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How To Introduce Her To Anal Sex And Get Her To Like It

Hi, Guys! Are you wondering how to get anal sex with her? Well, if you want to try anal sex with your woman, but it is her first anal sex time, or she had a bad experience before, you must know how to introduce her to anal sex properly to get her to like it. (Ladies click here)

Hi, Guys! Are you wondering how to get anal sex with her? Well, if you want to try anal sex with your woman, but it is her first anal sex time, or she had a bad experience before, you must know how to introduce her to anal sex properly to get her to like it. (Ladies click here)

Let’s check the steps you need to take for her to be open to try, and to make sure it will be pleasurable for her instead of painful:

1. Get informed

Either you have tried anal sex before or not, getting informed first about the proper way to perform this sexual activity, it's a must!

This goes for you and for her, but keep in mind that you are basically the one who will have the main control of the situation in this high risk activity where you can hurt her if it’s not done right.

There are a number of things that you need to do as anal-prep. As well as, there some things that you need to keep in mind during the practice of this sexual activity.

You must understand that this is not an easy process for her. She will be letting you enter her through a body part that wasn’t designed for penetration; therefore, it can be quite painful if it’s done wrong.

Actually even if it’s done right, it’s quite uncomfortable at the beginning. She must past through the some how painful initial stage before being able to feel pleasure.

Basically, she must be trusting you all the time while you take charge; therefore, you must be very well informed of what you're doing to not end up hurting your woman.

Read all the info I have about anal sex in my website to learn about everything you need to know to have safe and pleasurable anal sex.

2. Communication

Communication is very important in the couple’s sex life, but when it comes to anal sex, it’s crucial.

First of all, talk to her and let her know that you would like to try anal sex with her, and ask her what she thinks about it.

Listen to her, to all her concerns, and be prepared with good information to respond to all of her objections. 

Give her enough information to ease any concern she may have.

Also, you need to build up enough trust on her by letting her know that...

1. You know what you’re doing.

2. You will be patience to wait until she’s ready.

3. You will take all the precautions needed for her experience to be safe and as comfortable as possible.

4. You will be extremely careful, slow, and gentle to not hurt her.

5. You will stop anytime she wants to.

Depending on how much confidence you give her, and how much you show her that you’ll take care of her, is that she will be open to try.

Besides communication before engaging in anal sex, communication during the sexual act is also required.

Anal sex will be successful and pleasurable depending on how good you guys communicate during the process.

She will for sure tell you what feels right and what feels wrong because she won’t be able to hide the pain if she feels it, but you are the one who needs to make sure to always follow her directions.

No matter how aroused you are, if she says slow down, do it; if she says it hurts or stop... Stop!... Because it can really not only hurt but also damage something inside or outside her anus.

3. Anal prep

Yes, anal sex can really hurt, but it doesn't need to if you do things right. In fact, other than the initial discomfort, if it hurts... You guys are doing something wrong!

To minimize the discomfort and the pain, there’s some anal prep that is needed to be done before and during this sexual activity.

The first few times will be the ones that may hurt the most while her and her anus get used to the new sensation of having something “foreign” going inside; however, no matter how experienced you guys get, you never should skip the following anal preparation:

1. Use lots and lots of a good silicone-based anal sex lubricant.

2. Choose a comfortable anal sex position for her that allows easy access. Doggy style and elevated missionary are the best options.

3. Get her to relax! Warm up her body with lots of foreplay. Massages, oral sex, and analingus (anal oral sex) are great options.

4. Anal fingering is the best warm up for the area of her anus. Your fingers will prepare her to get used to the new sensations, as well as, prepare her anus to accommodate something bigger... Your penis.

4. Engage in anal play before anal sex:

Anal play is a good introduction for her to get used to the new sensations outside and inside her anus, as well as, a great transition between the warm up and the actual anal sex.

Actually, anal play is the proper way to warm up her anus before introducing your penis.

