate her clitoris using circular motions.

You can concentrate only on her clit to make her orgasm, or take it to the next step stimulating her G-spot as well.

You can also choose to give her a clitoral orgasm first, and then concentrate on the G-spot or stimulate both at the same time and blow her mind!

This would take a little bit more of practice because is not always easy to coordinate your fingers to move in different ways at the same time, but is possible!

6. If you choose to give her a clitoral orgasm first, take out your fingers out of her and concentrate on her clitoris. Your index and middle finger will work the best here.

Remember that her clitoral head is very sensitive and shouldn’t be stimulated directly before a proper clitoral warm up. This is especially true when it comes to using your fingers because they are rougher than your tongue.

Therefore, stimulate first her clitoral hood with circular movements to prepare the clit head for more direct stimulation with up and down and sideways movements.

Pay attention to what excites her the most, and when you have found that specific movement stick with it, and increase the speed to make her orgasm.

Women absolutely love clitoral orgasms with fingers and with the tongue. Also, this type of orgasm are probably the easier to get, so once you have given your woman a clitoral orgasm first, is easier for her to have a G-spot orgasm next, either by fingering or penetration.

7. After you stimulate her clit and/or give her a clitoral orgasm, you can then move to stimulate the G-Spot.

Insert your middle finger about 2 inches inside her vaginal canal, and look for a kind of rough bean-shaped spot on the top of her vagina.

This is her G-spot! Now, go ahead and bend your finger and make a repetitive “come here” movement. Start slowly, and gradually increase the pressure and speed until you make her to orgasm.

While stimulating her G-spot with your middle finger, you can keep stimulating her clit with your thumb by doing circular motions. Actually, with practice and coordination you can even aim to give her a simultaneous clitoral and G-spot orgasm! This will definitely blow her mind!

Remember that you can always combine fingering with oral sex to add variety. When you choose to do it, stimulate her clit with your tongue instead of with your thumb, while stimulating her G-spot with your fingers; this would definitely drive her crazy!

Always make sure your fingernails are clean and trimmed well with no hangnails. Hangnails and jagged fingernails can cause small cuts inside your partner’s vagina making the experience extremely unpleasant.

Don’t forget to always mix and match to add variety to your couple's sex life, and make sure you pay attention to her reactions to find out what she likes and how she likes it the most.

If you want to master fingering, the source that I recommend you to look at is called: Naughty Fingers by Gabrielle Moore.

This is by far the best fingering guide that I have found that teaches men pretty much everything you guys need to know about pleasing your woman with your fingers, including a variety of the best fingering techniques. Go ahead and take a look at it here.

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