Are You Getting Oral Sex???
Check How To Get Your Woman From Hate It To Like It!

Hi Guys!... Are You Getting Oral Sex? Or, Are You In Blowjob Starvation Mode???...

If you are, I am truly sorry, I can imagine how bad you feel! 

I know men love getting blow jobs as much as women hate giving them. 

However, there are also many women that actually love and enjoy giving head!

The good news is that you can actually help your woman to like it! Because many of the complaints and reasons why she may not like giving oral sex can be solved by you!

The biggest issue, when it comes to blow jobs, is the lack of communication!

Both of you need to have clear in advance things like...

Hands on the head, or not? Where the semen goes? In her mouth? In her body? Is she willing to swallow? What about deep throat?... What do you like and what you don’t?... How far she’s willing to go?

Many of women blowjob concerns have to do with the unexpected and unpleasant surprises that can happen during a blow job when both partners are not in the same page.

For example, she may not like to give you head because she’s afraid of you ejaculating in her mouth or grabbing her head. If you guys talk about it, she expresses her preferences, and you respect them... She won’t be afraid of giving you head anymore.

As you will see, every woman’s objection about oral sex can be solved by communicating, compromising, and respecting limits. Once you make your woman trust you and make her feel comfortable, she will be more than willing to give more oral sex.

So, let’s see which are the biggest complaints women have about oral sex, and how can you solve them. Make sure you address all of them, so your woman won’t have any objection left for not loving giving you head!

8 Biggest Blow Job Complains From Women
And Hot To Solve Them

1. Complain: Fellatio is condescending to women

Many women see oral sex as a form of sexual submission, and they see this type of submission as condescending to women.  

Oral sex IS REALLY NOT and SHOULD NOT be condescending towards women; it is just another way to share and express sexual pleasure; however, it is the man’s attitude while getting the blowjob what would make the woman feel submission or appreciation.

* Your solution:

You may not be “guilty’ of this one, specially if you are on a long term relationship where you love and respect your woman. However, either it’s your intention or not, some attitudes may be perceived by her like submission.

Check out your attitude when you ask her for a blowjob and during the blowjob.

* Are you demanding or even forcing her to give you head? Or, are you suggesting and telling her how much you love when she goes down on you?  

* Are you making her feel like you’re controlling her during the blowjob? Or, are you showing her how much you are enjoying it?

For women, giving head is not always something physically pleasurable for different reasons; therefore, it is not something that we usually crave or looking forward to...

So, your attitude here plays a big role in making her feel comfortable, convincing her that fellatio is something right and pleasurable to do, and showing her you respect and appreciate her when she’s doing it.

2. Complain: I don’t know how to do it right!

Women, as well as men, were not born being experts in oral sex, and most of what we do is just by instinct.

Many women simply don’t know how to perform a blowjob. This lack of confidence may lead them to simply avoid giving head.

* Your solution:

Kindly show her what you want her to do. Communication is key when it comes to oral sex. Even if she has an idea of what to do, knowing exactly what you like will encourage her to please you.

Knowledge and confidence will not be a problem anymore because she will know exactly what to do.

3. Complain: It is uncomfortable!

My neck hurts! My back hurts! My knee hurts!.... My jaw gets tired!... Giving head it’s really uncomfortable!

* Your solution:

Well, she’s actually right, giving head is uncomfortable if she’s not in the right oral sex position. So, make sure she’s in a position where her neck, back, knees, wrists, and jaw are comfortable.

Also, suggest her to switch from “oral job” to “hand job” from time to time to give her mouth a break and be able to last until the end.

4. Complain: It’s kind of dirty and smells!

A blowjob will not be pleasurable if the man’s genitals are dirty and smelly. Hygiene is very important for pleasant oral sex and women are very sensitive to that!

* Your solution:

There are 2 hygiene basic solutions to this issue:

1. If it’s dirty.... Wash it!

2. If it’s hairy... Trim it or shave it!

Both male and female genitals have their own distinct odors, but if you keep the area clean, there shouldn't be an issue as far as smell and taste.

Do everything you can to make the area appealing for her. Too much pubic hair is a big turn off, trim it!... Don’t make your woman have to look for your penis in a forest!... Plus! Your precious member will look bigger!

The normal sweat of the day is not a pleasing odor for her, take a shower before receiving oral sex, and as tip, you can actually use the intimate cleansing wash that is sold for women; it is completely ok for you to use, and your woman will truly appreciate it!

5. Complain: I don’t like the taste of semen

This is a big one! Most women don’t like the taste of semen because it is kind of salty and bitter.

* Your solution

You must have to respect the fact that she doesn’t like the taste.

As much as you like cumming in her mouth, if she doesn't like it, and you keep insisting or even ejaculate unexpectedly on her mouth, she may cut blowjobs off the menu completely.

So, act smart and don’t risk losing your blowjobs!

Here, you basically have two solutions:

* The first one is simply to ejaculate somewhere else in her body, like her face (not her mouth), her breast, or her belly. Although is not as pleasurable as ejaculating in her mouth, it is also very sexy.

You can even finish inside of her vagina, so she doesn’t have to deal with the semen at all.