Here are the different ways you can use anal play as a warm up for anal sex. You can choose one or use them all. The best way you could do it is to use them all progressively. Either each one in separate times, to introduce her little by little to anal sensations, or all at the same time to gradually build up your way to use your penis.

- Anal fingering

- Anal sex toys

- Analingus

1. Option: You can start giving her oral sex while start stimulating her anus with your well lubed fingers.

2. Option: You can go from oral sex to analingus (licking of her anus and all the area around it). If you both are comfortable with it, this is a very pleasurable prelude to anal sex.

3. Option: Stimulate her anus only with your fingers using some of the anal fingering techniques. This will prepare her anus to accommodate your penis, and will help to turn her on very much.

Anal fingering should always be part of the anal warm up, indifferently of any other kind of anal warm up you are using.

4. Option: Use small anal sex toys to start getting her used to anal penetration with something smaller than your penis.

The advantage of these toys is that they are less intimidating than a penis, and some of them have vibration, which she will feel very pleasurable. Anal sex toys will let her discover the new world of sensations that anal play can offer.

Remember to always buy toys that have a wide, flared base, a cable, or ring on the bottom that keeps the toy from sliding too far into her anus.

Engaging in anal play before attempting anal sex, will let her gradually get used to the new sensations around and inside her anus. Also, it will help her ease the discomfort of the anal stimulation.

Every time, she will be more relaxed and the discomfort will be less; so when she’s finally ready for full anal sex, her body will be already used to the feeling of penetration, and it will be less painful.

She will be able to start enjoying the pleasure of anal sex and start liking it, increasing her curiosity and anticipation for anal sex.

Also, her tension will significantly decrease the first time(s) by knowing that you are just gradually playing a little bit, and there will be not full penetration with your penis yet.

Remember: The more patient you are with this process, the better chances you have for her to let you enter her with your penis, and the more comfortable the experience will be for her.

5. Lots of warm up to relax her

Once she’s ready mentally and physically to fully experience anal sex, give her plenty of warm up to relax her. This is crucial.

The more she’s relaxed, the more the muscles of her anus get relaxed, and the easier the penetration will be.

Do everything she loves to get her the more aroused and relaxed that you can. Take your time. Kiss, caress, massage, lick... oral sex and analingus are great here.

6. Anal fingering first... Always!

Because anal sex is a new experience for her, the proper way to introduce her to the pleasurable world of anal sex is using first your fingers not your penis.

The first time: You should give her anal stimulation with one finger at a time, start with your smallest finger and work your way up to the middle finger; let her get used to the sensation.

First, press the opening of her anus with your finger, then with your palm up aiming to her front wall, insert only one knuckle in, and stop to let the anus expand and make more room for your finger.

Now, insert the second knuckle and stop; finally insert the third knuckle, and stop again.

If she is ok with the stimulation, go ahead and move your finger in a “come hither” motion to stimulate indirectly her G-Spot. Yes! You can actually stimulate her G-Sop indirectly through her anus, because there’s only a thin membrane separating her vagina and her anus canal.

Start the movement slowly, and increase a little bit of the pressure to give your woman her first anal orgasm. Let her enjoy the sensation and discover the pleasure of anal sex, and stop for that time.

The second time: You’ll do the same, but after warming her up with one finger first, go ahead and insert two fingers at a time, one on top of the other, not side by side. Follow the same process described above. Try to make her orgasm, and stop anal stimulation for that “night”.

The third time: You’re going to warm her up with one finger, then two fingers, and then you will try to use your penis, if she’s ready for it:

So, in the third time, you use your fingers to warm up and prepare her anus for a bigger penetration. Start with your smallest finger and work your way up to your middle finger.

Uses lots and lots of lube and perform the best anal fingering techniques to relax her and “open” her anus.

If you manage to give her an orgasm by anal stimulation, it will be even better!... She will be more relaxed to receive your penis, but don’t sweat it!... Don’t force it to happen; concentrate on relax her, so she will feel the less pain as possible.

Now, go ahead and insert your second finger, and give her some good stimulation to prepare her for your penis.

