Does He Really Love Me?...
How Toxic Insecurity Could Kill Your Relationship

Hi Ladies! Have you ever wonder... Does he really love me?.. This one and the ones below are some of the questions that sometimes or many times cross our minds while we are in a relationship...

  • “Does he love me?”
  • “Does he really care about me?”
  • “Am I good enough for him?”
  • “Will he always stay with me?”
  • “Does he see me as marriage material?”
  • “Does he find me attractive enough?”
  • “Are we forever?”

Many times, we find ourselves constantly looking for things to prove that they really love us; we even ask and look for our man to constantly reassure us his love.

That all screams Insecurity!

Insecurity is one of the things that annoys men the most

Let’s find out how toxic insecurity could kill your relationship:

Now, as a woman, I can understand you. Men tend to be cold; they don’t express their feelings easily, and they usually don’t open up as often as we want to. So, if we add to that, their sometimes confusing behavior, it becomes like a torture for us!

I mean, if they are acting cold, silent and distant, and on top of that, they don’t tell us they love us... Well, it’s more than understandable that their behavior confuse us, create doubts in our minds, and make us wonder...

Does he really love me???.

The questions are...

  •  Are they really acting weird? Or, that’s just the way they are...
  •  Are they really not telling us “I love you”? Or, they just have a different way to express it...

The answer is simple:

Men are different from women, they act different, they love different, and they express their love different

We simply don’t always realize they love us because they don’t always say it, or they don't show their love in the way we expect it... Which is the way we love them.

Men have a different language and a different way to communicate. They tend to express their love by the things they do for us more than with words... Or romance.

Now, sometimes the problem is not that our man is not expressing his love; but, that we feel the need for constant reassurance of his part, and that’s not a problem of communication that’s a problem of insecurity.

Take a look at this example:

When Kelly looked at Jake, she wished she had super powers. Actually, she just wished she had one: She wished she could see past all the evasive answers and the little lies and read his mind.

She wished she could just know how he really felt about her... Does he really love me???

He said he did. He said, “I love you” whenever she asked him. He even wrote her little notes. And sometimes she’d wake up in the morning to find that he’d gotten up early and made her breakfast and wrapped her in a big hug before he went off to work.

But other times she wondered. Other times he wouldn’t talk to her. She’d find him sitting with a far off look in his eyes and at those moments she’d give anything to know “What does he think of me?”

Secret Survey by Mike Fiore.

Here’s the problem:

1. A man loves and adores a woman, but isn’t great at showing it in a language she can accept and understand (remember, men don’t communicate like women do and that’s OK).

2. The woman feels insecure and constantly tests her man, asking him to prove how much he cares about her.

3. Her insecurity and need for him to prove his love and devotion acts like toxic acid on a man’s emotions, makes him less and less happy in the relationship, and pushes him away.

According to the Secret Survey results, conducted by Mike Fiore, men said that the number one most attractive trait in a woman is confidence and, that if there’s one thing they want in their relationship it’s a woman who believes him when he says “I love you,” who doesn’t need constant reassurance, and who feels securely loved.

So, how do men really feel about their woman?

According to the Secret Survey results, a lot of men out there are desperately and even eloquently in love with the woman in their lives.

Here, there’s a quick peek of some of the answers guys gave in the survey; the question they’re answering is:

“What’s the one thing you desperately want the woman in your life to know but could never tell her?”

* “I deeply, from the depths of my soul, so love you.”...(wow!!)

“That she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known.”

“That I love her unconditionally and for the rest of my life.”

“I feel like I can’t be happy without you, you’re my everything. If I didn’t have you, I don’t feel like I would have any purpose at all.”

“That she is the very person I’ve spent my entire life searching for. She is my ideal woman, and I wouldn’t change anything about her.”

And that’s just some of them... Due to the question; there were so many other different answers, many of them about sex, of course, but many of these guys desperately want their woman to realize how much they love them.

Through the Secret Survey that Mike Fiore conducted to hundreds of regular men and women, he concluded that:

Insecurity is killing so many relationships

So, ladies!... Let's work on killing our insecurities instead of letting them kill our relationship.

Whenever you think... Does he really love me??? Try to look for the things he does for you that could be already proving you his love... And...

Remember... Confidence is sexy! ;)

Ok, sooo... Ready to find out if he REALLY loves you?... Go ahead and watch Mike's video How To Know If A Man Really Loves You... 7 Simple Questions That Prove How He Really Feels... Answer the questions, as honest as you can, the results will give you a pretty good idea of how your man feels about you! Great video! :)

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