Biggest Differences Between Men And Women In Love And Sex

He wants sex; she wants love... Yes, that’s right! Differences between men and women in love and sex are quite big. However, some of these differences are unknown to many people, and these can actually be the cause of many misunderstandings in relationships. (Guys click here)

Remember... "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"?... Well, John Gray was absolutely right.

Ladies! Here’s the truth as it is, no polishing, not nice words, just the plain truth.  

I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear; I’m here to tell you what you need to know.

With that said... Let's discover the biggest differences between men and women in love and sex:

1. He wants sex. She wants love.

2. He craves sex. She craves romance.

3. He needs sex. She needs emotional support.

4. He values sex. She values communication.

5. He’s visual. She’s verbal.

6. He’s physical. She’s emotional.

7. He wants to speed up. She wants to slow down.

8. He needs sex to open up for love. She needs love to open up for sex.

9. He gets much of his emotional needs fulfilled during sex. She needs to be emotionally fulfilled before she can desire sexual contact.

10. For many men,  sexual arousal is the key for helping them connect with their love. For many women, receiving love help them to feel their hunger for sex.

11. A man only needs the opportunity and place to feel aroused. A woman doesn't feel her strong desire for sex unless her need for love is first satisfied.

12. The hormones in a man’s body that are responsible for arousal are built up quickly, and need to be released with the orgasm. For a woman, the pleasure builds up more slowly and remains long after orgasm.

13. In a sense, for a man, sex is a way to release his sexual tension. For a woman, sex is a way to slowly build up her sexual tension.

14. A man experiences pleasure primarily as a release of his sexual tension. A woman experiences pleasure through a gradual buildup of sexual tension.

15. A man seeks quick release of his sexual tension through orgasm. A woman seeks a longer foreplay to slowly build up her sexual tension and reach orgasm.

There you have them! It cannot get more straight, simple and honest than that.

But wait! You may not like the differences between men and women in love and sex; (And, by the way, these are generalizations, and it’s not always like that) but, I think you may understand your man more when I explain the reasons for those differences:

Then... Do men want ONLY sex?

Yes and No... You see, they definitely want and need sex (and more than you really think), but it’s not the only thing they want. And further than that, there are good reasons why they crave sex so much:

Let's discover... Men And Sex: Why Men Crave Sex So Much

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