Discover The 6 Biggest Oral Mistakes To Avoid
When Going Down On Her

Going down on her is a very pleasurable art that most women can’t wait for men to master.

Women simply LOVE receiving oral sex, maybe even more that men do!...

But, many of them are not getting the kind of oral sex they really crave for, and surprisingly the majority of them have the same complaints.

Read below to check if you’re making one or more of the most common and biggest mistakes that men make when going down on their woman.

1. Not enough foreplay: You need to preheat the oven!!

Are you going directly down south?


The biggest complaint women have about oral sex is that their man just dive right in, skipping the foreplay.

You may see oral sex as the foreplay for sex, and yes, oral sex can be part of the foreplay, but is not all of it, and it’s definitely not the first part of the foreplay. You still need to do some warm up before go down on her.

So, your destination is the clit right?...


But, don’t take any shortcuts!! Your journey starts up in the north and end down in the south.

First, take care of her lips, neck, breast, belly, inner thighs, and then take care of her vulva, spend a good time exploring it, and then go for the clit to give her the big O!!! ...

Remember... We are like ovens... You need to preheat your woman before you “bake”. Women need some stimulation, slow, gradual, progression... Create anticipation, make her wants it soo bad that she almost would beg for it.

Take your time!

2. Hitting directly for the clit

In the same way that skipping the foreplay to go directly down on her looking for her clit is the first mistake, the second mistake is getting to her vulva and going directly for the clit.

Just like you need to warm up her body to get to her vulva, now you need to warm up her vulva to get to her clitoris.

Yes! It is like a journey with lots of stops before you get to your destiny: The Clit!

The clitoris is extremely sensitive, with 8.000 nerve endings placed there with the only purpose of give her pleasure, you better handle it with care or you can end up hurting her.

You first take your time to explore every inch of her vulva where there are many other sensitive spots that are also craving for pleasure.

Remember, she can feel pleasure from everything you do down there, not only from the orgasm, so give her the most pleasure you can while the clit is getting ready for the action!...

Think about it... Are you going to leave all the other pleasurable spots untouched?... It’s like giving her only half of the pleasure she’s expecting!

3. Too hard, too fast, too soon... Too wrong!

These are actually the 3 biggest mistakes that men can make with women, in anything that has to do with sex:

Everything you do too hard, too fast, and too soon... Is too wrong!...

Especially when it comes to oral sex!

* Too Hard:

Women are delicate creatures, usually nothing too hard or rough works with us, and that’s something that most men just don’t get it.

Most women enjoy rough sex sometimes, but not all the time; however, oral sex is the one thing that’s not pleasurable when is performed roughly, especially at the clitoris.

Now, don’t confuse speed and intensity with roughness. You actually need to gradually increase the speed and intensity of the movements in her clit when she’s close to orgasm, but you don’t need to be rough.

From all her body, her entire vulva, specially her clit are the most delicate places. Go too rough on her, and she probably won’t let you go down on her anymore.

* Too Fast:

Starting too fast would not get her to orgasm faster. Anything you do on a rush never works to create sexual desire or pleasure in a woman.

You need to build it up!

Start slowly, and gradually increase the pace and intensity just when she’s about to orgasm, not before.

* Too Soon:

As I said before, reaching for the clitoris too soon without warming her up is not going to make her orgasm faster, and it could actually end up hurting her.

4. Lack of exploring

Even though the majority of nerve endings are located in her orgasm spot: The Clit, the rest of the vulva is full of pleasurable spots that you don’t want to miss, and she DOESN'T want you to miss out!...

Explore her vulva!

Actually do you know all those pleasurable spots I’m talking about?

Make sure you really get to know your woman feminine anatomy... You need to know how to read the map to reach your goal destination... Don’t you?

Explore every inch of it! Because every inch you lick, kiss or suck is going to give her a bunch of different pleasurable sensations.

Remember, she feels everything you do down there, from the wetness of your mouth to the most fancy movement that you try on her!

5. Lack of variety

Licking up and down and drawing circles every time you go down on her make oral sex boring.

Variety is the key to make her experience many different sensations and drive her wild.

Try different movements, explore different spots, learn some tips and techniques to burst your imagination... The sky is the limit... Be creative!

Spice it up! ;)

How about writing the letters of her name?... Or, write something sexy!... What about using ice?.. Or, change positions, or even the place!... What about including some toys?... How about your fingers? Are you using them?...

Add variety!... Spicing things up is especially important when you are in long-term relationship where routine can make things become boring.... 

Just remember!... When she’s about to orgasm, variety time is over! Don’t change what you're doing!...

6. Changing direction right when she’s about to orgasm

Ok, just like I said above... When she’s about to orgasm, don’t change what you’re doing!

Teasing is great to warm her up, but once you get to her clit, and you see she’s ready to come, teasing time is over!... Stick with whatever movement you’re doing that is working.

This is the time to increase the pace and intensity and don’t stop! If you stop now, you could basically screw up her orgasm! And, after all your “hard” work, you don’t wanna do that.

There’s nothing more disappointing and annoying for a woman than her partner changing directions when she about to come.

There you have it! The 6 biggest oral sex mistakes you can make when going down on her. Make sure you not only avoid the mistakes but also master the techniques!

If you feel ready to take your sex life to the next level and truly MASTER how to give her EVERY type of female orgasm, then check out this video:

If you feel ready to take your sex life to the next level and truly MASTER how to give her EVERY type of female orgasm, then check out this video:

Spice Sex Up! :)

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