7. Gradual, slow, and gentle penetration

Once you’ve seen that she has been able to handle the full stimulation of your middle finger, and your two fingers, you can ask her if she’s ready to try your penis.

If she couldn’t handle your bigger finger, don’t even try to introduce your penis yet because it will hurt her.

Stop, and try anal play some other time. Only use your penis when you see she’s ok with your bigger finger or a toy.

If she says she’s ready for your penis, put lots of lube in her anus AND your penis, and start pressuring very slowly and gently to introduce only the tip of your penis.

Take your time, stop, and give her some time to get used to, and if she’s ok, go a little bit further inside; stop again, and keep going a little bit further, only as far as she’s able to handle without pain.

A little bit of discomfort is felt at the beginning while your penis is passing through the first sphincter, but after that, it should not be that painful, maybe some discomfort but not painful. If it hurts, stop and try some other time.

Remember: Once inside, do not thrust her too hard or too fast because you can hurt her, causing her pain and even maybe some tears outside and inside her anus.

The first time(s) do not concentrate on making her orgasm; that will come with time, when she’s more used to anal sex and can get relaxed enough to start feeling pleasure. The first few times concentrate on giving her the less uncomfortable experience as you possibly can, for her to be able to relax, and be willing to keep trying.

8. Finish it up the proper way

When it comes to anal sex, your orgasm is not always the big finale. Here, the end comes when she say’s that’s all she can handle.

The first time may be even only your finger the only one who had a bit of a chance to get in. Maybe your penis made it, but only for a short time.

Some other times, you may get the chance to go deeper, and slowly do some strokes. If you guys keep trying (not every day of course, give her time to want to try again) at some point, you will be able to give her orgasms, and she will let you go all the way until you orgasm!

Patience and experience will get you both there, but in the meantime the finale is when she says stop.

The important thing here is not the orgasm, it’s how you handle things for her to be willing to keep trying. 

Therefore, no matter what ends up the anal sex session, or if there was an orgasm or not... Be nice with her afterwards! Tell her how much you appreciate her effort, and how much you enjoy it. Ask her how she feels, and help her get cleaned up! Be a gentleman!...

Important! If you guys decide to stop anal and switch for vaginal or oral sex, make sure you change the condom and/or clean your fingers, penis and mouth with water and soap before getting close to her vagina to avoid spreading bacteria and give her an infection.

If you guys call it off for the "night"... Cuddle her!!! She will highly appreciate that kind of emotional support, and she will probably be willing to try it again some other time.

There you have it! This is how to get anal sex the proper way!

I know it may seem as a long process to get to where you want... pleasurable anal sex; but, keep in mind that getting that anal sex will directly depend on how well you handle all of this process.

If you rush things out, she will feel pain and will never want to try it again. If you take your time, she will not only be willing to try, but she may end up liking it even more than you!

Be patient, smart, and responsible, give her time and learn all you can about anal sex. You will find here lots of good information not only about how to get anal sex but also how to give her mind blowing anal orgasms!...

Yes! It is possible!...

If you carefully and patiently follow all of this process and learn about anal orgasm techniques, you would be able to give her orgasms even more intense and powerful than vaginal orgasms!

Like I said, you'll find lots of information in my site, but if you want to make sure you know EVERYTHING you NEED to know to MASTER anal sex, I recommend you to read Anal Pleasure For Her.

This guide goes in deep into all the details you need to know about precautions, tips and techniques. You will learn not only how to make her want to try anal sex, but also how to get her to like it or even love it!...

You'll have all the knowledge to be able to give her pleasure instead of pain, and that will ensure she stays open to keep trying. 

Now, when you're ready to try the anal sex techniques that you'll learn in this guide, you'll be able to give your lady some of the most pleasurable orgasms of her life!... But this takes time, patience and knowledge!... So make sure you get all the information you need.

Remember, anal sex is the kind of thing that she will either love or hate, and she pretty much decides that on the first attempt... Don't screw it up! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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