How Men Think:
The Biggest Mistake Any Woman Can Make With Their Man

How men think is mostly unknown and mysterious for women. Most of the time, they don’t let us know what’s really going on in their minds. They either don’t talk or lie, and we end up trying to find out what they’re thinking.

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What about if I tell you that there's an unforgivable mistake almost every woman commits around their man...

What about if I tell you that hundreds of millions of women do this EVERYDAY with their man!...

Yeah... We're kind of guilty on this one :(...

However, most women who do this have no idea that they're making a HUGE mistake that could be ruining their relationship.

... So, are you wondering if you do it too?

Before I talk about this big mistake, I'd like to give you an example of a very common situation between a couple. I bet you may have felt something like this at some point in your life...


Ok, let’s call them Sara and Carl. They have been in a relationship for about 3 years. They always had a great connection; it was like they were made for each other, but lately things have changed.

Now, Sara is worried... She can sense that Carl is a lot more "inside his head" lately, he isn't being as open as he used to be. He’s getting silent, cold and distant. She misses the comfort of the days when she could talk about something and really connect with him.

But now she is desperate because Carl's behavior is confusing her, she is feeling a lot more out of control, she’s feeling constant fear and anxiety, she wants to know what's going on???

...But lack of communication from Carl is only making things worse.

She feels miserable and misses the closeness, but it seems like Carl doesn't really care.

He just won’t open up and tell her what’s happening.

She is wondering if it's something she has said or done which is causing this? She can sense this huge gap in understanding and a giant invisible wall between herself and Carl.

But there is an even bigger fear which is freaking her out, she fears that maybe Carl is thinking of breaking up with her. She fears that maybe he is doing things behind her back and has been cheating on her.

The very thought of imagining Carl with another woman makes her feel this ugly feeling in her stomach, her heart starts to pound faster, and it makes her feel literally paralyzed.

Have you ever had such a feeling around your man?

Have you ever felt that awful feeling in your gut when you didn't know what was going on inside his head, and you feared that maybe he was thinking of leaving you?

Well, maybe you have faced a similar situation or maybe you haven't... But, I bet you can relate to that nasty feeling that appears when you don't understand your man.

Ladies... Hundreds of millions of women go through this every single day. But do you know why this happens?

It's because most women make the biggest and unforgivable mistake in a relationship which completely ruins their chances... Want to know what this mistake is?

Here, it is, and I want you to listen carefully to this...

The biggest mistake a woman makes in a relationship is:

Not Knowing How The Male Mind Works!

Not understanding how the male mind works will always lead you into relationship issues and problems, you will always find yourself confused and frustrated.

No knowing how men think is unforgivable because it can completely ruin a happy relationship, and often times can lead to a painful divorce or a breakup which could have been avoided.

Not understanding the male psychology can send you on emotional "tailspins" for days on end, and you will feel out of control as a result.

But hey! We may be “guilty” on this one, but is definitely not our fault!

At the end... Who have ever taught us about it?

It is not like we were handled a Male Mind Instruction Manual teaching us how men think. We were just thrown out to the world of men and relationships without having a clue of how the men’s world really works.

It is like we went to war without knowing our “enemy” and with no “weapons” at all! No wonder why we have so many issues in our relationships.

Until now! Fortunately, we are living at a time where there's more attention and research given to relationships. Research has shown how men think and act very differently from women. This information helps couples to have better interaction and better communication.

One of the experts who has done a GREAT job putting together a very informative and powerful guide about how the male mind works is Mark Scott, author of "How To Read A Man". 

As he explains in his book...

Here’s the thing, every man and woman has actually two minds:

1. The conscious mind which follows logic

2. The unconscious mind which follows emotions

The conscious mind deals with thoughts while the unconscious mind deals with feelings and emotions.

We can actually control our conscious mind, but we cannot control our unconscious mind.

That's why we can "plant" positive thoughts constantly in our conscious mind, and eventually our unconscious mind will reflect a change in behavior.

Now, this is important, because whenever there's a battle between the two minds the unconscious always win. Emotion outweighs logic every time.

Therefore, by positively influencing the conscious mind we can make our unconscious mind to act the way we actually want.

Now we can make this work for ourselves, but we can also make this work on other people's minds. In this case, our man’s mind.

By constantly planting a positive image of ourselves in our man's mind, we can actually influence our man unconscious mind to act the way we want.

So how does this exactly work?

Well, you see, there are a few emotional buttons already located in the male mind. When you push them, you can actually influence him to your way of thinking, and make him give you all the love and the attention you deserve.

Now many times when a woman gets his man to go out of his way to do special things for her, it’s usually because that woman said or did something that triggered the emotional side of his mind, and as a result he feels a strong urge to please her.

And how can you push these buttons?

You push these buttons by using specific language which will appeal subconsciously to his protective instincts.

This is the thing, a man is naturally wired to please you. He has a genetic need to protect his loved ones.

When you speak a language which triggers this instinct, he will feel like it’s his duty to keep you safe, protected and happy. He will go out of his way to please you.

This is so powerful that he would subconsciously think that pleasing you is the right thing to do, and he will even feel good about it.

This actually goes beyond of speaking his language for him to understand you; this actually lets you influence him in a positive way for you to get the kind of connection you have always wanted.

Any women who understand these secrets and learn how to push these psychological buttons has no trouble...

* Making and keeping her man deeply in love with her.

Getting what she wants without even trying.

* Making her man to constantly pleasing her.

* Making her man to spend the rest of his life with her.

On the other hand, women who don’t know this...

* Think all men are jerks.

* Face their men to become distant and withdrawn with time.

* They are taken for granted and don’t get the respect they deserve.

* Find themselves in the company of the wrong kind of man who treats them like crap.

Always struggle to make a man commit.

Actually understanding this, is so important, that if you don’t... You may be risking your man to get distant, find reasons to avoid you and even feel the need to cheat on you. And you will not even know the reason why he’s doing all these hurtful things.

Ok, so now you know that not knowing how the male mind works it is without a doubt, THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ANY WOMAN CAN MAKE WITH A MAN. 

This can be the devastating kiss-of-death to your relationship unless you do something about it right now.

It's time to really dig in How Men Think and learn How To Read A Man.

...So, you may be wondering... Ok, I understand that I need to appeal to the emotional part of his brain, and use a very specific language which triggers his protective instincts...

But, what is that specific language?

Mark Scott made a video explaining you how men are differently wired than women..

If you're really interested in knowing how the male mind works, how men think, and what specific language will trigger the emotional part of his brain and positively influence his behavior... Watch Mark's video here about "How To Read A Man".

The information here will truly help you improve your relationship! :)

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