Why Foreplay For Women Is Crucial To Reach Orgasm

Hi Guys! Foreplay for women is simply crucial to reach an intense, orgasmic, and satisfying sexual experience. (Ladies click here)

If you'd ask me, what would be the single most important sex tip you can have to improve your sex life, I would tell you:

Do Not Skip Foreplay!!

Make it longer and better for her, and you’ll see improvements not only in your sex life but also in your relationship, faster than you can learn any new sex moves or techniques.

I’ll put it to you in simple words, for the majority of women, the perfect lover is not the one who master all the sex techniques, is the one who takes the time to stimulate our minds and bodies well enough to make us feel mind blowing orgasms.

I will give you here the 3 main reasons why foreplay for women is crucial to make them orgasm:

1. Mentally Speaking:

* Foreplay puts your woman in the mood for sex; creating sexual desire and anticipation.

In order for your woman to have an orgasm, she must be first in the mood for sex.

Orgasms start in a woman’s mind! 

They are first developed in our minds, and later with enough sexual stimulation, they are physically released during sex. This means you must turn on your woman’s mind before you turn on her body.

Foreplay is the best and most effective way to turn on your woman’s mind; creating on her a powerful desire to have sex with you.

Believe it or not, foreplay starts way before having sex. It includes everything you do mentally, physically, and emotionally to create sexual desire on her before and during sex.

Before sex, you start creating sexual desire by placing in her mind the anticipation of having sex.

Women are not as visual as men. We don't get turned on just by seeing our man's penis; we need way more than that.

Tell your woman during the day how hot she looks for you, how much you love her, how much you desire her... How much she turns you on.

Send her sexy and romantic text messages. Give her deep kisses and caresses that insinuate your desire for her... Tease her to create sexual desire on her, and put her in the mood to have sex later... Even just a flower could do the magic!

Now, once you have provoked her enough to desire having sex with you, you need to create sexual anticipation during sex with lots of foreplay!

The idea here is to give her a taste of what's coming up to make her want you so bad that she can't hold herself any longer, and must have you NOW!

All the teasing and anticipation you do during foreplay creates more sexual tension that will be released as an orgasm, once you stimulate her correctly during sex.

 * Foreplay relaxes your woman’s mind, and help her focus only on pleasure.

Foreplay relaxes your woman’s mind, and bring her to the moment. It dissipates distractions out of her mind, so she can only concentrate on feeling and giving pleasure.

For a woman to be able to orgasm, her mind needs to be fully present in the moment. There must be an absence of thoughts in order for her to be able to fully let go and experience an orgasm. If she’s thinking about worries, problems, insecurities.... etc, she won’t be able to orgasm.

You can distract her mind of other thoughts, and help her focus only on sexual pleasure by giving her lots of foreplay.

For us, foreplay works in our minds and our bodies somehow like a sedative. It relaxes us some much to the point of being able to disconnect our minds from everything else and just feel the pleasure.

2. Physically Speaking:

Foreplay creates sexual tension that later is released as an orgasm during sex.

If you want to give your woman an orgasm or multiple orgasms, you cannot skip foreplay!

An orgasm has a different process on a woman than a man.

In a man, there’s already sexual tension, in the form of semen, stored in his body looking for release. He releases this sexual tension during the orgasm.

In a woman, this sexual tension must be build up in order to get released as an orgasm...

Now, guess who is in charged to build up her sexual tension?... YOU! And, how do you think you create that sexual tension?... FOREPLAY!!!

Yes, in other words, you must build up your woman orgasm, and the most crucial moment to build it up is during the foreplay. Here, you warm up her mind and her body to receive sexual pleasure.

The more you warm her up, the more sexual tension is added up, intensifying the feeling and the pleasure of every stimulation you give her during sex. Ultimately, all this sexual tension adds up and explodes in the form of orgasm.

Basically, the more foreplay you give her, the more sexual tension you create, the better the chances she has to orgasm, and the more orgasms she could have.

* Foreplay relax and warms up her body to prepare her to receive sexual stimulation

From a physical point of you, women are like "ovens"... You always preheat the oven before you bake, right?... Well simply put, you must always warm up your woman’s body before you have sex with her, and the best way to do it is through FOREPLAY.

During foreplay, her brain starts releasing the hormones that create her arousal, and her body starts getting warm and wet to be able to receive any stimulation you’re about to give her; either with your penis, fingers, tongue... Or toys...

Without her being wet enough, any physical stimulation you give her will cause more discomfort than pleasure.

How do you know her body is getting ready?... The more wet she is, the more she’s aroused.

Don’t try to have sex with her if she’s not wet enough; this means her body is still not fully warmed up. (Keep in mind that women have different levels of lubrication, though; some get more lubricated than others. You can always help her using some lubricant if it's necessary).

3. Emotionally speaking

* Foreplay fulfills her emotional needs, and gets you guys closer as a couple.

Last but not least, foreplay fulfills the woman’s emotional needs, and creates a closer connection between a couple. It is the moment to express your love for her, and let her express her love for you.

Later, during sex, things get more physical; therefore, it is during the foreplay that you reassure your love for her, and create an emotional connection.

For women, there’s a direct connection between love and sex. We need to feel loved in order to desire sex. It may not be always the case; but, especially when we are in a relationship, we need that emotional connection to sexually desire our partner.

Basically, the more you show your love and appreciation to your woman, the more sexual desire she will have for you... Because we see sex as a way to emotionally connect with our man.

When a woman feels loved, she can relax and let go during sex, and that’s the way to reach orgasms... just letting go.

There you have them! The 3 main reasons why foreplay for women is so important, as well as, why you should NOT skip it if you want your woman to orgasm!

Orgasms are an art that if you master, your woman will be extremely mentally, physically, and emotionally satisfied!... and all starts with the foreplay!

I know that lots of men usually think about foreplay as a "long boring way to get what they really want" but, that's how an average man thinks, and an average man can only offer average sex with average orgasms, if any...

I really hope you're not an average man, and if you have been, I really hope that you're ready and willing to become a Master! a PRO! The best lover your Lady can ever have!...

Now, for you to be able to achieve that, you must learn how to master foreplay!... But, don't worry! Soon you'll discover that foreplay can be such as enjoyable for you as it is for her... and it doesn't have to take such a long time as you might think!... If you know exactly what to do and how to do it, you can turn her on even faster!...

And that's what Turn Her On Faster is all about! This is a great guide that I highly recommend you to read, so you learn how to master foreplay and take your sex life to the next level!

Again, if you asked me for the best sex tip, I would definitely tell you: MASTER FOREPLAY! 

Spice Sex Up! :)

Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship!

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