Are You Giving Her Oral Sex?...
Discover Why Women Love Getting Oral Sex! 

Are you giving her oral sex?... Discover why women love, crave and enjoy getting oral sex. If you really want to please your woman... Let’s master how to go down on her!

Are you giving her oral sex?... Discover why women love, crave and enjoy getting oral sex. If you really want to please your woman... Let’s master how to go down on her!

Did you know that oral sex is actually more pleasurable for a woman than for a man?

Despite how much you have heard all men love fellatio, yes! Cunnilingus (oral sex for women) is more pleasurable for us! :)... 

But why?...

Well... Because in the small clitoris, we have packed a whopping eight thousand nerve endings! Almost twice the amount of nerve endings in a penis!... So, let’s say that a woman almost could feel twice the pleasure receiving cunnilingus than a man receiving fellatio...

No wonder why many women love oral sex even MORE than penetration! 

This is a huge reason for you to become an expert in the art of cunnilingus. I bet your woman also love it too!

For women, oral sex is like a mini-vacation to paradise where all the tension from the day is released. A paradise where we almost have guaranteed the orgasm!... And, even if we don’t get to orgasm, it’s still incredibly pleasurable.

Besides the physical pleasure, oral sex is very emotionally rewarding for women because it is one of the few moments we feel that all the attention is on us.

Cunnilingus is a very intimate sex act, and when we let our man get so close to us, we are creating an emotional bonding as well. And for women, emotions have a direct connection to sex.

Now, when it comes to orgasms, the ones from penetration are not even compared to the kind of intense, powerful and long lasting orgasms that are experienced from oral sex.

Even before or without orgasm, the simply feeling of a man’s wet tongue down there, it is completely electrifying!

Basically, every woman craves oral sex...

Well done, amazingly, mind blowing oral sex...

Not just licking up and down!

* A study involving 98 married women as described in Sex: A Man’s Guide, ranked cunnilingus or oral sex as the most enjoyable and gratifying sexual act:

82% of these married women feel that receiving cunnilingus outranks any other sexual act!

Only 68% of the women felt that intercourse was very pleasurable.

- These women experienced an orgasm only 25% of the time! That means that out of every four times these women engaged in a sexual act, only once did they reach orgasm!

- During oral sex, however, these same women reached orgasm a whopping 81% of the time.

There’s solid proof that cunnilingus is the most surefire way to give a woman an orgasm.

* In a similar study by Kinsey and Masters and Johnson:

- Only 7.7 percent of women did not reach an orgasm if their husbands spent more than twenty one minutes engaging in foreplay and oral sex.

I can almost assure your woman also loveee receiving oral sex. And if she hasn't asked you for it, it’s because she may not feel confident enough to bring it up, but not because she doesn't want to.

No matter how much women like to receive oral sex, many don’t even dare to ask for it because most women are self conscious.

Also, cunnilingus is probably the most intimate sex act for us, it is even more intimate than penetration, so you need to be delicate enough to approach to it... Always make your woman feel comfortable before going down on her. Lots of foreplay would help to relax her...

Cunnilingus is quite possibly the easiest and most direct approach to getting your partner to reach orgasm, but one of the greatest things about it is:

Even if orgasm doesn’t happen, it's still quite pleasurable for her! So, by giving her oral sex, you will please her either way... if you know how to perform it right... of course. As you become more experienced, you’ll make her orgasm more often.

Cunnilingus is the ultimate form of sex for a woman...

Hands down!

Now remember oral sex is an art, most men are not experts on this field no matter how long they've been performing it. Learning new and good oral sex tips and techniques will always make the difference when giving her oral.

The best source of oral sex information that I can recommend you to MASTER how to go down on her is called: Lick by Lick: How To Go Down On A Woman And Have Her Begging For More by Michael Webb.

This guide is one of the most complete oral sex guides that I have found so far. It teaches men from how to turn her on to tips and techniques to give her mind blowing oral orgasms.

Here, you'll learn what you need to know about female anatomy - Her hot spots and how to stimulate them correctly, all about the clit, advanced techniques, fingering, oral sex positions, oral sex safety, ... even sex toys!

I suggest you to take a look at it so you can master every aspect of oral sex. Keep in mind that learning about sex doesn't suggest you are an amateur, in the contrary, it suggests that you are ready to take your sex life to the next level. It says you're ready to let the average man behind and become the best lover you can be!

Angie :)

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