5 Top Fellatio Techniques
To Give Him Oral Love

Hi Ladies!... Get ready to learn the 5 top fellatio techniques to give him oral love!

Fellatio is the ultimate sex pleasure you can give to your man, and it’s worth learning. Giving your man great oral sex orgasms is like saying him... “I love you” in his language!

A blow job is not only about putting his penis in your mouth and suck! Fellatio is an art that can drive your man crazy with pleasure.

Follow these oral sex techniques to give your honey mind blowing blow job orgasms!

1. French kiss the head

When giving a blowjob, you don’t start sucking right away; just like the man don’t go right away to flick the clitoris. You must warm up his penis just as he must warm up your vulva, and the best way to start, it’s by using your lips.

Think of them as soft, wet, squishy pillows. Wouldn't you want your entire penis wrapped in them if you were a man?... I’m sure you would!... Then go ahead and give him a slow, sensual, and very wet French Kiss!

You know how sensual and exciting a french kiss is and feels, well, imagine your man not only feeling you french kissing his penis, but also seeing you doing it.

This is very sexy and exciting! So, don’t forget to kiss his head in the most passionate and sensual way you can, while looking at him, showing him that you love what you’re doing. Enthusiasm is key here. Kiss him with the same passion that you would kiss his lips. This would definitely turn him on!

2. Lick the lollipop

Time to lick the lollipop! :) Remember those long, twisty lollipops from the carnivals? The ones you couldn't possibly fit all the way into your mouth? Well, the best technique for those was to lick from the bottom to the top, following the swirl of the candy. That’s how you’re going to perform this tongue fellatio technique:

Grasp the base of the penis with your hand, holding it in place. If you grasp firmly but not too tight, you will keep the blood inside the penis, engorging the head and making it more sensitive to your maneuvers.

Place your tongue at the base of your partner’s penis, and lick all the way from the bottom to the top (no stopping!) Make a swirling motion while doing so. This is a great teasing move – it will give him the feel of your tongue from the very base of his penis to the tip, but without being fully engulfed by your mouth.

Spend a little extra time on the head using this motion, and don’t forget the scrotum. Yeah! Go ahead and lick his balls! And if you feel like it, lick his perineum as well. The perineum is the ridged area of skin between his testicles and his anus, also referred to as the male “G” spot.

Many women tend to forget all of these areas around the penis during a blow job, without knowing that some stimulation here may drive a man crazy... Just try it!

3. Tongue flicks and twisters

While licking his penis head, switch from a wide, soft tongue to a more pointed one, and flick the head of his penis. Flick up and down with a fast movement just like he does when flicking your clit.

Here’s a tip: While flicking the head, move down to the frenulum which is the “V” shaped spot that joins the shaft with the glans (the head) on the underside of the penis. This flicking movement of the tongue here feels electrifying to him.

Now, switch from tongue flicks to twisters!

Get your man’s penis as far as you can into your mouth, and as you’re coming back up, twist your head to the right and left so your tongue and mouth twist over the shaft and head of his penis. Finish it up with some flicks of your tongue on his head while it is still on your mouth and repeat.

Remember: Always give lots of attention and stimulation to the head, which is the part of the penis where most of the pleasurable nerve endings are concentrated.

4. Suck!

All of the above fellatio techniques are good for warm up and teasing. Now, sucking is the big deal here! This is the movement that will take him to orgasm. However, remember not to start sucking right away; warm him up first.

Sucking is probably the first reason that makes blow jobs so craved from men; our mouths have the unique ability to create suction, or a vacuum feel. This is what will drive your man wild, and bring him to orgasm again and again.

Suction may be also the reason why many men even prefer fellatio over intercourse; well as you know... A vagina can’t suck! :/... You can only give your man the kind of pleasure that sucking provides, by oral sex. Another good reason to learn how to give him a blow job!

Here, you have two options for sucking:

* Head sucking – This fellatio technique can catapult your partner into oral sex bliss. It’s a very powerful tool in the fellatio giver’s arsenal, but be careful using it because it can do one of two things – either cause discomfort because the sensations are too powerful, or cause an almost immediate orgasm.

Place your mouth over the top of his penis, covering the head and the frenulum completely. Make an up and down sucking motion (you can also swirl your tongue around for added effect).

You can do this soft or hard, depending on both you and your partner’s mood during any particular fellatio session.

* Shaft sucking – This is different from deep throating!

Take his entire penis into your mouth, but without straining yourself or activating your gag reflex.

Move up and down methodically while creating a sucking motion – much like sucking on a Popsicle. You can do this either quickly or slowly, depending on your partner’s preferences, as well as, how far along in the fellatio session you are, and how close to having an orgasm your partner is. 

You can also do this with a great deal of suction, or with very little; also depending on your partner’s preferences, and the stage of fellatio in which you are in.

5. Orgasm grip!

Use this fellatio technique when your man is getting closer to ejaculation. This also works better when he’s in a sitting position because you will need a lot of leverage.

Grasp the base of this penis with your hand, and move it up and down as though you were giving him a hand job. Go with your hand halfway up the shaft and work your mouth over the head of his penis.

Meet your  lips with your hand; making them both going up at the same time. Keep a rhythm and increase the peace... go faster and faster until you make him come!

There you have them! 5 great fellatio techniques to make your blow jobs feel AWESOME!

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