How To Achieve A Deep Orgasm

Ready for a deep orgasm?... The Deep Spot, most known as the A-Spot, is a very deep part inside of you that when stimulated, it can give you some of the deepest and strongest orgasms! (Guys click here)

Ready for a deep orgasm?... The Deep Spot, most known as the A-Spot, is a very deep part inside of you that when stimulated, it can give you some of the deepest and strongest orgasms! (Guys click here)

However, this is not a very well known spot, most people don’t even know about it; but, here’s the main info you need to help your man locate your deep spot and stimulated it to give you deep earth-shaking orgasms!

Where is the Deep Spot located?

The deep spot is located all the way back of the vaginal canal, in the deepest part just before the cervix.

The deep spot is tilted; its front part is located on the front wall of the vagina, and the back part is located on the rear wall, all the way in a little bit deeper. He can actually stimulate both parts of the deep spot.

He knows he’s getting there, when he feels past the spongy area and get to the smooth area. It is all the way in before getting to the cervix. He should avoid touching the cervix because this may be painful for you.

He will recognize your cervix by feeling something like a hard button with an indentation on it. Make sure he doesn’t touch it and stays on the smooth area around it, unless you like how it feels. Let him know.

How is the Deep Spot stimulated?

Because of its location, deep penetration is needed in order to reach and stimulate the Deep Spot. He may be able to use his fingers, but the easier way to reach it may be his penis.

The deep spot is best stimulated with pressure not friction; therefore, he needs to find a sex position that allows deep penetration without having to thrust too hard in order to reach the deep spot.

The position must allow him to comfortably stimulate the area with gentle but firm pressure.

Which is the best position to achieve a Deep Orgasm?

COWGIRL !!! ;)

Yes ladies!!

That’s why we love sooo much to be on top! ;)

Well, this position allows deep penetration and give us full control to press exactly where it feels the best without hurting our cervix.

How about fingers to simulate the Deep Spot?

Like I said before, the deep spot can also be stimulated with his fingers. Although is not as easy is quite possible. For him to do this, he must insert his longest finger all the way in your vagina as far as he can until he has past the spongy area and has reached the smooth area.

Remember: He shouldn’t touch the cervix!

As he’s pushing his hands inside of you, make sure his knuckles are not digging into you on the outside. This is quite uncomfortable for you. Always let him know if you feel some discomfort.

Once he is inside of you, he needs to make the same “come here” motion that he does to stimulate your G-Spot, while he’s doing this, let him put his other hand and press down your pubic bone with his fingers as if he’s trying to meet the fingers from inside and outside.

This will make the sensation more intense because he’s applying pressure on your urethral sponge from both sides, inside and outside. This is the same trick that he can use with the G-Spot and facilitate for you to squirt!

He can also stimulate the back of your deep spot by pointing his fingers down, but remember this is the deepest point and may be hard to reach with his finger. Try being in doggy style, this may facilitate a deepest access.

How can he stimulate the back of the Deep Spot?

Now, as I said before, he can also stimulate the back of your deep spot.

Anal sex is a great way to stimulate the back of your deep spot.

This is the reason why anal orgasms may be quite powerful, intense and pleasurable; he’s indirectly stimulating the deepest part of your vaginal canal which is not always easy to reach with his fingers or his penis inside your vagina.

The back of your deep spot is easier to be reached through your anus because the angle and the way his penis is entering creates a shortcut to the back of the spot.

However, in order to experience that kind of deep orgasm you will need to be open about anal sex.

Ok, there you have it!... How your man can stimulate the mysterious and little known deep spot! Now you can let him explore you and get even more powerful deep orgasms than before by letting him stimulating your Deep Spot!

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