Just make sure you let her know you are aware of the fact that she doesn’t want the semen to end up on her mouth, and that you will respect that. And, do what you said so!... If she trusts you, she will be more confident and willing to give you head more often.

Trust me, when it comes to oral sex, there’s nothing worse for a woman than unexpectedly having her mouth full of semen when she specifically says she doesn't want to. That is a surefire reason for her to stop giving head.

* The second solution you have is to improve the taste of your semen. 

Making some dietary adjustments will definitely improve its kind of salty and bitter taste and make it sweeter.

Include in your food sweet fruits like pineapples, apples, grapes, cherries, pears... Vegetables like celery and wheat grass, fiber, proteins and herbs like cinnamon.  

Avoid cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, those give a bitter taste to semen. Also, toxins like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and drugs can make the semen taste saltier or cause it to have a bitter aftertaste.

Basically, the fresher and healthier you eat the better your semen will taste, and the bigger the chance you have for her to like it!

6. Complain: I don’t like swallowing

Many women don’t mind the semen in their mouth, but they're not willing to swallow it.

* Your solution:

Again, this is another one where you must respect her decision. If she doesn’t like the taste of the semen or the sensation of swallowing, it is better for you to accept it, and try alternatives than making a huge deal out it that will only make your woman want to avoid giving you blow jobs.

If she doesn't mind your semen going in her mouth but doesn’t want to swallow it, let her know that it’s fine for her to spit it out.

If she doesn’t want to swallow because she doesn't like the taste of your semen, improve its taste with the tips above.

And, if she definitely don’t want any semen in her mouth at all, ejaculate on some other part of her body.

Just make sure that, before fellatio starts, you both are clear about where the semen goes to avoid any misunderstanding during the blowjob.

Also, if she’s confident enough that you will respect her decision about the destination of the semen, she will be more willing to give you head more often.

7. Complain: I don’t like when he grabs my head

After the taste of semen, this is probably the biggest complaint.

Guys, hear me out in this one: It doesn’t feel comfortable for a woman when a man grabs her head and push it against him!

Think about it, she has your whole penis in your mouth, and when you hold her head against you, she feels like she’s out of breath and without any control of it. It is suffocating, extremely uncomfortable, and can even make her gag.

* Your solution:

Simply, do not grab her head with your hands to push her against you. 

Let her have control of the pace and the movement of the blow job because she’s the only one who knows how much she’s able to handle at a time.

The most that you can do here, if she’s ok with it, is to gently touch her head or hair with your hands like caressing her NOT pushing or pulling.

The more trust you build up on your woman as far as making her feel comfortable in every sense when giving you oral sex, the more she will be willing to do it and even enjoy it.

8. Complain: I gag when I deep throat

Gagging is the biggest concern about deep throating; therefore, learning to control the gag reflex is the key to be able to deep throat.

* Your solution

I know you love deep throat, but this is not an easy thing to do for a woman.

So, if you're lucky enough for her to be willing to do it for you, the biggest help you can give her is to have patience and don’t rush things or push your penis deep inside of her.

She needs to have full control here because her big focus will be in trying to control her gag reflex. If you push her penis inside her throat, you will only make her gag even faster.

So, relax and enjoy; let her control everything, and be supportive and patient because this is a skill that takes time and practice to learn.

Be supportive if she’s not able to make it the first time. This is completely normal. Let her feel you appreciate her effort, and she probably will be willing to try again some other time.

Your attitude is key here, don’t pressure her.

Just in case she’s willing to deep throat, but she doesn’t know how to do it: Here’s the suggestion you can give her:

First of all, she needs to find an oral sex position where her face is facing your feet; that way your penis will not touch the back of her throat directly and make her gag.

Next, she needs to relax her mind, body and especially the muscles of her mouth and throat. Tension here will not let her take your penis all the way in, so suggest her to breathe deeply through her nose and slowly work her way down.

Remind her to salivate a lot or use some flavored lubricant to help your penis go down smoothly and avoid making her gag.

Actually, send her this article Learn How To Deep Throat I wrote it specifically for women to teach them how to deep throat properly and successfully.

Oh!... By the way, this one is also very helpful for her Oral Sex Advice: Overcome Your Blow Job Concerns And Got From Hate It To Like It! ;)

As you can see, there are many complaints and reasons why women hate giving head, but you can give simple solutions to each one of them and get her to like it...

Soon, you will be getting oral sex more often! ;)

The most important thing here is to communicate with your partner, and let her know what you like; find out how far she’s willing to go, and respect her preferences and decisions.

The more you make her feel comfortable with oral sex by showing her that you will respect her limits, the more she will trust you and be willing to give you oral pleasure more often.

To help you understand deeply how to get your woman to go from hating blow jobs to LOVE them, as well, as learning exactly what to do to achieve that, I recommend you to read a really awesome guide that I've found called: Oral Fixation: Why She Hates Giving You Head An How To Make Her To Love It.

I said an awesome guide because I think its author Mike Fiore hit the nail on the head with this guide! Here, he explains the real root of the problem and gives the solution.

He's helping thousands of men solving this common issue, and there are thousands of happy men getting more blow jobs because they've learned how to get them!... So, if your lady has you on Blow Job Starvation Mode or you're getting lousy blow jobs... Go ahead and take a look at Oral Fixation!

Spice Sex Up! :)

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