Foreplay Secrets? The Biggest One Is Actually...
Stop Skipping Foreplay!

Hi Guys! So... Are you looking for foreplay secrets? The biggest one is actually... Stop Skipping Foreplay!... Seriously! (Ladies click here)

If you’re skipping foreplay, you’re really approaching sex in the wrong way.

Discover how skipping foreplay can seriously diminish the quality of your sex life.

According to Ophra love and sex expert, Michael Webb, author of "The Virtuoso Lover" ...


Men tend to think that the harder they ram, the harder she’ll cum. Wrong!... Unfortunately for women, this doesn’t work.

Did you know the best way to make a woman cum is to not even get inside her? That’s right, good old third base is a home run for the ladies.

The vagina has very few nerve endings past the opening, and hitting the g-spot through penetration is more about lucking out than mastering technique.

The male species often think that third base is a means to prepare her for his throbbing member, which is why the women they’re with tend not to respond with the screaming orgasm of which they are capable.

If you reprogram yourself to thinking about digital stimulation as part of “having sex,” then you’ll be able to satisfy her on new levels. She will certainly thank you for it!

Before you make the journey into the bush, you have to start elsewhere.

Women don’t have the ability to dive right into sex the way men do. She needs a bit of a build up.

This starts from the moment you hope to have sex with her later. Every small touch, glance, and kiss throughout the night draws her closer to you.

It will be very difficult to get her started if you’ve been acting like she’s a stranger for the past several hours. She doesn’t have to feel completely in love with you, but she does need to feel some sort of connection.

When you’re finally alone, never underestimate the power of a good make out session. Don’t try to force it, but if you can start with gentle kisses that escalate into tongue tangling passion, her nether regions will be begging for some attention once you get there.

In the midst of your good old fashioned make-out, put your hands other places, and I don’t mean breasts alone. You should stroke her back, her sides, her hair, and her breasts. Play with her nipples for a while, and then move elsewhere. Go back, move away, and repeat.

Once you feel her breath quicken and her grip tighten, don’t leave her hanging, get down there and touch away.

It is best to not go into full on assault mode. Start by massaging the outer parts of her vulva, and her inner thighs. If you just graze the clitoris now and again, it will send shock waves through her body.

When it’s time, zero in on the sweet spot, and don’t move until she has had at least one mind-blowing climax. 

Michael Webb


There you have it guys! Michael couldn't summarized and simplified better! I completely agree with him, not only in the fact that you should stop skipping foreplay but also in the ideas he gives you to include foreplay as part of having sex.

Actually, I would say that stop skipping foreplay is more than a foreplay secret... Skipping foreplay is one of the worst sex mistakes!

For more expert advice and tips on how to be an exceptional lover... The kind of lover that every woman dreams about!... Including yours! I recommend you to take a look at Michael's book The Virtuoso Lover. Here he gives you valuable advice, tips and techniques to take your sex life to the next level!

Remember, average sex is boooring! Learn how to become a MASTER and give your Lady over the top sex!... Always! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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