How To Achieve G-Spot Orgasms

Hi Ladies!... G-Spot Orgasms are absolutely wonderful!... Unfortunately, not every man knows how to stimulate the G-Spot correctly to give their woman an orgasm, some don’t even know how to find it!... (Guys click here)

The result?... Many women that haven’t felt yet a G Spot Orgasm!...

So, let’s talk about the famous, but not always well known... G-Spot! :)

You'll learn more about your body to be able to guide your man to reach and stimulate the g-spot correctly, so he can give you wonderful G-Spot orgasms!

First of all, what is the G-Spot and where is located?

The G-spot is a small dime-to-quarter-sized bundle of nerves located about two inches inside of the front wall of the vaginal canal. This is a very sensitive spot that can be stimulated when rubbed or pressed with his finger, giving you the chance to reach a G-Spot orgasm.

The G-Spot is responsible for giving you some of the deepest orgasms, and the fingers are the easiest way to directly stimulate it.

How does he stimulate your G-Spot?

He can stimulate it with his penis, his fingers, and a sex toy:

1. Stimulating the G-Spot with his fingers

The G-Spot is also a sensitive spot, so he shouldn’t just stick his finger inside of you right away and start directly stimulating it.

Before going for the G-Spot, he should have warmed up your body with foreplay, have touched and caressed your vulva, and even maybe given you a clitoral orgasm already with his fingers. Then, he could go and start exploring your vagina!

Exploring fingers

This is probably the most common fingering technique, and it’s a good way for him to start arousing your G-Spot, so it starts swelling up, and gets easier to find and ready to get stimulated.

First, he can use his index and/or middle finger pointing down to enter your vagina. Make sure his fingers are wet, have him use lube if it’s necessary.

He should start with one finger, and later add another one if you want. Many women love 2 or even 3 fingers inside, but the big majority prefers only one. Let him know what you prefer.

He shouldn't insert his fingers all the way in right away; he should work his way inside of you.

He can start by inserting only 1/2 inch of his finger, and then stimulate the outer ring of your vagina canal by going in and out - in circles and twisting. This area is packed of sensitive nerves, and you’re going to enjoy this so much.

Then, he can go further inside keeping his finger straight and touching the upper wall of your vagina canal. He can go in and out and twist his finger.

Now, he can go for the G-Spot!

He can leave only about 2 inches of his finger(s) inside of you, and look for a dime-size bean shaped kind of rough protuberant tissue on the front wall of your vagina. This is your G-Spot! Now he must bend his finger and make a “come here” movement pressing the top of your vagina to stimulate the G-Spot.

He must keep in mind that the G-spot is different from the clitoris, which means, in most cases, he’ll need to stroke it slightly harder than the clitoris. 

He should start by massaging it lightly, and gradually increase the pressure and speed until he makes you orgasm. He may need to stimulate you for a while for you to orgasm, so he must do his best to keep it up!

Always make sure that his fingernails are clean and trimmed well with no hangnails. Hangnails and jagged fingernails can cause small cuts inside your vagina making the experience extremely unpleasant.

2. Stimulating the G-Spot with his penis

Although he can stimulate your G-Spot with intercourse, this may not be the best way to do it because it depends on factors like the position, your level of arousal, and the penis and vaginal shape and size. Actually, using fingers is the easiest way to reach orgasm with the most chance of success.

However, it is totally possible!

Now that he knows the exact location of your G-Spot, it's just a matter of positioning his body correctly, so his penis is on an angle that allows stimulation of your G-Spot.

These are modifications he needs to do to the best sex positions to stimulate your G-Spot with his penis:

* Doggy style: For this position to reach your G-Spot, instead of coming directly at you as in regular doggy style, he must tilt his hips to go down on you at an angle.

He must remember the G-Spot is only about 2 inches inside of you; therefore, instead of using full penetration, he just needs to do swallow strokes with the head of his penis inside of you, directing the head to your vaginal front wall where the G-Spot is located.

* Missionary: Here, with you on the bottom, he needs to put a pillow under you to elevate your hips or take your legs and push them all over your head if you’re flexible enough; usually the pillow is more comfortable.

Now, when he’s inside, instead of going directly at you, he should aim the head of his penis towards the front of your vaginal wall about 2 inches inside of you.

So again, full penetration doesn't work here because his penis will way past your G-Spot.

One great tip: As he’s thrusting his penis in and out of your vagina, he can press his hand gently down on your lower stomach; this will push your G-Spot closer to his penis allowing a greater stimulation. He can do this when he’s using his fingers as well.

* Cowgirl: When you’re on top, tilt your hips so his penis can aim to your G-Spot.

3. Stimulating the G-Spot with a sex toy

There are many sex toys specifically designed to stimulate your G-Spot and give you awesome g-spot orgasms! :)

These have the specific shape and size to reach the G-spot, plus many of them come with vibration, which feels absolutely pleasurable for you and definitely help to speed up the orgasm.

Also, some toys not only pleasures the G-Spot, but also your deep spot, and some even give you anal stimulation for multiple orgasmic sensations at the same time!

Explore the amazing world of Sex Toys!

They are a great way to add variety and spice up your sex life!

There you have it! All the different ways he can give you G-Spot orgasms!... Just practice, practice and practice!!!

Encourage him to master all the techniques to add variety to your sex life!

Remind him... The more orgasms he gives you, the more you will want to have sex with him!... Right???... Yeah!..  You know it’s true!

We are multiorgasmic creatures, once we discover the pleasure of orgasms, and our man learns how to give them to us, we will always want more ;)...

So, go ahead and let him practice all the G-Spot techniques, and enjoy more G-Spot orgasms!

Spice Sex Up! :)

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