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Hi Guys! Dirty talk can definitely spice up your relationship, but if you do it wrong... It can make your woman uncomfortable and even feel offended. (Ladies click here)

Hi Guys! Dirty talk can definitely spice up your relationship, but if you do it wrong... It can make your woman uncomfortable and even feel offended. (Ladies click here)

When in comes to "dirty-talk" for women, I’d like to call it “sexy-talk” instead.

A woman can get very turned on by some sexy and hot phrases you tell her... but, the really dirty and nasty stuff will turn off most women, especially when they are in a relationship where feelings are involved.

So, let’s see how to use dirty talk properly in your relationship to spice it up!

First of all, the main purpose of dirty talk or sexy talk is to introduce a new and exciting way of communicating with your partner about your sex life.

It opens up a sexy communication channel between a couple to share what they like, how they like it, how wonderful something feels, what they want to experience and many other things.

It’s all about sexy communication! Couples who communicate the best tend to have the happiest relationships. Those who can communicate about their sex needs, feelings and desires tend to have the best sex. Silence is a big turnoff for most people.

Silence is unhealthy when it comes to a couple’s sex life, your woman will love to know what you think about her, how do you feel, what you want. She wants you to express yourself.

You may not enjoy the idea of sit down and talk about it, but dirty-talk can give her the kind of information and feedback she’s looking for in a way that also turns her on.

Usually women want to know these things from Men:

How does my skin feel under your touch?

* How do I smell?

Do you like for me to dress up for you?

What do you like to see me wearing?

Do you want to undress me?

* Would it excite you for me to strip in front of you?

* How do I taste?

* How does it affect you when my body responds to yours a certain way?

* What is the sexiest part of my body?

* What is it that I am doing to you that turns you on the most?

... And many other things that you could answer her through dirty-talk. Getting answers to these kind of questions will not only let her know what you like but also will boost her confidence and increase her desire for you.

However, as healthy as it looks, keep in mind that dirty talk can be a huge turn on for her or a huge offense; therefore, you need to learn how to properly talk dirty to her:

According to what Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb explains in his book Dirty Talk SecretsThe Ultimate Guide To Sexy Talk...

There are 3 main levels of dirty-talk that you can use, and you must choose the appropriate level for her to make her feel comfortable instead of offended.

Take a look at the three levels and pick the one you think may be appropriate to introduce dirty talk to her, and encourage her to do the same with you:


Sexy phrases are nice, simple, yet effective. They are an easy way to dip your toes in the water of dirty talk while adding a little excitement. These are basically sweet and nice phrases that won’t offend her.

These are the kind of phrases you can use to introduce her to dirty talk, especially if you’re not sure if she can handle more “spiciness”.

Some examples are:

 You smell wonderful.

 I want to kiss all over your beautiful body.

 I can’t way to make love to you.

 That feels soooooo good!

 Yes, right there!

 Oh yeah, that’s nice.

 Touch me here.

 I am so happy to be so close to you.

 Your mouth feels amazing.

 I’m so loving this!

 I have been thinking about doing this to you all day long.

 Do you like it slow and easy, or fast and hard?


These are the phases that will definitely add spiciness to your sex life, but you need to make sure that she will be ok with them to not turn her off.

It will all depends on your woman, and the level of opening she has about dirty talk. You know her the most, so you must choose wisely.

Some examples are:

 Your pussy tastes so sweet.

 I adore those soft breasts.

 Oh baby, I want to cum all over you.

 I want to eat your pussy til you scream out and orgasm.

 Do you like the way my tongue feels on your clit?

 I want to flip you over and ride you doggy style.

 Let me suck on those nipples.

 I want to fuck you all night long.

 Mmmmm, harder… don’t stop!!

 Can you feel how hard you get me?

 Your pussy feels so hot on my cock.

 You are making my dick head swell so big.

 I love pumping that moist pussy.

 I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day.

 You are so hot – I’m going to fill you with my cum.

 How hard does that dick feel inside of you?


This is the level where you have to be very very careful. Phrases similar to the ones below may turn her off or even offend her. Only use these kind of phrases if you’re sure that she’s super comfortable and cool about it:

Some examples are:

My throbbing cock wants to plunge in your dripping wet pussy.

 I want to spank your ass while I’m grinding you from behind.

 Get on your knees and suck my rod dry.

 Tell me you want to swallow my load!!

 Do you want to deep throat my hard cock, baby?

 Sit on my face baby.

 My tongue wants to be so deep in that wet hole.

 I’m going to fuck that dripping wet pussy all night.

As you can see, there are different ways to talk dirty to your woman, from sweet and romantic phrases to spicy, hot, or even really dirty ones.

Just make sure you handle this carefully to not turn her off or offend her. Very few women enjoy their man who loves them to call them sluts, whores or other degrading phrases while having sex.

Make sure of what kind of phrases your woman can handle, some women don’t even like to say “have sex” they prefer to say “make love” This kind of woman will be really turned off if you tell her “I want to fuck you”... I hope you've got the idea...  

To make sure you know how to use dirty talk correctly with your lady, I recommend you to take a look at Dirty Talk Secrets. This guide will help you to determine what kind of phrases are appropriate and effective for your woman and will give you lots of examples.

Spice Sex Up! :)

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