12 Foreplay Ideas
To Get Your Man To Enjoy Foreplay

Can you get your man to love foreplay? YES, you can! Try these 12 foreplay ideas to show your man how foreplay can be sexy, fun and can always lead to passionate sex! ;)   (Guys click here)

1. Wear sexy lingerie and take it off very sexy and slowly

Sexy lingerie will always do the trick!

It works for both of you. You feel sexy on it, it puts you in the mood for sex, and he will love to see you wearing something sexy and taking it off too!...

You can combine this with a striptease to make it even better, and add some high heels to make it sexier.

And if you both want, have sex wearing some of the lingerie and the high heels. This is very erotic!

2. Inviting him to go down on you

Oral sex is a great way for him to warm you up and he will love it!! Insinuate to him that you want to get warm and wet by his mouth before his penis come inside of you.

Yeah! Dirty talk! Make it sound hot him. You can also guide him down on you, and let him know how much you crave for him to lick your clit and make you come. You can be sure he will more than happy to warm you up with that kind of foreplay.

This is without a doubt one of the best foreplay ideas for both of you! ;)

3. Giving him a handjob

Hand jobs are a great way to turn on a man. Get some lubricant and give him a delightful genital massage; this will get him rock hard and ready for you.

Encourage him to touch you and massage you too while you’re focusing on his penis. There you have an indirect way to have the massage that you probably crave so much!

4. Encouraging him to fingering you and stimulate your clit

Fingering is a great way to get warmed up, and it is very pleasurable for you.

He sure loves doing it, and he can even give you a clitoral orgasm! Making easier for you to have a vaginal orgasm during sex.

So, encourage him to touch you down there while you get all the deep kisses you love during foreplay.

5. A lap dance

A lap dance can be very fun and exciting for both of you. This adds variety to the foreplay, and you can be sure he will love any kind of move you do to him, so don’t worry about knowing how to dance, just let it go!

6. Touching yourself and even masturbating in front of him

Men get highly turn on by seeing their woman touch and masturbate in front of them. There’s a visual aspect on it that they enjoy so much, and in the meantime, you’re getting yourself warm and wet for him.

This can be very exciting for both of you, especially if he’s not allowed to touch... just watch ;)

7. Giving him a blow job

This kind of foreplay is the one he will never complain about!... Check Oral Sex Tips For Women to get some tips and techniques to give him a blow job... and go down on him! :)

Men absolutely love getting head, and he will do anything you want after you have pleasured his most “precious treasure”.

You don’t have to go all the way until he comes, just turn him on enough to be ready for sex.

Make sure you are enthusiastic when you go down on him. Attitude is key here! He must see you’re enjoying it!

A great blowjob is one of the best foreplay ideas for your man... Hands down!

8. Wearing a sexy outfit

Get creative, check the Sexy Store and pick up a sexy outfit to surprise him!

Let him have some fantasies!

Outfits will always spice up foreplay, breaking down the routine and creating a whole different environment to enjoy sex.

What kind of outfit?... You name it!...  Dress up as an Egyptian goddess, a sexy cop, a naughty nurse, a belly dancer....

9) Belly dance for him

Belly dance is extremely exotic, erotic and sexy!

You can find belly dance classes almost everywhere, learn some basic moves, buy some music, and a very sexy belly dance outfit... And dance for him!...

Don’t worry about how you dance, this dance is so sexy that even just the outfit and the music will do the trick ;)

10. Inviting him to join you in the bathtub

Prepare the bathtub with some bubbles, candles, oils, music and champagne.

Get on the tube and invite him.

You will have for sure a very pleasurable foreplay for a while.

So, anytime you feel like you want the kind of romantic foreplay that we love, a bathtub is one of those foreplay ideas that guarantee you some relaxing, romantic, sweet and prolonged foreplay.

He won't say "no" to the temptation of seeing you naked in a warm bathtub waiting for him to join you!

11. Tight him up and play with him ;)

Want to make your man crazy?

Get some sexy handcuffs or use some nice scarf, and tie him up to the bed or a chair... tease him all you want! until he can’t help it any longer.

Wear a sexy lingerie, strip for him, touch yourself, do a little bit of a laptop and finish him up with a blowjob.

Seeing and feeling all of this without being able to touch you, will be a very pleasurable torture for him! He will love it!... Have fun with it ;)

12. Make a striptease for him

Men are visual creatures; therefore, your man will love for you to do a striptease for him. 

It doesn't need to be anything fancy or perfect.

It is not about the “performance” it's simply about him seeing you move your body while getting naked.

So put on some sexy music and strip for him!

As you can see, you can get all creative you want with foreplay! Give your man variety and keep it exciting, so he embraces the idea of foreplay as something fun and pleasurable for him too!

Pick your favorite foreplay ideas and give them a try! ;)

Spice Sex Up! :)

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